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Japanese linguist John Hurt

Jim Root

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Behaviorally, was calling John Hurt the equivalent of Oswald's calling the FBI after the Carlos Bringuier fight arrest?

Yes, except one, [the Bringuier incident] was more of a procedural move, whereas in the John Hurt call, the veritable

_hit had hit the fan, albeit procedural, so I would say that makes the two equivalent in my mind.

Having been focused on the assassination, in one way or another, practically my entire life. The most enduring emotions I have regarding the JFK assassination, aside from the fact that it changed history in a manner we will never fully realize, it is Jack Ruby, he cheated the world out of knowing the Oswald who only lived 46 hours and 50 minutes after President Kennedy was assassinated.

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Also consider claims of Richard Case Nagell, who purported to have been associated with LHO in a Desmond Fitzgerald run operation to entice the Russian colonel, Nicholi Eroshkin, to defect. Nagell story has been slammed given LHO's having been in hospital during that time period, due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Nagell's assertions can sort of be tied to this thread somewhat, insofar as LHO was supposed to have met Eroshin in the Soviet embassy with Dr. Chicao Fujisawa , a contact of Nagell's (and also of Eroshkin). Nagell claims that Fujisawa was a Soviet agent - who knows ? What we do know is that Fujisawa is known as a Japanese author, philosopher and linguist.



So maybe Oswald wasn't in the hospital for nearly as long a period of time as has been reported...

--Tommy :)

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I do appreciate your continued research and presentation of material from this fertile field!

Will you be in Dallas this year? Any idea how some sort of seminar on this particular area of research could be set up. It might be interesting for others who may find a reason to focus upon this particular topic?

Jim Root

My desire is to present what information I have discovered regarding O.N.I. and other topics at the heart of the JFK Assassination, here on the forum. While I think the conferences are a great medium for those who can travel there, I want everything to be here on the Forum in glorious black and white......The only problem I have is that a large majority of my posts are not responded to...... [not this thread, at least] Lack of interest? Who knows? But I am pushing fifty and I will get over it.

I appreciate your kind comments.....

Another area of interest with a Navy connection, is the September 1962 visit of Lee and Marina Oswald, George DeMohrenschildt and his wife Jeanne, visiting Mrs. Bruton, wife of Admiral Bruton, [who was away in Europe, on business for Collins Radio]. In John Armstrong's Harvey and Lee, Armstrong noted that.....

Bruton had been a lawyer in Virginia before becoming a Navy intelligence officer. Bruton's specialty was electronic surveillance and this is what he was bringing to Collins Radio. In April of 1963, the Wall Street Journal announced that Collins would construct a modern radio communications system linking Laos, Thailand, and South Vietnam. On November 1, 1963, the New York Times reported that Fidel Castro had captured a large boat called the Rex which was being leased to Collins Radio at the time. The next day, one of the captured Cuban exiles aboard the Rex confessed that the boat had been used to ferry arms into Cuba and that "the CIA organized all arms shipments" (New York Times 11/3/63).........

Continuing....In the Mary Ferrell database under the short bio of Admiral Bruton we see


Sources: WC Vol.9, p. 253; HSCA Vol. II, p. 314; HSCA Vol. XII, pp. 62, 188-194); Legend, Epstein, pp. 175, 177, 183


Comments: Retired Admiral. When he retired from Navy, he became a Vice President of Collins Radio. Friend of George deMohrenschildt who urged the Brutons to provide a home for Marina Oswald. Bruton's wife, Frances (Frannie), was ex-school teacher and was a talented artist. They had a son whose friend, Philip Weinert, also met the Oswalds.

An FBI memorandum dated Sept. 15, 1942 stated that at that time De Mohrenschildt lived at 3022 Benton Street N.W. in Washington D.C. with Quentin Keyes whom the memorandum described as a member of British intelligence, and two American naval officers. The memorandum stated that de Mohrenschildt was very “Pro-Nazi.” In October 1942 the FBI interviewed the man who rented the Benton Street house, Paul Joachim. Joachim told the FBI that he was employed at the time in the Navy building. The other occupants of the house were Lt. Commander Harry Hull of the U.S. Navy and Quinton Quines, who Joachim said worked at the British Embassy. Joachim said de Mohrenschildt lived at the house during the end of May and all of June 1942. He said George DeMohrenschildt never made any statements about feelings toward any country and no statements which were pro-Nazi.

