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1940 and he establishment of the Secret Service Protective Research Section

The JFK Assassination Chronology

Compiled by Ira David Wood III

“You may never learn the truth in your lifetime, and I meanthat seriously.”

– Chief Justice Earl Warren

4 BC

Sun-tzu authors what becomes a great Chinese classic workentitled: PING-FA(The Art of War) – one of the earliest known compilations on the subject of warand strategy. His insistence on taking political considerations into account inwaging war still greatly influences modern strategists. Sun-tzu argues that thehighest form of art of war is winning without fighting a single armed battle.

Victory is achieved by exhausting an adversary’s resources,dividing the loyalty of its people, demoralizing its leadership, and ultimately“breaking the enemy’s resistance.” To achieve this objective, Sun-tzu outlinesa system so misleading a leader about his opponent’s capabilities andintentions that he will be completely unprepared to deal with the reality ofthe situation. It is based on pure deception.

In this, it is also necessary to control the enemy’s ownintelligence system. This “divine manipulation of theats” – as Sun-tzu termsreaching into and controlling the enemy’s intelligence apparatus – involves theclose coordination of disinformation, which is sent to the enemy through“doomed spies” who are misleadingly briefed and then sent into the enemyintelligence by “inward spies,” or moles. The eventual result is that theenemy’s false picture of reality is reinforced by its own intelligence service.The Art of War becomes a fundamental “blueprint” for the CIA andKGB.

1090 AD

A secret order of Muslims is founded in Persia by aman named Hsin-e Sabbah. Hasn founds a sect to fight his political enemies bymeans of murder. Hsan gains the nickname Old Man of the Mountains from hisfortress hideaway, and is said to give his followers a vision-inducing drugcalled hashish, made from Indian Hemp. The visions of Islamic paradise broughton by the drug persuade his disciples they will have a glorious afterlife ifthey follow Hsan’s order and kill his eemies. The killers are calledHashshashin, the plural of a word meaning “one who smokes hashish.” The name iseventually corrupted into its present form – Assassin.

1940 – This year, the Secret Serviceestablishes its Protective Research Section to analyze and make available to thosecharged with protecting the President, information from White House mail andother sources concerning people potentially capable of violence to thePresident.

Also this year, Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson,appointes John J. McCloy to “Expert Consultant in Espionage.” Months later,McCloy will be appointed Assistant Secretary of War – finally resigning thispost in 1945.

This year, McGeorge Bundy graduates from Yale. He gravitatesto Harvard as a member of the Society of Fellows, which has been endowed by hisgreat-uncle, the Harvard President A. Lawrence Lowell.

J. Edgar Hover this year begins reports about atwenty-eight-year-old journalist and socialite named Inga Arvad – who iscurrently living in Washington.Though Danish born, Arvd has had associates in Nazi Germany. She hasinterviewed Hermann Goring and Adolf Hitler, and by one report went to bed withthe later. She describes Hitler in print as “very kind, very chrming…not evilas he is depicted….and an idealist.”

January 26, 1940 – Gilberton Policarpo Lopez is born.Twenty-three years from now, he will become a mysterious “suspect” in theassassination of JFK.

The HSCA will eventually note: According to the account,Lopez obtained a tourist card in Tampa, Florida, on November 20, 1963,entered Mexico at Nuevo Laredo on November 23, and flew from Mexico City to Havana on November 27, 1963, andat a December meeting of the chapter, Lopez was reported to be in Cuba.

February 3, 1940 – Roy Emory Hargraves is born today in St. Louis, Missouri.

June 21, 1940 – Richard Nixon marries Theima “Pat” Ryan. Healso visits Cuba thisyear to “explore the possibilities of establishing law or business connectionsin Havana.”

August 20, 1940 – Leon Trotsky is attacked and killed by Sovietagent Ramon Mercader wielding an icepick in Coyoacan, Mexico.

