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I wonder why THIS gem was buried for decades (JFK Assassination)

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Especially in a state and city known as one of the most rabidly JFK hating in the country at that time.

Big time JFK hate.

Racial rage hate.

Extreme right wing political commie/traitor sympathizer hate.

General Walker ( you had me committed to a psyche ward!) personal revenge hate.

Interest threatened wealthy oil men hate - wealthiest men on Earth at that time. 

LBJ personal animosity JFK and RFK hate.

Main Dallas Newspaper outrageously allows a hate inflaming "JFK WANTED FOR TREASON" article to appear in their copy just before JFK's arrival?

Surprised our own SS didn't stop them from publishing that. Made their job a more heightened threat dangerous one.

You bet open high-rise windows and rooftops looking directly down on JFK's open limo was a real and serious security threat.

Especially in that city of all cities.

In future video interviews SS agent Clint Hill many times weakly dismissed and downplayed the failure of high-rise window and rooftop security in Dallas by saying the SS simply didn't have the manpower to check all the open windows and unattended roof tops.

We all knew that. 

That security detail should have been carried out by the local police and sheriffs department.

Who DID have the manpower.

And the SS should have made sure someone besides themselves were handling this very obvious security threat need beforehand.

Like the Miami police did two weeks earlier.

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Losing the President of the United States due to a security lapse in one of the top JFK hating cities in the country was one thing.

Losing the number one "suspect" in the crime due to an even more outrageous security lapse in the same city and "right inside" the DPD building crawling with security just two days later is another.

As salt of the Earth Union railroad employee Richard C. Dodd so eloquently expressed:

" when a man can walk up and shoot a man handcuffed to two policemens and get away with it... why, I figure there's something a goin' on besides what should be."


WebNov 26, 2022 · On November 22, 1963, railroad worker Richard C. Dodd was standing on top of the triple underpass, in front of John F. Kennedy's presidential motorcade on Elm Street. 








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This is indeed a gem. 

I am certain that key officials in the Secret Service took part in the plot. The Secret Service clearly stripped JFK of standard security and the falsely blamed the lax security on JFK and/or Jackie. Greer was unbelievably and inexcusably slow in reacting to the shots. Secret Service agents also stole JFK's body before a genuine autopsy could be done. They were also involved in facilitating the alteration of the Zapruder film and of some of the autopsy materials.  

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