......So, even 20 years before the Kennedy assassination George de Mohrenschildt was associating with naval personnel.......

In some ways, the DeMohrenschildt family was almost as enigmatic as the Oswalds...almost

(emphasis added by T. Graves)


FWIW, in his book I Am A Patsy!, George DeMohrenschildt says that Admiral Brunton was at home and met Oswald when the DeMorhenschildts took Lee and Marina there to go swimming on "a beautiful spring day" evidently in 1963 (not in September of 1962), shortly before the DeMorhenschildts moved to Haiti.

(from chapter 14):

"And so we arrived to Bruton's lovely place with a huge swimming pool and Frannie was delighted to see us. When I reminded her that Lee was an ex-marine, she went to get the admiral who was a congenial man and wanted to meet the enlisted men."

In the book, DeMorhenschildt describes the conversation that Oswald had that day with Admiral Brunton...



--Tommy :sun



Staff Report of the

Select Committee on Assassinations

U.S. House of Representatives

Ninety-fifth Congress Second Session

March 1979


38. According to State Department documents, George de Morenschildt and his wife were living in Haiti at the time of the assassination.(93) They arrived in the country on June 2, 1963.(94) De Mohrenschildt had earlier been in Haiti in March 1963 and returned to Dallas a week later.(95) He told State Department officials that he left Dallas April 19, 1963, traveled to New York and Philadelphia, and then returned to Dallas for "2 days" to make preparations for the final trip to Haiti.(96)


Conflicting evidence as to when Oswald met Admiral Bruton at the Bruton's home:

84. De Mohrenschildt testified further that during the first period of his acquaintance with the Oswalds in the fall of 1962, he and his wife took the Oswalds to a party in Dallas at the time of retired Navy Adm. Chester Bruton.(215) De Mohrenschildt said he and his wife were close to the Brutons.(216) During the party Bruton asked Oswald about his service in the Marine Corps, and according to de Mohrenschildt, received such a negative response from Oswald that the conversation was quickly terminated.(217)


PS-- You quote John Armstrong:

"In John Armstrong's Harvey and Lee, Armstrong noted that.....

[Admiral] Bruton had been a lawyer in Virginia before becoming a Navy intelligence officer. Bruton's specialty was electronic surveillance and this is what he was bringing to Collins Radio."

I think Armstrong over-dramatizes or even makes up Bruton's "intelligence officer" role here. Bruton graduated from the Naval Academy in 1926 and commanded a submarine during W.W. II. Maybe I'm wrong but I doubt that Navy "intelligence officers" command submarines....


Edited by Thomas Graves
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If Oswald wanted to call the John Hurt with the Japanese connection, it could explain why the call he tried to make to the John Hurt in Raleigh was not completed.

According to the statement of City Hall telephone operator Alveeta Treon, two LE officials were listening while when operator Louise Swinney took Oswald's call from the jail and wrote down the info he gave her. Treon was then "dumbfounded" when Swinney deliberately did not place any call to Raleigh, but opened the key and told Oswald, "I'm sorry but the number doesn't answer." She then "unplugged and disconnected Oswald."

Surely Swinney would not do that, cutting off Oswald without completing the call, unless she was ordered to do so. So the question becomes, why would LE not want her to complete the call? I can think of only one answer. Someone in authority knew who Oswald really wanted to call and why, and Oswald had been given a wrong number (actually two, for two John Hurts in Raleigh). If a call had been completed and answered, Oswald would know he had been given a wrong number. So the operator, under orders, simply did not complete the call.

I think that the key to this could lie in the phone call that Oswald made earlier that evening in which, according to two DPD statements, he talked to someone for about 30 minutes. Oswald and whoever he talked to did not spend half an hour talking about the weather. (Was it Ruth Paine, who testified that the call she received from Oswald that evening was very short and was only about Marina?) It could have been during that 30-minute call that Oswald said he wanted to talk to John Hurt (he of the Japanese connection), and the person or persons he was talking to came up with two wrong numbers to give him.


(emphasis added by T. Graves)

Good point, Ron.

In this scenario, If Oswald had realized he'd intentionally been given bad phone numbers for the John Hurt he was trying to reach, he would have "spilled the beans" on the bad guys, whose conspiracy he had penetrated and with whom he was circumstantially implicated.