December 21, 1940 – John Bowden Connally and Idanell “Nellie”Brill are married at Austin’s First Methodist Church.Connally and his wife move to Washington sincehe now works as a congressional aide for Lyndon Johnson. Idanell “Nellie” Brillhas grown up in Austin, whereher father owned a leather-goods business. She enrolled at the University of Texas whereshe met her sweetheart, John Bowden Connally, whom she marries today. Less than23 years from now, he will be lying in her lap in a speeding Lincoln,having been wounded in the same attack that will kill the president.

http://www.blackopradio.com/JFK Chronology1.pdf


In preparation for any presidential visit to a new area, theProtective Research Section (PRS) ofthe Secret Service prepares a report and lists those individuals who have beenidentified as being a potential threat to the President. In 1963 they had amaster file of over thirty thousand potential threat suspects, a top 400 listof those who are serious, and a top ten list with photos of those who are mostlikely to be an immediate threat.

“Agent Blaine loved doing advances,” McCubbin explains in TheKennedy Detail – JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence (By GeraldBlaine w/ Lisa McCubbin and forward by Clint Hill, Gallery Books, 2010), “Tohim it was the most exciting and challenging part of being on the White HouseDetail. He’d much rather be coordinating security in a new city or foreigncountry than standing post on a dark night in Hyannis Port or Palm Beach,looking out at the black ocean. In reality, the advance work was 95 percent ofthe effort in guaranteeing the president’s safety on a trip. The political teamput together the president’s itinerary and it was the Secret Service’s job tofigure out how to move the president safely from one place to the next, how tosecure every venue and every route. You had to think like an assassin.”

“The first stop before any advance was always the PRS.Located in the Executive Office Building (EOB), next door to the White House,the PRSoffices were the nerve center for tracking threat cases. Any time there was athreat made against the president’s life – whether it was a written letter, aphone call, details gathered from an informant, field investigation or anunstable person trying to get inside the Northwest Gate of the White House – aninvestigative report was initiated and a case file number issued. A PRS agentwould type the report on carbon paper so there would be multiple copies, notingthe threat maker’s name, last known address, a synopsis of the threats made, adescription of the person, and their medical history, if known.”

“Cases were analyzed and categorized according to theseriousness of the threat. They ranged from ‘extremely dangerous’ to theinnocuous ‘gate crasher.’….Whenever somebody made a threat against thepresident, they would be categorized as a permanent risk. There’d be anevaluation, the individual would be monitored, and the case file would remainin the Protective Research file for as long as the person was still alive. Itwasn’t uncommon that a person who made a threat against one president wouldcontinue making threats against each subsequent president. This could go on forthirty or forty years, so some of the cases files were pretty thick.

“The records room of the PRS officecontained rows and rows of gray metal four-draw file cabinets that heldthousands of threat suspects files, organized by case number. There weresmaller file cabinets where index cars of each suspect were organized bothgeographically and alphabetically. The cards were cross-referenced to the casefiles. Thus if you knew either the name of a suspect or their last knownlocation, you could go to the small index drawers, locate the card, which wouldthe case number on it, then go to the large filing cabinets to get the masterfile.”

“The most serious threat suspects were the ones on the flashcards every agent carried with them at all times. It was the nature of threatmakers to wander as vagabonds or itinerants, moving from town to town or stateto state. You never knew when or where one of them might show up.”

Protective Research Section

Current Active Threats – 1963

1. Stanley Berman – professional gate crasher.

2. Carl Brookman – on record with FBI subversiveactivities in the Nazi Part and possible association with the Communist Part.Possesses firearm.

3. William Robert Bennett – disabled veteran.

4. John Francis Donovan – letter and telegramwriter. Considered a nuisance.

5. Johnnie Mae Hackworth – letter writer, religiousfanatic who made threats against the president, arrested in 1955 and 1960.

6. Josef Molt Mroz – picketer and “Polish freedomfighter.”

7. Barney Grant Powell – threatened Truman, extremetemper, violent man with assault background, carries firearms.

8. Peppi Duran Flores – threatened Vice PresidentJohnson. Says he is a communist and pro-Castro.

9. Wayne L. Gainery – claimed the KKK authorizedhim to kill the President in 1963. Teenager.

10. JohnWilliam Warrington – mental; wrote five letters threatening JFK for hisassociation with Martin Luther King, Jr.; says he will by lying in ambush inFlorida.

