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Why Would Oswald Have Hidden the Gun?

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Joe... no disrespect intended on this answer...  but at some point we need to understand those things that no longer need to be proven:

Oswald was not on the 6th floor

Oswald never owned or ever saw CE139 or the rifle on the 6th floor

Oswald did not order the pistol claimed to have been shipped from Seaport to REA pick-up location near Dallas

Oswald did not take a bag to work with him that morning... The Frasier/Randle group is not being truthful

Oswald, seen on the first floor nearing 12 noon was not retrieving a hidden rifle from ??? 
did not take a paper bag to the 6th floor, did not reassemble the rifle with a dime,

Oswald, and most everyone save Mrs. Reid, was not aware the motorcade was late leaving LOVE FIELD...  according to Oswald's plan to kill JFK the motorcade would pass by between 12 and 12:15...

Piper sees Oswald on the first floor around noon...

1 - Where does Oswald hide the rifle?
Mr. BALL - Did you see him come in the door?
Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes; I saw him when he first come in the door--yes. 
Mr. BALL - Did he have anything in his hands or arms? 
Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, not that I could see of. 

Mr. BALL - The statement says, "I recall vaguely having seen Lee Oswald, when he came to work at about 8 a.m. today."
Mr. DOUGHERTY - That's right.
Mr. BALL - Now, is that a very definite impression that you saw him that morning when he came to work?
Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, oh--it's like this--I'll try to explain it to you this way--- you see, I was sitting on the wrapping table and when he came in the door, I just caught him out of the corner of my eye---that's the reason why I said it that way.
Mr. BALL - Did he come in with anybody?
Mr. BALL - He was alone?
Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes; he was alone.
Mr. BALL - Do you recall him having anything in his hand? 
Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I didn't see anything, if he did.
Mr. BALL - Did you pay enough attention to him, you think, that you would remember whether he did or didn't?
Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I believe I can---yes, sir---I'll put it this way; I didn't see anything in his hands at the time.
Mr. BALL - In other words, your memory is definite on that is it? 
Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL - In other words, you would say positively he had nothing in his hands?
Mr. DOUGHERTY - I would say that---yes, sir. 
Mr. BALL - Or, are you guessing?
Mr. DOUGHERTY - I don't think so.
Mr. BALL - You saw him come in the door?

2 - When does he retrieve the rifle?

3 - When is it at the window in anticipation of this amazing dead he will do?
Mr. DULLES. I would like to ask one question here. When you were on the sixth floor eating your lunch, did you hear anything that made you feel that there was anybody else on the sixth floor with you? 
Mr. WILLIAMS. No, sir; I didn't hear anything. 
Mr. DULLES. You did not see anything? 
Mr. WILLIAMS. I did not see anything. 
Mr. DULLES. You were all alone as far as you knew at that time on the sixth floor? 
Mr. WILLIAMS. Yes, sir. 
Mr. DULLES. During that period of from 12 o'clock about to--10 or 15 minutes after? 
Mr. WILLIAMS. Yes, sir. I felt like I was all alone. That is one of the reasons I left--because it was so quiet. 

"So quiet" while the man is supposedly reconstructs this:  Can you load a partially loaded clip into the rifle?  Clip only had 4 bullets...




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On ‎2‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 3:17 PM, Joe Bauer said:

One of the questions that throws me regards Oswald ( if he was the shooter from the 6th floor ) is how he could leave his rifle anywhere on the 6th floor knowing it would be found within minutes or hours and traced back to him once those who found it had a chance to check it's provenance. 

He must have known that each employee of the TXSBD would be checked out for links to this rifle and it would soon be known the rifle was his.

His only chance at freedom would be to run. To Mexico?

He would have needed help in that regards. He didn't drive himself and he would know the bus systems would be watched and checked thoroughly. His only chance for escape would be for someone else to drive or fly him out of the country. If so, obviously he was left to fend for himself by his betrayal buddies.

And then there are Oswald's backyard gun toting photos. Some of the most guilt incriminating pieces of evidence we've ever seen in a high profile murder case. So incriminating you are forced to wonder why he would take these and days before 11,22,1963 not make some effort to retrieve these from his belongings and from George DeM.

Was LHO simply that deficient in planning forethought?  Was his whole plan including escape that loose and impulsively amateurish?

In my opinion Oswald seemed too intelligent to be that incompetent. He was either betrayed by his fellow conspirators or he wasn't the shooter on the  sixth floor.


All of this presumes that Oswald was dumb enough to leave his rifle on the 6th floor.   He was dumb, but not that dumb.

The more likely scenario is that the Sheriff's Deputies who claimed to have found it, actually brought it with them to the 6th floor.   (How did they get it?   LHO foolishly handed it over to a "pal" of Gerry Patrick Hemming that very morning.  That's how -- said A.J. Weberman.)

Consider the timing.   Within 1 minute after the JFK assassination, eye-witnesses told DPD cops standing on Elm Street that the shots came from the 5th, 6th or 7th floor of the TSBD.  They pointed.  They were clear.

It took more than 40 minutes for DPD police to get to the 6th floor.   The reports I read said that there were scores of policemen at the TSBD.

It does not take 40 minutes to scale to the 6th floor.  Even if they were moving very slowly -- they could assign ten cops to each floor, easily.

So -- this was carefully controlled by the Dallas Police and Sheriff's Deputies. 

This is easy enough to demonstrate from WC testimony of these Dallas officers.   Yet almost all JFK CT research is still being wasted on the old CIA-did-it or Commies-did-it CTs.     Pitiful.

--Paul Trejo

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