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  1. Thank you again. Sorry, I meant for Wesley Frazier. On the landing of the TSBD, his shirt seems light colored but the inset photo and another of him inside the DPD station, it looks like a dark shirt. Any explanation for that? (Did he change his shirt too?) P.S. I just noticed that your posted pic above is a frame capture from the CNN 60s series. Man, you guys in this forum are good.
  2. My apologies. You're right Tommy. It's supposed to be William Shelley walking down the Elm St. extension. Thank you. However, is there an explanation for what appears to be a difference in the shirt color? (P.S. Looks like I'll have to study my DVD of the Assassination Films by Groden later too).
  3. Tommy, Thank you for spoon-feeding me all this info and the footage (Yes, I'm aware who PM is. Newbie on this forum but not new to the JFK Assassination debate although not an expert on every aspect, if any). I see every person you've meticulously described, including who you think might be BL. I can't say for sure if that's BL but it could be him, even by what Sandy has posted below your post that I've quoted (thank you Sandy) with what may be his white undershirt exposed. But I have a follow-up question. If the red oblong circle supposedly is Frazier (in my earlier
  4. Michael/Thomas, I'm sorry that I don't know the sequence of these "lesser" films and photographs, so I'll have to study them in more detail before I can understand their order and timing, and where they might show some overlap. In any event, in the attached frame with BWF superimposed in the top right corner (presumably this is from Bart Kamp's site?), if that's Frazier standing high on the top step, wouldn't BNL not be far from him? I don't know if that sort of answers your question (I understand about seeing him in two places at the same time if I understand correctly, but w
  5. To me that looks like Billy Lovelady (from his plaid shirt and bald spot at the crown of his head - the FBI mug shots are him wearing a different shirt).
  6. Excellent imagery but I'm a little confused (the moving gifs that merge makes my head spin a little). Do Shelley and Lovelady walk away (I've seen that before) at the same time as the person talking with the lady in black? It could be Lovelady by the edge of the wall on those steps, but I'm not sure what you're getting at.
  7. I didn't know you could attach a pic file (thought you had to include a link, so this is more convenient). This is a photo by another gentleman in another thread I believe. When you say Lovelady who's talking with Gloria Calvery, do you mean this pic that shows the colorized Lovelady? That's what I was referring to.
  8. I thought I saw it on a photo in this forum (I can't recall now) and not on Di Eugenio's site. BL has that distinct open flannel shirt with a white undershirt look.
  9. Looks like BL to me too. (Looking forward to reading Bart's updated 2nd floor encounter, and the essay on Di Eugenio's site)
  10. Excellent. I'm planning on returning this November and might bring a tape measure.
  11. Just to clarify Robin (or anyone else) - BWF is standing on the landing or top of the stairs, correct? I can almost count the risers for each step. Is there a way to know where PM is by counting the risers and knowing how many there were in total back then? I would guess that PM is on the step below the landing or top of the stairway.
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