[Note: as listed in P. 63. The KennedyDetail. (Blaine, J. Hill, C. Gallery, S&S, 2010), while - Document#180-10118-10032 also includes two additional names ]

11. …(M?)arvinLangdon Parker – mental; pretensions of being a JFK staff member.

12. JosephJesse Gilliam – WH visitor; friendly; mental.

Joe Backes – The Tenth Batch Part Two


Document # 180-10118-10041is a six page Secret Service report on John William Warrington. It is writtenby SA Arnold K. Peppers of the Tampa, Florida office. It covers the period ofOctober 18-23, 1963. It's status is pending.

Synopsis- This file covers investigation of five threatening lettersaddressed to the President, postmarked Oct. 15, 16 and 17, at Tampa, Floridaand as signed, "R. L. Scates". John William Warrington has beenidentified as the author of these letters and was arrested October 18, 1963, atTampa, Fla., for mailing an extortion letter to a local bank president. Subjectis currently under $50,000 bond and confined to the Tampa City Jail on theextortion charge. Subject claims a recent on "trial visit" from theVA hospital, Gulfport, Miss., and the Jackson office is requested to review hisfile for background information.

Mr. Warrington wrote a letter to Postal Inspector C. M. Griffith on October17, 1963 that stated that the Postmaster was in danger of having a dynamiteaccident unless he purchased protection against such an accident for $1,000.The letter instructed Griffith to send ten $100 bills to Room No. 5, AlbanyHotel, 1104 1/2 Franklin St. Tampa, Florida, and not to notify the FBI. Whilereviewing that letter another letter arrived dated October 18, 1963 nearlyidentical to the first.

Handwritten analysis of those two letters with the five sent to thepresident showed they were of common authorship.

On the evening of October 18, 1963 Secret Service agent Arnold K. Peppersreceived word from FBI agent Neil Welch, ASAIC, in the Tampa office thatWarrington was arrested and in custody for sending yet another extortion letterto the President of the First National Bank of Tampa, Florida. Warrington toldthe FBI that the money raised in these extortion schemes was to be used toassassinate the President.

All extortion letters and the letters to the President had the same returnaddress Room 5 of the Albany Hotel.

Warrington stated that he wanted to write five extortion letters to fivebank presidents, that the money raised would be used to assassinate PresidentKennedy on his November 1963 Tampa visit. Warrington hated President Kennedybecause he went to Harvard and all Harvard men are Communists.

SA Lee Ballinger of the FBI advised that Warrington had papers thatindicated that he was recently released from the Veterans Hospital of Gulfport,Mississippi, and that in June of 1961 Warrington was sentenced to 20 years forsimilar extortion letters in Jacksonville, Florida. It is unknown if he escapedfrom Gulfport, Mississippi.

On October 23, 1963 Warrington was interviewed in the jail. He is describedas an American white male, 53 years, 170 pounds, 5 feet 9 1/2 inches, mediumbuild, ruddy complexion, blue eyes, thin greying hair, slightly stooped.

The subject appeared rational. He admitted to being in and out of mentalhospitals for the last 15 years. He has been diagnosed as schizophrenic,paranoid type.

www.blackopradio.com/JFK Chronology 1.pdf

www.blackopradio.com/JFK Chronology 1.pdf

Edited by William Kelly
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While most Timelines are pretty general, here's one specific to the Texas School Book Depository that can be added to and refined even further.

Timeline of Certain Pertinent Events at the TSBD

[Thank to Richard Hocking for putting this together]

