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In Topic: Frankenstein Oswald

Today, 04:33 AM

Well Greg, at least you've finally started separating "Lee" from "Harvey"...  there's hope for you yet


You mean Hee from Larvey don't you?




those in the US who knew the big, slope shouldered southerner would be all that mattered...   just another of the many things you can't "figer" out...


Yes, I can just see it. "Look maw! This'n here photeograph in th' noospaper must be Lee Oswald... look at that sloping shoulder. Why I do declare, mah, you could ski down that baby! Yesn' Sir ma'am! Couldn't be anyone else but good ole boy, Lee!. But maw, what's good ole Lee Oswald doing behind them iron lungs over in  Russkieland? Maw sumpin fishy here, maw. Lee was named after the General! Ain't no way no how a good ole Southern Boy like Lee is gonna be a defect. Nuh uh!"


Game over. Plot uncovered by a southern kid with the IQ of a fence post.

My apologies for mispelling "figger". Those double gee words gits me every dang time!   



In Topic: The Oxnard Call

Today, 03:41 AM

keep pitching Vol 1, 2 or 3 buddy... gotta be SOMEBODY out there who'll buy it...





"MY" motorcade timeline...?  look just a little deeper Greg...  you'll find it...  

http://educationforu...e route&page=1

In Topic: Frankenstein Oswald

Today, 02:36 AM

The bottom line point of the matter is that there could not be a photo published in the USA of Harvey... it had to be of Lee... which is why we do not see any of the "In Russia" photos ever published in mass media.


And yet you guys have long been pushing the Frankenstein Oswald as being "Lee". Like that would be recognized as "Lee"... go figer the logic. I can't. 

In Topic: Harvey and Lee: John Armstrong

Today, 02:28 AM

  "Where again is ANYTHING you've done on your own?  Looks to me all you do is parrot Parker while bobble heading....  the family must be so proud..."


This is a joke surely? And from a man whose sole point of existence is to hawk someone's else's work.


The jealousy is simply dripping off every post.


Is this why you feel the need to mention "Parker" in such a clearly envious manner.


Middle child were you David...?

As far as I'm concerned, I'm superfluous here. You and Mark are hardly raising a sweat in hitting bullseye after bullseye.


I'm almost starting to feel sorry for David.



In Topic: The Oxnard Call

Today, 02:20 AM

Seems pretty obvious to me that the "I'm using the phone" statement was not the same person as the whispering mad woman but a regular customer on the party line... which makes your assumption that the mad woman was a middle age woman a but suspect...  but you go right on speculating all you want... when you get to some real evidence, you'll let us know.


Seems you didn't read the FBI report. The two operaters were certain there was no connection made to anyone else.


As for the rest... for the benefit of those just landing here - David is doing his damnedest to try and give the impression that I somehow endorse or believe in witchcraft, UFOs and whatever else. Anyone actually reading what I wrote could not come away with that opinion.  But David is motivated to do this just as a 2 year old who has had an unsafe toy taken away for his own good, will sometimes respond with anger and frustration. David does not appreciate me taking apart his favorite theory and he feels this is somehow balancing the books.


For your information, David, I no longer support the dual plot. Two things led to that conclusion - being suckered by your motorcade timeline (it was WRONG!) and believing that the woman was a native of California. I will be updating the information in volume 3 of the book.


The woman was not loony, Her rhythmic chanting and repeated phrasing is a hallmark of various religions and cults. Her timing of 10:10 (12:10 Dallas time) will be shown to have been pretty damn good; her immediate adjustment of that to 10:30 (12:30 Dallas time) spectacularly on the mark.


Your hyperbolic approach to this just highlights your true intention. You look more and more petty, if not downright pathetic every time you post in that manner.