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Josiah Thompson Joins the Forum

John Simkin

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The quality of the political debates of this forum is reflected in the quality of the people who are joining. For example, Josiah Thompson joined this morning. I am hoping to persuade him to answer questions on his books, Six Seconds in Dallas and Gumshoe.

I have been a bit disappointed with the lack of questions some of our authors have been getting. This is a great opportunity for members to have direct contact with these writers. This is very much an experimental exercise that has the potential to change the relationship between author and reader.

I suspect part of the problem is that members do not access the History Books section. If not, here is the URL you need to go to.


Don Bohning: The Castro Obsession


William Turner: Deadly Secrets


Joseph Trento, The Secret History of the CIA


Jim Marrs, Crossfire


William Reymond: JFK, Le Dernier Témoin


Dick Russell, The Man Who Knew So Much


Nina Burleigh: A Very Private Woman


Larry Hancock: Someone Would Have Talked


Nathaniel Weyl: Encounters With Communism


Donald Gibson: The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up


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All of us "older" ones owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Thompson for having provided us with those frames of the Z-film which the WC conveniently lost.

SIX SECONDS IN DALLAS stands alone in it's search for an understanding of the many questions which have come about as a result of the WC obfuscation of the factual evidence.

Thankfully, it does so without meandering into the speculative and frequently hallucinogenic theories of body kidnappings ; black dog man; sewer drain man; badge man; etc; etc; etc.


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Tom, could not agree with you more. Mr. Thompson should add much to the Forum. Interestingly, some of the extreme conspiratorialists are now claiming that Thompson is (or was) a disinformation agent. It is unbelievable the charges made against someone who does not agree with the "conventional wisdom" about the assassination!

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Tim Gratz wrote:


Makes my debate with Robert Charles-Dunne pale in comparison!


Ah, praytell, what debate was that?

as for JosiahT:

Welcome Dr. Tink, we can discuss the Z-film anytime you like... I promise not to bring up the GANG!

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You can now add the following to this list of authors discussing their books on the Forum:

Josiah Thompson: Six Seconds in Dallas


Matthew Smith: JFK: The Second Plot


The Strange Death of Paul Wellstone


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