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Nurse Phyllis Hall deceased

Vince Palamara

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Whether nurse Hall was mostly in the hallway versus right inside the small and super cramped Trauma Room 1 while JFK was being worked on there, I believe she was asked to help guide, push or pull the stretcher JFK was on into Trauma  Room 1.

While doing so she would have had a close up look at JFK and if near the top of the stretcher, a decent view of the back of his head.

This woman had "6 years of full-time duty" in the Parkland ER Department before she transferred to the outpatient clinic for two years until 11,22,1963.

6 years!

She would have been well known to that entire nursing staff there and surely well respected.

ER nurse is a tough job.

There is always a higher burn out rate in that department due to the almost daily gory injury, life and death stress one sees and experiences there versus almost every other department in the hospital.

For nurse Hall to make it 6 years there was something.

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