12:00: Eddie Piper sees Oswald on the 1st floor of the TSBD. 1
12:00 – 12:10: (estimated time) Bonnie Ray Williams goes to 6th floor to eat lunch (sees and hears no one) (?) 2
12:12: Carolyn Arnold sees Oswald in hallway between front door and double doors a few minutes before 12:15 3
12:15– 12:25: Carolyn Arnold sees Oswald in the1st floor Lunch Room 4
12:15: Arnold Rowland sees man with Rifle on 6th floor West Window (slender, dark hair, light shirt open at neck; other man was "colored" hanging out of East corner window) 5
12:15– 12:20: BRW takes elevator from 6th to 5th floor leaving Dr.Pepper bottle and partially eaten chicken behind (?) (sees and hears no one) 6
12:18: Howard Brennan sees man on 6th floor (no rifle visible at this time). (w/m, early30's, slender, 165-75, light clothing) 7
12:20- 12:25: Carolyn Arnold looks through glass door and sees Oswald inside on 1st floor near front of TSBD 8
12:26- 12:30: Ruby Henderson sees two men on 6th/ or Top floor. One dark (Mexican or Negro), and was wearing a white shirt. The other man was the taller and lighter of the two 9
12:28: Richard Carr sees heavy set man, what, glasses, tan sport coat in 2nd window from East corner, 6th floor. 10
12:29: Carolyn Walther sees two men w/ Rifle in 5th floor SE corner Window. (one man wearing brown suit coat) 11
12:29 Robert Edwards see w/m in 6th floor SE corner window, light colored shirt, short sleeve, open neck, possibly thin 12
12:29 Ronald Fischer sees Man in 5th floor "right corner" window, man was laying down,could only see head, light headed and open neck shirt, man was in his twenties (Fischer will later change floor to 6th and shots from 4 to 3.) 13
12:29 – 12:30: Geneva Hine notes the lights are out on her phone system as motorcade approaches TSBD. 12:30 Oswald said he was on the first floor at the time of the shooting, then went up to the second floor lunchroom to get a coke. 14.

12:30 “Prayer Man” is standing at the top of the front steps of the TSBD where Buell Wesley Frazer is also standing, just above William Shelley and

Lovelady, who are on lower steps.
Shots fired at JFK Limo.

12:30: Amos Euins sees Blackman with rifle in 6th floor SE corner window (later changed to white man) 15 This man firing the rifle also has white shirt and bald spot on top of head.
12:30: Howard Brennan sees white man w white shirt and Rifle in 6th floor SE corner window 16

