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Which Howard Brennan Does the WC Supporters Believe ?

Gil Jesus

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23 hours ago, Gerry Down said:

Oh ok. I wonder if the library where a suspect was seen running into was the same library Oswald used frequent. The library would seem a more natural destination for Oswald rather than the theatre. To the best of my knowledge, the Texas theatre staff had never seen Oswald frequent there before.

On the assumption that his purpose was either (a) to hide, or (b) a meeting, on either proposition, whichever one one prefers, the theatre is more appealing than the library. And on the "meeting", the theatre is overwhelmingly a more favorable venue than a library, and has in its support, in Oswald's case, the Jack Davis inside-the-theatre witness testimony of Oswald moving around like he's looking for someone he is expecting to meet. And I made an argument elsewhere that (a) the driver of the car of Carl Mather seen waiting with a man in it in a parking lot on Beckley, was Carl Mather (I don't believe that identification of the driver of Carl Mather's car had been previously proposed); and (b) that waiting in the parking lot, not far from the Texas Theatre, has the appearance of someone waiting to appear at a certain time for a pre-planned meeting nearby, except in the case of Carl Mather he drove off at about the time Oswald was arrested instead of going anywhere for a meeting in Oak Cliff. But I made the argument that Carl Mather's otherwise wholly inexplicable movements and presence in Oak Cliff that day corresponded to the strange activity of Oswald inside the theatre, opposite ends of both parties to a meeting that did not happen due to Oswald's arrest. My Carl Mather argument: https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/28004-oswald-tippit-and-carl-mather-connecting-some-dots/.

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