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Bash Bush?

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For all you Bush-bashers, here is your chance!

(Well when I did it the box on the left let you punch a Bush cartoon with a boxing glove but now when I pulled it up there is something else on the bottom left. So the lesson for us may be: Don't bash Bush!

Well, every time I pull it up there is a different thing in the bottom left so some of you MAY get to bash Bush!

But I recommend the associated game "Rush Hour". Lots of fun! Enjoy!


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When I punched in the link now it came up with the "Punch Bush" game. Beneath the game it says, to the effect, punch bush and win a free x-box. Obviously some kind of a promotion by a sponsor who is not a big fan of the president. (When you bash Bush he gets a black eye.)

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Tim how many times did you win?

You must be bored. I won and won't go for it

So the winnings are one thousand dollars for gas from several gas service stations.

500 dollars for on Visa account

250 dollars for something else.

The reason why I won't go for it is because you have to put down your address and for that order to come to you, also have to put down your phone number. Safe not sorry, is how I play any game.

Just did them fast.

They were fun though.


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Yes, when you just cannot find the solution and have been working on it for a half hour or longer and are almost ready to swear there is no possible solution, it is frustrating.

Did any of you encounter the "box Bush" cartoon?

It is a fun game though.

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I went to past level Six and stopped it got boring.

No I didn't get the bush game but two other games that took about a second each and was done.

How fast i did six of the games was about 20 min. that is how I guess I got the I won thing on three of the things I did do. FAST but when you get beyond six it gets unbearable. I don't feel like thinking anymore, I guess.

These are sort of kids games, mind twisters. Sorry sort of like rubets cubic. You can get the same mazes in a slid game I have done for years. I must be missing where the Bush game is? I didn't see it. I am smart in one way and dumb in another way.

Maybe I will try later on and see what happnes after I get to level twelve. SO don't feel out of sorts with it. Once you catch onto the maze and movements it get easier.

Ever try the maze of plastic and they slid together and call it your IQ level. This makes a lot of people feel bad. I figured it out. I call it smart to figure it out but dumb to do it. (cracking up now, laughing)


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