By the same token, Oswald evidently thought that John Hurt was a "good guy," someone he could trust...


--Tommy :sun

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I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lee Oswald had a connection to either John Hurt, or to Raleigh NC, but quite aside from that, “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” is an intentionally created and informative puzzle.

First we can look at the puzzle maker’s name: “RICHARD CASE NAGELL”, which anagrams to:


Many, if not most, of the puzzling anomalies associated with Oswald’s behavior both before the assassination and while in custody were intentionally linked to anagrams of three names: “Richard Case Nagell”, “Igor Vladimirs Vaganov”, and, “Lee Harvey Oswald”.

“JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” is 17 letters long, and it is going to easily puzzle out to the serial number of the “Ringer Rod” creation/modification of Richard Case Nagell, the “Ringer Rod” Carcano, C-2766, that would be substituted on assassination day for the Klein’s Carcano that matched Hoover’s carefully laid paper-trail. In the “ICO” puzzles (“ICO” stands for “Igor”, “Case”, “Oswald”), “Ringer Rod” is usually abbreviated, “RR”, and “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” also anagrams to:

“LEE’S ‘RR’ ‘C-276...’. DIAL ‘A N”

(we translated some letters to numbers using the device in the footnote)

Once again, “RR” stands for “Ringer Rod”, and when we “DIAL” the letters “A N” on the telephone, we are dialing the numbers “2 6”. In the process, we loose our instruction, “DIAL”, and we are left with this:

“LEE’S ‘RR’: ‘C-2766. C”

The "C" at the end stands for "Case", and the above puzzle answer was, I submit, Richard’s primary reason for choosing that particular serial number, “C-2766”.

And now back to “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC”

From merely puzzling out the name, “JOHN HURT”, we are told to make a 17-letter puzzle - the explanation of this is a little long and drawn out and I’ll deal with it in another post. But here's an easy clue to the intended size of the "JOHN HURT" puzzle: Earlier, we saw that "Richard Case Nagell" anagrammed to “R’S DECAL: A RALEIGH NC”. The letter "R" translates to the number "17" and a slight rearrangement yields this anagram: "RALEIGH NC'S DECAL: A '17'". And this is a common method for ICO to reveal the size of one of their puzzles, and Lee Oswald’s late-night actions in jail gave us this 17-letter puzzle:


There are several instructive 17-letter anagrams of this, and I will present three. For you to fully appreciate the first puzzle anagram, I need to point out another ICO puzzle term: “TURIN”.

The series of Italian rifles commonly known as Mannlicher-Carcanos were invented in 1890 at the Turin Army Arsenal in Turin, Italy by a fellow named Salvatore Carcano.

Also, the town of Turin famously houses “The Shroud of Turin”. It’s easy to make a metaphorical connection between The Shroud of Turin and the sack (shroud) that supposedly held C-2766, because Richard Case Nagell makes the metaphorical connection for us in several of his puzzles. Here’s one example:

“CURTAIN RODS” anagrams to:


The third word, "SAC", would have been more correct had it been spelled "SACK", and this apparent error is corrected in another anagram of "Curtain Rods" containing the term "[sIC]" in reference to the "SAC" spelling. The missing "K" in “TURIN ROD SAC” is the topic of post #11 linked below:


The "TURIN" metaphor is apt in another way, as both The Shroud of Turin and C-2766 are fakes.

“JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


“R” stands for “Richard”, “J.H.” stands for “J Hoover”, and Richard not only "CHANGED" the patsy's Carcano, he told us about his stunt in many puzzles.

Here is the next anagram of “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC”:


J Hoover’s “RR UNIT” is C-2766, and we are being told to “CHANGE” something in our “17”-letter puzzle, and the next anagram will tell us what to change.

“JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


“JH” is “J Hoover”, “HLH” is “H L Hunt”, and once again we are being told to use the telephone on the letters, “OURNA”. This yields the numbers, “68762”. In the process, we loose our instruction, “RING”, and translating just the “8” to the letter “I”, we can now make a final anagram:

“C-2766, J.E.H. HIT. L.H.”

There are several puzzles inside “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” and this, I submit, was one of them. If you are willing to puzzle out what Richard Case Nagell and his "ICO" crew created for us to find, you just might understand about half of the Kennedy assassination mysteries.


Footnote - Letter/Number translation device:


Edited by Tom Hume
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