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10 hours ago, David Boylan said:



Obituary of Owen J. “Duke” Darnell



A celebration of a life of service for retired U.S. Merchant Marine Capt. Owen "Duke" J. Darnell, 84, South Beach Street, Daytona Beach, who died Monday, July 11, 2005, at The Regency House, will be 11 a.m. Saturday, July 16, at the chapel of Pinello Funeral Home, 1036 Derbyshire Road, Daytona Beach. A reception will follow. Born July 27, 1921, to Joseph and Ethel (Pender) Darnell, Capt. Darnell was born in Cripple Creek, Colo., and moved to this area in 1984 from New Orleans. Capt. Darnell's father had been a gold miner in Talkeetna, Alaska, before the young couple moved to Cripple Creek where his father supervised several silver mine operations. Owen was only 15 years old when his father died of silicosis. In 1994 when his wife of 40 years died, Capt. Darnell characteristically found a way to help others coping with similar problems and loss. He became a speaker advocate for Alzheimer's caregivers and wrote a booklet, "A Room Without Doors," and was published in 1996 by the Volusia/Flagler Chapter of the American Alzheimer's Association. Capt. Darnell sailed in various unlicensed capacities on tankers, freighters and troop transports in North Africa and in the South Pacific. During World War II, he retired as a captain from the Merchant Marines. He then went to work with the Lykes Brothers Steamship Company and retired as a corporate level manager. He loved jazz, a good cup of coffee, big hugs, boxing, football, and poetry, but most of all, he loved people and helping people. He is survived by his companion, Patricia Bays; brother, Dr. Frank and Frances Darnell; three sisters, Minnie Perry, Mary Wank and Laura and Richard Murphy; 10 nieces and nephews, Sara McGee, Ann Hunter, Julia Archer and Sarah Robicheaux and Carol Guerrero-Murphy and Gail Coray, Richard Murphy, Joe Darnell, Al Darnell and Steven Owen. Capt. Darnell was predeceased by his wife, Esther, and his older brother, Richard. Capt. Darnell wishes were to be cremated and his ashes scattered in the Atlantic Ocean. Arrangements and services entrusted to Pinello Funeral Home, Daytona Beach.


Army Intelligence considered him as a "source lead", rather than as a primary source of info.


Steve Thomas

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On 3/14/2019 at 10:01 AM, David Boylan said:

Veciana was working for the ACSI - Asst Chief of Staff Intelligence for the US Army. Specifically Detachment A. The Miami Station was run by a Major Junius "Duke" Watlington. Veciana's contact in Puerto Rico was an Owen Darnell. Darnell was a spotter for Detachment A. The Second Front (SFNE) was run by ACSI.

The CIA and ACSI often had to share assets and disagreed on how to go about it. Here's doc with Watlington, Lt Col. Causes and Reuteman (Shackley) discussing logistics..



Colonel Frank M Brandstetter was also working for ACSI, by his own statements in two autobiographical works. Am I the only poster who has read these books? I mention him because he clearly states that he was assigned by ACSI to weekend duties at the 488th Military Intelligence Detachment, commanded by Colonel Jack Crichton. David - I mention this here because I’m hoping that you have access to proof of the existence of the 488th. Crichton said things about his unit which remain unverified, such as the presence of 40-50 members of the DPD in his Unit. 

As you know, some attention was placed on the 112th. Colonel Jones was asked to testify to the WC, and he lied about his actual position there. Steve Thomas and I figured out that Jones had previously been an Intelligence Officer in Germany, and his official bio says he was Intel chief for some Unit there in 1962-63. At the very least we could conclude that Jones had not been at the 112th for very long when he gave his false testimony. Somehow the various investigations focused on Jones despite this. It feels like misdirection to me. Given what Newman and others have ascertained about the relationship between Veciana, Alpha 66, and ACSI, Brandstetter’s assertion that ACSI was involved in his assignment in 1959 to the 488th should make us wonder about the ties between ASCI and the undersresearched 488th. If the stories that tie certain key DPD members to the 488th are true, and if it’s also true that members of the 488th were in charge of the underground communications bunker in Dallas, isn’t it time we dig down a bit and figure out why no one can find any official documentation on the 488th MID in military records? 

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Veciana and Guiterrez were both Army Intel sources. Army Intel used crypts that were prefixed with DUP. Veciana was DUP-748. Guiterrez was DUP-749.


Veciana's contact in San Juan was Owen Darnell. Darnell was both a spotter and a source of intel. He was close enough to Veciana that Veciana would sometimes stay at his place. SFNE/Alpha-66 would also try and collect Soviet military equipment from Cuba as part of Operation Treasure Hunt. USAOSD, (Detachment A) had a book were pictures and prices were listed. $5,000 for a pair of Soviet Infrared Goggles, etc.

Alpha-66 Secretary of Propaganda was a Charles A. Steel. Interesting that one of the guys passing out FPCC pamphlets was names Charles Steele



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