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Who was imprisoned with Santos?

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Lewis McWillie told the HSCA that he visited some people in Trescornia in Cuba.

Chairman STOKES. Can you give us the names of some of the people who were detained?

Mr. MCWILLIE. In this prison?

Chairman STOKES. Yes, sir.

Mr. McWILLIE. Well, Trafficante was in there, Jake Lansky, Dino Cellini, and a fellow named Guiseppe De George.

He was also asked if the following people were in that prison:

Chairman STOKES. Was someone in that prison by the name of Charles Tourine?

Mr. McWILLIE. Who?

Chairman STOKES. Charles Tourine?

Mr. McWILLIE. No; I don't know.

Chairman STOKES. You don't know anybody by that name? How about Charles Del Monico?

Mr. McWILLIE. Del Monico?

Chairman STOKES. Del Monico?


Chairman STOKES. Lucian Rivard?

Mr. McWILLIE. Not that I know of.

Chairman STOKES. How about Henry Savadra?


Does anyone know how to get a list of the people imprisoned with Santos Trafficante?

I thought I read the other day that one of the people Jack Ruby visited in Cuba was Sam Termine - which, if true, would be very interesting in that Sam Termine was a very good friend of Marguerite Oswald.

I also wondered about the possibility of Jack Ruby knowing Charles "Dutz" Murrett, Oswald's uncle.

Steve Thomas

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Tim, even the esteemed Mr. McAdams says his name was Santos:


[and, confidentially, I don't think he was using the plural form].

Since I haven't seen a legal document [e.g., birth certificate] with the name, I can only refer to the research of others...and the majority say his name is Santos.

[Try Google sometime...more hits on "Santos Trafficante" than on "Santo Trafficante"...doesn't prove his true name, but it indicates which was more commonly used by the public.]

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From the transcript on the McAdams site:

Chairman STOKES. For the record, will the witness please state his full name.

Mr. TRAFFICANTE. Santos Trafficante.

Now, there exists the possibility that the name was transcribed improperly...but I found it there, in black-and-white, in Trafficante's own words.

And there also exists the possibility that the name was transcribed correctly.

"Most scholars"...another generality we are apparently to accept because Tim says so, with no statistical basis cited. Is it 51%? 80%? 99%? By whose count, or by whose estimate?

[My guess is, it's Tim's estimate, with no data to back it up.]

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Mark, you are wrong again!

I shall try to go through some of my books to show this to you.

I find it rather absurd that you think I just make these things up. You may not agree with my opinions but it ought to be clear to you that I am rather well-read on these topics.

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