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Today, 10:07 AM

Dear Steven,


Asperger's is a spectrum disorder. Not all have the same set of issues to deal with.


It's like the 3 Amigos. You are all different in your own little ways... yet plagued by a base set of issues surrounding the compulsion to wear tin-foil hats.


If anyone can actually stand to look at Steve's latest data dump, let alone read it all, I'm not sure whether I should applaud your dedication, or phone the guys with the butterfly nets...

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Today, 12:58 AM

October 6 - Sunday  (p. 713)
At Ruth Paine’s home all day Sunday.  Spent the nights of the 4th, 5th and 6th at the Paine home.  (According to her Testimony.)
Activities for Saturday unknown but he did write a letter to The Worker stating he had attended an ACLU meeting the evening of the 5th. 


Show is the proof. Where is the letter?


Mrs. Lovell Penn reports seeing men shoot in her pasture.  She is worried about her cows getting shot.  She warns them and gets a nasty reply from one of the men.  She threatens to call police if they do not stop shooting.  Later, Mrs. Penn ID’s Lee Oswald as the man that was rude to her in her pasture.



Here is the FBI report. I don't see anywhere where it says she identified anyone.



She did hand in a 6.5 cartridge she found. It couldn't be matched to the M-C in the archives.


I would also add that Oswald was not "nasty" or given to the types of tirades she spoke of.


But one person who looked a little like Oswald, sold 6.5 ammo and had Cuban customers was John Thomas Masen... I believe he fits the bill... maybe giving a demo to a customer?




Again - I'm not going through the whole list. I think this is enough to demonstrate the type of unsubstantiated hogwash you cut and paste on here.

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Today, 12:18 AM

Yep, saw that already....and not just Ferrie but the "fellow traveler" private anti-communist groups as well.  CAP and then Ferrie's own CAP.....no wonder our heads tend to explode.

I think it's telling that Ferrie was using one kid as a courier in some venture (can't recall off the top) and then wanted to send him to Latin America on a mission...


Oz doing courier work for Tujague before joining Marines... 

In Topic: LHOCW VOL 2 now available

Yesterday, 11:21 PM

Downloaded and will be reading it over the next few days Greg, I have no doubt you have gone off the beaten path to turn up new material...  

Thanks Larry. Funnily enough, going off the beaten path led me back to at least one beaten path... David Ferrie.

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Yesterday, 01:18 PM

So your point was that in the 2 reports I posted the homosexual informant, T-1 mentioned in both, are different people?


Yes, they are different people.
The T1, T2 etc designations are used in documents to protect not only the name of the source but the real FBI informant number. Another layer of informant security.
The homosexual informant was used in other big cases to infiltrate and inform. He is still among the living and I will contact him during the course of writing the next volume. He did not know Oswald or Crafard and there is no doubt in my mind Crafard, like Ruby, swung both ways. In fact, I think that was a big part of why he did so much hitch-hiking. It served a dual purpose.