12:30: Jack Dougherty is 10 feet west of West Elevator on 5th floor (within sight and sound of NW stairs); hears one shot. 17
12:30: Dillard Photo taken 3-15 seconds after shots shows Norman and Williams in SE 5th floor corner windows (and possibly Jarman in the 4th window from the SE corner). They say they run to West Window after shots. 18
12:31: Vicky Adams and Sandra Styles descend the NW Rear stairs from the 4th floor to the 1st floor (see & hear no one). 19
12:31: Otis Williams runs up NW stairway to 4th floor (sees no one) goes back to his 2nd floor office (?) 20
12:31: Officer Baker enters TSBD front Entrance, runs past "Prayer Man" and goes to back w Truly, who shouts twice to release elevator. (no response). They see 2 white men by the elevators. (probably Shelley and Lovelady according to Adams) 21
12:31: Officer Barnett runs to guard back of TSBD (and Fire Escape on East Side). 22
12:31:30: Officer Baker and Roy Truly on 2nd floor by NW stairway; claim to see Oswald in Lunch room. 21
12:32: HSCA analysis show boxes in 6th floor window rearranged within 2 minutes of shooting. 22
12:32 – 12:33 Mrs. Reid returns to her 2nd floor office. Oswald calmly walks by her with coke in hand. 23
12:32 – 12:33 Deputy Roger Craig arrests a woman in her early thirties attempting to drive out of a private railyard parking lot. She was in a brown 1962 or 1963 Chevrolet . Craig turns her over to Deputy Sheriff Lummy Lewis. 24
12:32– 12:36: Carr sees the same man he previously saw in the window, walk away from the TSBD and get into a Rambler Station Wagon 10
12:32– 12:33: Officer Baker sees man on 3rd or 4th floor, w/m, 30 yrs old, 5'9, 165 lb, dark hair, light brown jacket. Manager vouches for this man and Baker lets him go. (Baker 11/22/63 affidavit) 25
12:33– 12:34: Officer Barnett moves from Back of TSBD to guard the Front entrance . 22
12:33 James Worrell see a man in a dark sportcoat and light colored pants dash out of the back of the TSBD about 3 minutes after shots fired at motorcade. Man was late 20's /early 30's, 5'8", dark brown hair. Ran South on Houston. 26
12:33– 12:34: Dougherty takes West Elevator down to 1st floor. (?) Talks to Givens. 27
12:33– 12:34: Baker and Truly on 4th or 5th floor, spot East Elevator, but West elevator is missing 28 They take the East Elevator to the seventh floor and find nothing, return to fourth floor where Baker reports to Inspector Sawyer, the senior Dallas Police Department officer in the building.
12:33– 12:36: Officers Mooney, Vickery and Webster arrive at 1st floor rear elevator. Vickery and Webster take stairs up. Mooney takes elevator up to 2nd floor, where power goes off, he switches to the stairs and encounters " some men he believes to be officers" in plain clothes coming down the stairs. He passes these men and continues up. 29
12:33– 12:36: In his report of 11/23/63, Det. Harry Weatherford claims that he, Mooney, Boone, Walters, and Webster all went into the rear of the TSBD together and ascend the stairs. Weatherford goes out the window to search the roof of the loading dock, then comes back in and searches the first floor [sic] with an "unknown DPD Detective" (?) Then he goes to the top floor and eventually joins Mooney and Co. on the 6th floor 30
12:34– 12:35:From across the street court clerk Lillian Mooneyham sees man standing by boxes on 6th floor of TSBD. 31
12:34– 12:36: Officer Mooney arrives for first quick survey (does not go to "sniper lair") of 6th flloor, sees no one, then goes up to 7th floor. 29
12:34: Inspector Sawyer enters Front of TSBD, enters Passenger elevator; runs into "this Man"; goes up to 4th floor32
12:35: Baker and Truly are on roof of TSBD 33
12:36: Euins tells Officer Harkness shots came from 5th floor TSBD 34
12:36– 12:37: Harkness arrives at rear (North Loading dock) door of TSBD. Sees "some Secret Service Agents".35
12:37: Sawyer returns to 1st floor, goes out in front to set up Command Post. 32
12:40 – 12:45: Dep. Craig hears whistle. Sees light green Nash Rambler Station Wagon stop; sees w/m, 140-150, brown hair, in his 20's, white T shirt, runs down slope and gets inside. The Driver of the vehicle was husky latin, dark wavy hair, tan windbreaker jacket. Craig runs over to report this to the Command Post in front of the TSBD entrance and encounters a SS Agent ("40 years old, sandy-haired with a distinct cleft in his chin. He was well-dressed in a gray business suit") 24
12:45: Description of suspect broadcast by DPD: w/m, 30, 5'10, 165, 30-30 (Winchester Rifle on Channel 2) 36

12:50 – 12:55: SSA Forest Sorrels returns from Parkland Hospital to the rear entrance of the TSBD and enters the building with no one checking his ID, the first genuine SS Agent to arrive on the scene. 37
12:58: Captain Fritz arrives at front entrance of TSBD 38
12:58: Mooney Leans out window and Signals Fritz, who is standing in front of TSBD (After leaving the 7thfloor,Mooney, Vickery, and Webster went down to 6th floor, where Mooney discovered SE corner window "sniper lair", empty shells, chicken remnants and soda.. 39
1:22: Boone and Weitzman discover Rifle they idenitfy as a 7.65 Mauser, concealed between boxes on the 6th floor40
1:22 Truly tells DPD Capt. Lumpkin that one of his men - Oswald is missing. Lumplin confers privately with two or three other senior DPD officers and then escorts Truly up to the Sixth Floor where they interupt Capt. Fritz examining the rifle and Lumpkin tells Fritz that Truly has something important to tell Fritz, and Truly tells Frtiz about the missing employee - Oswald, and give Fritz Oswald's address at Mrs. Paine's home in Irving. Fritz then walks across the street to Sheriff Decker's office where they confer privately before Fritz returns to his DPD office, where Oswald, under arrest, is waiting for him, having been arrested in the Tippit shooting.

[bK Notes, my additions to this chronology are not footnoted as to their source.]


