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Cuban Missile Crisis @ 60

Jeff Carter

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On October 20, 1962, I was with my family in our station

wagon in a long line of cars headed toward Milwaukee's

General Mitchell Field to see President Kennedy give a

campaign speech. At 11 a.m., the radio told us Kennedy

had to cancel his campaign plans and leave Chicago for Washington

because he had a "cold." It turned out this was what

the French call a "cold diplomatique." He was summoned

back because the Cuban Missile Crisis (still unannounced

to the public, but the subject of rumors in the press)

was reaching its head. The day before he had been

accused of appeasement by General LeMay to his

face. On October 22, the Monday, Kennedy gave his

speech to the nation.

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I was in the UK. I talk about my experience in this post...


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