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  1. Hi Chris, you might check out the work of William Kelly, Larry Hancock and others in tracking down the Pathfinder operations, which involved shooting Castro with a high powered rifle as he drove through a slowed down section in an open jeep. One would presume they had a patsy handy to take the fall. http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2018/10/part-ii-pathfinder-at-npic-and-dealey.html https://larryhancock.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/corroboration/ More recently the has been good research on The Black Nine, an extremely secret Pathfinder sniper team that “disappeared” in mid to late 1963, ostensibly infiltrated into Cuba to assassinate Castro. But some think this sniper team was purposefully turned on JFK instead. https://larryhancock.wordpress.com/2019/04/20/wheaton-names-update/ Hope this helps, Chris
  2. David, I thought that was a strange letter for someone to be writing unless they really were in trouble. Seems like she either worked for him or was close in some way. So I did some research and found a completed eBay auction with a photo of Colonel Joseph C. Ehrlicher. And turns out he was wing commander for the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans. How wild is that? Any other research in Ehrlicher or M. M. Oswald? Best, Chris Photo of Colonel Ehrlicher with the Civil Air Patrol of New Orleans
  3. Larry, who do you consider to be the more solid witnesses to figures behind the windows? Best, Chris
  4. If I remember correctly, wasn’t the car in this last photo registered to Mary Ferrell and her husband? They were driving through Dealey Plaza that day. Did they drive all the way to the hospital?
  5. Larry, did Tom offer any opinions about the rifle or rifles found that day when he was filming? Or what the officers who found and viewed them said in front of him? Chris
  6. Do you all think Westbrook was trying to pull a fast one by changing 107 to 207, which had an alibi attached to it?
  7. It’s worth noting here that Clarence A. Rector was actually interviewee by the Warren Commission because of his connection to Jack Ruby. Clarence stated that he had an automobile transportation business. And that he had recently been in Cuba. Just a few more data points for this mysterious Car 107. -Chris
  8. Wow, Remegio Arce really does bear a string resemblance to Bernard Barker. Is it possible that Seymour Weitzman actually saw Arce on the grassy knoll instead of Barker, who he later identified? Chris
  9. I always wondered why Westbrook said this. Given that we now know Westbrook was at best up to some shady things that day (the wallet, et al), is it possible he gave this order as the scene commander to cover up for the arrest of a second person who was brought out back to the alley and who might have looked similar to Oswald? Chris
  10. Thanks, DVP. I've watched dozens of hours of material that you have collected. Always appreciated. Chris
  11. The canceled Esquire article is good, but the transcripts make for even better reading. For instance, I had not known that Escalante claimed Cubela told him in 1978 that he met David Morales in Paris in Sept of 63.
  12. I have to say it's a good read so far. I was not aware that GDM had been sent to Yugoslavia in 1957 by a CIA front company. Nice job for a guy whose FBI file is full of Internal Security reports of him being a Communist.
  13. And why is there a black bar at the bottom of the frames only during the B&W section? I wish I could see the whole version of this to compare. David, do you have a link to which version you took this gif from? Best, Chris
  14. Interesting review. I'd be pretty curious to read James D's take on this book.
  15. Thanks, Chris. I did find a place called Film Rescue International that will still develop Kodachrome. But since the chemical process was kept secret when Kodak stopped using it, they can only develop in B&W. http://www.filmrescue.com/old-movie-film-developing/ -Chris
  16. Chris, I'm sure you've mentioned this in an earlier post somewhere. But is it your opinion that Zapruder shot in slow motion (48 FB's) and that that film was altered at Hawkeye Works to bring it down to 18.3 fps? Do you also feel that they made splices in the film such as the turn? And that they cropped the field of view at the bottom? Just wanted to make sure I knew where you (and perhaps David as well) stood on the film. I seemed to remember a photo of you standing in the place Zaprider was. Did you take some test film of your own? Recently I obtained one of the B&H Directors cameras and some film, and was interested in doing some tests as well. -Chris
  17. Just as a reality check, let's remember that most college students weren't even alive when the movie JFK was released. When I talk to high school and college students about very basic things in the case like the Zapruder film and multiple shooters, I get polite smiles and "I'm sure we studied it in school." The current presidency is the only one they really remember. But I do know that many millennials are very much not satisfied with the status quo. And they are much more able to sort fact from fiction in the media than people of our generations. I'm constantly impressed by the filters they have developed. And I have hope.
  18. I found this on YouTube through another forum conversation. Clearly it's not from the extant Z film as the crowd to the left of the freeway sign looks totally different. But where is it from? It does not match up to any shot I saw in JFK the movie. From a recreation somewhere? A total hack? Intriguing that it does show the expanded frame that many of us suspect the original Z film was shot in. Thoughts? Chris
  19. We stand on the shoulders of giants. RIP, Mr. Lane.
  20. Chris, I couldn't find any contact info for Keith himself, but I did find his literary agent: http://www.doollee.com/Agents/sBuchwald.htm Best, Chris
  21. I ran across this story recently about a play that was put on called 'Frame 312'. http://thevillager.com/villager_31/womanhaunted.html But the interesting part was that the playwright claimed that this was based on a real story: <I wrote Frame 312 around two years ago, after Id met an actual woman who had indeed worked at Time/Life in the 1960s. She was one of the first people who, with her editor, watched the Zapruder film, and, yes, when the FBI asked to see the film, it was she who took it, in her handbag, by train, to Washington and J. Edgar Hoover. Its all true. An amazing story. And in fact shes a relative of mine, a distant relative whom I did not know. She lives somewhere in the South, thats all I should say, and is a housewife and does have children. I told her I might want to write something about this someday. I did a lot of research, and then when I sent her the finished play, she said: Its good that these questions are being raised.> Has anyone ever heard of this woman? And how did the Z film get to Time in NY? One would presume this all happened relatively quickly after the assassination. But who knows.
  22. Very interesting footage, DVP. Thanks for posting it. A few things that stuck out to me: 1. The reporters thought that Ruby was.a Secret Service agent. Why? Because he didn't dress like a cop and didn't identify himself as a newsman? Or perhaps did he tell a reporter or two that he was SS? 2. Someone said there were no reporters standing in the area Ruby was. But the policeman standing next to Ruby said he thought Ruby was a newsman. 3. Two days after the assassination, the on-camera reporter was still mistakenly referring to 'Lee Harold Oswald' the entire telecast. 4. The car horn right before Oswald walked out didn't seem nearly as ominous after hearing all of the other times the car horns beeped. 5. The police officer being interviewed towards the end knew the reporter by name. And he clearly knew who Ruby was,must was unwilling to say anything specially about him on camera. 6. I'll have to go back and watch it again, but I couldn't catch a glimpse of Ruby before it happened. Anyone else see him in the crowd?
  23. Pro-tip: if you are going to give all of your personal papers to an author to write your memoirs, try not to pick someone who is about to get an award from the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. You know, the same group founded by David Atlee Phillips. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peggy_Adler
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