1. Eddie Piper Dallas Sheriff Affidavit of 11/23/63; also WC Testimony
Bonnie Ray Williams WC testimony , Vol. III, pp 169-173 (left 6th floor at 12:20; was up there for 15 minutes)
3. CD5:41 Archives from Mary Ferrell Timeline
4. Anthony Summers 1978 interview with Carolyn Arnold/ Jim Marrs, Crossfire p. 49
Arnold Rowland, interviewed by Arlen Specter and Gerald Ford before the Warren Commission (10th March, 1964)
6. Bonnie Ray Williams WC testimony , Vol.III – Page 173, March 24, 1964; http://www.jfk-assas...ol3/page173.php
7. Howard Brennan Dallas Sheriff statement: November 22, 1963. (Description). Howard Brennan FBI Report: January 7,1964. (Gave 12:18 as time of sighting)
Arnold's 26 Nov 1963 statement is published by Weisberg (1967) p. 210, with discussion on pp. 74-75.The original handwritten statement says 12:25. When retyped by the FBI the time was changed to 12:15 (Guth & Wrone 1980, p. xxxii). This is cited by Don Thomas in Rewriting History:Bugliosi Parses the Testimony, http://www.maryferre...s_the_Testimony
9. Ruby Henderson FBI statement of 12/6/63. Saw men on 6th floor after ambulance had departed.
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Other Related Reading:

"The Elevator Escape Theory" by Richard Gilbride, http://www.reopenken...t/gilbride.html
Greg Parker Website; http://reopenkennedy...-cop-encounters
"The Man in the Dark Sports Coat" by William Weston http://www.manuscrip...PQ/sports~1.htm
Duke Lane thread on Lancer forum : http://www.jfklancer...g_id=82512
Don Thomas , "Rewriting History: Bugliosi Parses the Testimony" http://www.maryferre...s_the_Testimony
"Dealey Plaza Conspiracy Witnesses, HSCA Staff Report", http://www.aarclibra...DealeyPlaza.pdf
"A Comprehensive Review of Reclaiming History", by James DiEugenio

R.H.: Some Questions and observations:
1. Electrical Power Events: Geneva Hine's phone system lights go off, just before12:30. Was this a power outage or just no calls at that time?; Truly and Baker are unable to get an elevator down from the 5th floor less than a minute after the shots. Sandra Styles said she and Vicky Adams tried thepassenger elevator in front, but when it did not work, they went to the backstairs. The West elevator has power when Mooney gets on the 1st floor,then loses power on the 2nd floor, 12:33-12:36. Who cut power to elevator at that precise moment? Select Elevator circuits and possiblyt he phone system circuit were reported off, but I have seen no report of all power to the TSBD being off, which would have happened if the Main Circuit breaker was thrown. The 3 elevators would have been on their own dedicated circuits, as would the phone system. The evidence supports the possibility that selected circuits may have been turned on/off at various times just before and after 12:30. This rules out random fuse failure (or circuit breakers being tripped) and supports the notion of manipulation of the power circuits. Was the Fuse/Breaker box located in the basement of the TSBD?

2. Why is there no exchange of information with Mooney when he is passing the men he believes might be DPD officers on the stairs? They would have been the very first respondents on the scene. If you were Mooney, wouldn't you at least ask them a few questions … like Had they seen a man with a rifle roaming around on an upper floor? And why were they were leaving the scene so soon?
3. There are three general descriptions of unknown men seen on the upper floors, in some cases with rifles, just before and at the time of the shooting:
First man: a younger white man who was slender.
Second man: another white man who may have been older, heavier, and wearing a tan jacket or coat and possibly glasses.
Third man: a dark complected man who may have been Latin/Mexican/Negro.
4. Secret Service men were reported on the back entrance dock and at the front entrance within minutes of the shots, and well before Forrest Sorrels was the first actual SS agent to return to Dealey Plaza/ TSBD.
5. Unidentified men who were thought to be police officers:
A. "Some" plain clothes officers seen by Officer Mooney as he ascends the NW stairs from the 2nd floor
B. Weatherford searches the 1st floor with an unknown DPD detective
6. Unidentified Civilians:
A. Man seen in front elevator by Sawyer
B. Two men seen by rear elevator seen by Baker (may be Lovelady and Shelley)
7. Individuals seen leaving the scene:
A. Man seen by Worrel
B. Man seen by Carr
C. Man seen by Craig
D. Woman in car arrested by Craig.
(edited for spacing and syntax)

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