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Gochenaur on Hosty

Tom Gram

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Does anyone know anything about Hosty's 4 years of Army military duty from 1942 through 1946?

I'm not a researcher of any merit. And Wiki and a few Hosty background history postings on the forum don't go into Hosty's military service duties at all.

Was he in combat duty areas? 

Was he an officer?

I know he went to college as soon as he left the military. Received a degree.

His father was an executive in a sugar company.

Hosty had a couple of jobs before applying with the FBI. One was in sales for a chewing gum company I believe?

Watched the Tom Hanks produced film "Parkland" last night. The story line centered around Abraham Zapruder and the entire scene of the JFKA in Dallas during the first week after the assassination including side stories centered on a nurse and two Parkland hospital doctors treating JFK and then Oswald himself when he was brought into Parkland after being whacked by Jack Ruby in the Dallas PD building the morning of 11,24,1963.

Also Oswald's brother Robert and some brief scenes of Marina Oswald and Oswald's mother Marguerite, who was depicted as an absolute nutcase.

James Hosty is also a main but secondary character in the film. 

There is a big scene of Hosty being tyrannically berated by his boss chief agent Gordon Shanklin in their offices.

A furious Shanklin screams at Hosty and even shoves him, raging about Hosty's incompetence in handling the Oswald file.

Later, Shanklin call's Hosty into his office to tell Hosty to get rid of the Oswald file.

Hosty is reticent and sheepishly mentions that this action would be destroying evidence.

Shanklin tells him to do this regardless. Then we see Hosty agonizing over his order in a bathroom. He eventually carries it out by burning the file and flushing it down a toilet.

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