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Shame on Len Osanic for spotlighting Jimmy Dore Right-wing BS attack on Ray Epps.

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I believe Jim DiEugenio introduced Len to this Right-wing nutcase Jimmy Dore. It’s embarrassing that these two are so gullible as to not only listen to but believe Jimmy Dore’s crap. 

So, on the latest show, #1160, Len has Ray McGinnis on.  And one of the links under the Ray McGinnis segment is to a Jimmy Dore show.  By the way, it doesn’t belong there, at no time does McGinnis reference Jan 6th or Ray Epps.  McGinnis talks exclusively on some Canadian protestors dubbed “the Couts four” who have been held for over a year. If you’re interested listen to it.  Len is just adding things he thinks are similar injustices so he references a specific Jimmy Dore show in which Dore taking his cue if not daily orders from FOX and in this specific instance Tucker Carlson regurgitates the lie that the entire Jan 6thinsurrection is not Trump’s fault nor any of his enablers, oh no, it’s all because of this one one guy, Ray Ebbs.

Now Ray Ebbs was singled out on videos of the Jan 6th insurrection by FOX and other Right-wing media as seemingly orchestrating and provoking people to attack the Capital. Tucker Carlson concocted a lie and devoted more than a dozen episodes of his show demonizing Epps. 

Dore claims the mainstream media is protecting Epps.  Dore is a dufus who says with a straight face that Jan 6th was an FBI psy/op to attack the Capital and make MAGA illegal.  

The truth? Tucker Carlson LIED about Ray Epps.  It was one of the reasons FOX fired him.  Epps was a Trump supporter. Epps was there on Jan 5th talking about wanting to go into the Capital.  And Epps was there on Jan 6th.  But there is absolutely no evidence Ray Epps is why people came to D,C. on Jan 5th and 6th.  No evidence anything would have been any different had Ray Epps not been there.  And no evidence Ray Epps worked for any federal agency.  There is just a video of some masked goons pointing at Epps and calling him a Fed. That’s it. And that video is taken as if it proves Epps was a Fed. 

Tucker Carlson lied about Epps for over 2 years.  Epps and his wife had to flee Arizona, sell their home and abandon their business.  

Keith Olbermann told the true story on the July 11th, 2023 episode of his Countdown podcast.  He called July 11th “Comeuppance Day!” because so many Right-wing BS false stories blew up in their faces.  ( Who Rep. Jamie Comer's alleged Biden "whistleblower" really bribed is worth noting. )

Olbermann, “I think you know the Ray Epps conspiracy theory. He’s seen on video egging on the January 5th crowd, and then the January 6th mob as well, but though he urges them to march with him and enter the capital on January 6th he never goes in. And suddenly he’s out there beginning to plead for calm. And since prosecutors did not charge him, as Epp’s lawyer notes they have not charged him yet, Tucker Carlson concluded in 2021 to quote the Times that there was no rational explanation Mr. Carlson told his audience why this ‘mysterious figure,’ who quote helps stage managed the insurrection unquote had not been charged. Carlson had decided that it was because Ray Epps was a plant. He smeared Ray Epps in 18 different episodes of his little fiction carney show, based his entire attempt to exonerate Trump on Ray Epps, depicted Ray Epps as a government plant, as a federal agent, went so far as to make a graphic in which the logo for FedEx had been reworked to read FedEpps and Tucker Carlson was according to the lawyer planning to do yet another segment on Epps the day FOX fired him. 

There is one notable postscript to the Ray Epps suit pending against FOX and I should point out this is the pre-lawsuit the point of the Times story is to give FOX a little public grief on behalf of Epp’s attorney and also to give FOX a last warning, a last off ramp before it’s filed.  But, nowhere in the story does Epp’s attorney specifically say he will file against Tucker Carlson even though Carlson no longer works at FOX. But it is instructive to note that the next defamation suit pending against FOX the $2.7 billion one from Smartmatic voting machines specifically targets FOX, and Janine Piro by name as a separate defendant, and Maria Bartiromo, by name as a separate defendant, and Lou Dobbs by name.  Smartmatic filed that suit on February 4th, 2021. FOX fired Lou Dobbs on February 5th, 2021.  But, Smartmatic did not, has not, and will not drop Lou Dobbs from the suit.

 Have a nice time under oath, Tucker, because remember not only is it comeuppance day but during a multimillion dollar defamation suit it all becomes comeuppance year!”   

 I want you to be better than this, Len. 

Jim DiEugenio mentions using Duck, Duck, Go instead of Google and Len then goes “Thank Goodness for Elon Musk!” Len actually said that. Shocking. And sad,at around the 1:18:50 mark. 

Len believes there is something real about Elon, ( Elmo to the rest of us ) and Elon’s “Twitter Files.” Len thinks its real.  As if they were the Pentagon Papers.

Oh, FFS!

I don’t have the time nor strength to slap the stuff out of fools who think Elmo fights for truth, justice and the NOT SEE, err, um, American way.  

Len, c’mon.  


X.  That’s Elmo’s bright idea. The highly creative Elmo, Apartheid Clyde. X


We’ll call it X.  


You remember on Earth X the Nazi’s won WWII, right?



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  • Joseph Backes changed the title to Shame on Len Osanic for spotlighting Jimmy Dore Right-wing BS attack on Ray Epps.

From the heading I thought Joseph was suggesting Jimmy Dore had been on Len's show for a moment, but clearly he wasn't.

Scrolling through Dore's channel, I see he's anti war, he just criticised RFK Jr. over his support for the Israeli occupation, he's criticised Marianne Williamson for her support of the Ukraine war, he regularly has Max Blumenthal and Glenn Greenwald on his show, and he's consistently pushed for Julian Assange to be released. Noam Chomsky agrees with a lot of these I think. So, lots of different topics there.

I haven't listed to BOR for a while. Oliver Stone's conversation on his nuclear documentary, show #1158 looks worth a watch.

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