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Assassination charcoal drawing from the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

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When assassination researcher Josiah Thompson was not permitted to publish frames from the Zapruder film in his landmark book, Six Seconds in Dallas (1967), he commissioned illustrator Arthur Hawkins to create a series of charcoal drawings of key frames for use in the book. Last year, Josiah Thompson generously donated 28 of these remarkable charcoal drawings to the Museum. Most retain original handwritten editorial notations, including this drawing of Zapruder frame 242 that appeared on page 71 of Six Seconds in Dallas.
Credit: Josiah Thompson Collection/The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
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  • Douglas Caddy changed the title to Assassination charcoal drawing from the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
7 hours ago, Michael Crane said:

I wonder if The Sixth Floor or it's curator is still towing the government's line?

Define "towing the line." Fagan has been much more open to CTs than Mack was, ironically. People like Wecht have been allowed to speak at the Sixth Floor without a counterpoint. I think they even invited Lifton to give an oral history. So the conspiracy side has been better represented of late than In the past.

Now, when you see Fagan on TV talking about the case, it's usually for the purpose of debunking a conspiracy theory. But I don't blame him for that. The producers of the show want a credible person to help make their case, and he has that title. 

Now, on a personal level, I think he's a good guy. At one point I was looking for photos taken from the supposed perspective of the shooter in the sniper's nest. I asked Fagan if he knew of any in the museum's collection. He said there were none, and then went up to the sixth floor and took some photos himself. These helped convince me that whoever was shooting from the sniper's nest was not sitting on the supposed box seat and using a stack of boxes as a rifle rest, a la the "official" story. It's nonsense. 

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Towing the line is saying that Oswald was the assassin & that he acted alone.

The Single Bullet Theory ETC.

Oswald did not even fire a rifle that day.They tested his cheek for gun powder residue & it came up negative.

This shot sequence is more believable than the Single Bullet Theory,and they did not even include the shot that hit the Stemmon's Freeway sign.




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