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  1. W., Welcome to Texas! Having been to DP several times (I go once a year), I avoid the Museum and the multiple vendors. I try to go on a sunny Friday. East of DP on Elm, there is a tiny little joint where you can get incredible diner burgers around lunch time which is when I usually go. Then, I walk it off in DP. I always walk down the Elm street extension in front of the TSBD building, behind the pergola and behind the picket fence in the parking lot (where Lee Bowers saw all the automobile activity) and to the triple underpass walkway. Walking south over the TUP, you get a great perspective (ala Sam Holland and his coworkers) of the entire area. I always go clear to the south end, near the south knoll which you cannot access but you can see how the cars coming down Elm curve and you can get Sherry Fiester's trajectories in perspective. As you look down about 20' from the end of the walkway, you will see where James Tague was standing. I then go back to the north, and you can get better ideas of how cars coming down Elm line up and also how they line up with the TSBD 6th floor. I walk slowly behind the length of the picket fence, keeping the marked locations on Elm in view. Realize that the trees are 56 years older than they were back then. I stand near Zapruder's position (once I climbed up there that was cool) and take video/pics. You won't be alone! Sadly, there will be idiots running into traffic on Elm and SMILING as they get their pics taken on the "X" spots. I would note the storm drain on Elm on the south curb where Roger Craig was standing and a slug (.45 acp?) was found and confiscated. I have also tried to get to James Altgen's position on the south side of Elm to align back to the TSBD ala Altgens 6. Try to place the yellow painted curbs in the kill zone on Elm also. It's a darkly fascinating place; I park on Elm in a lot near the diner I mentioned and then drive straight down in the center lane just like the limo did after the turn off Houston. The other places of note in this thread are also excellent ideas. Take a lot of pics - I always do. Hope this helps! Thanks and enjoy your trip!
  2. Agent Hill seems to be the only one doing his job - who is his SS counterpart on the passenger side, who was supposed to be protecting JFK in the same manner? Certainly he would have seen the same four circumstances that Hill did that made him get on the rear bumper of the limo. That he was frozen in place makes me think he was ordered to stay there (I may have recalled reading that, maybe from Vincent Palamara's book), like the agent was ordered to stay at Love Field (which you can see in news coverage of that day). Were they both ordered to stand down by the same SS agent in charge? There are just crickets from JFK's side of the limo from an SS perspective which to me increases their culpability. Thanks
  3. If this isn't as clear a statement of motive and what happened on and after 11/22/63, I don't know what is. The day after he died, the army and Joint Chiefs of Staff got the power and the escalated war they wanted. LBJ enabled it all.
  4. Jim, In the interest of completeness, I think the evidence Sandy Larsen uncovered a while back regarding the difference in the LHO historical dental records and the dental evidence of the disinterred body in the 80's is some of the strongest evidence of two Oswald's. I don't have pictures but this is the thread where it was discussed. Excellent work by both you and Sandy! Thanks
  5. Keyvan, Since Greer hadn't travelled that route before, he had 3 markers to tell / signal him when to slow down even more to an almost stop, when it goes against all SS protocols especially since shots had already been fired: 1. Umbrella Man moving the umbrella up and down 2. Dark Complected Man next to UM pumping his fist in the air, the military symbol for "form on me" 3. The yellow-painted sections of curb in the kill zone on Elm I think all three were used together for Greer to slow to an almost stop and for the shooters to pour fire into the limo (a "flurry of shots" according to SS Agent Kellerman who sat next to Greer). The behavior of the UM and DCM after the shots is very significant, sitting down on the curb enjoying the view of the chaos they helped orchestrate, while everyone is running / screaming. A radio device can be seen in DCM's pants. After this they casually stand up and walk in opposite directions east and west on Elm. I can't imagine non-sinister reasons for any of this. Thanks
  6. John, I seem to recall pictures that show that Clint Hill, after pushing Jackie back down in the limo, sat more towards the top of the back of the seat on the way to Parkland, sort of in an elevated position on top of JFK and Jackie's positions. As to the back of Jackie's skirt, I haven't seen any pictures from that angle to see whether it had blood on it, maybe someone can post those? Thanks
  7. Jim, Then by this measurement, who riled up the Dayton shooter, and the majority of other mass shooters who lean left? Since Trump's base is largely pro- 2A, this just doesn't add up. If legal firearm owners and users are "riled up" and commit the mass shootings, everyone would know it. The (D) party with their rhetoric of violence against Trump and his supporters are the ones "riling up" their base, the direct result of which is Dayton and other shootings. Thanks
  8. It's also interesting that this same base is the very last place the second Oswald was seen, where a CIA plane - one that diverted over Nebraska, headed for Dallas, landed in the Trinity River bottoms, picked up an Oswald lookalike and a dark complected man (Morales?) 11/22 afternoon and flew to Nellis - landed. Robert Vinson was the last guy who saw the second Oswald at Nellis who then disappeared into history after getting off the plane. Thanks
  9. At 1:23, the narrator says that the gun the officer is holding (a revolver) was the gun used to murder Tippitt. He's holding the gun and the throw-down wallet. This is the first I've heard of a gun being found at the Tippit murder scene. What became of this gun? How does that square with the non-functioning revolver found on LHO in the Texas Theater? Was this first gun entered into evidence, and what became of it? It boggles the mind that the shooter would discard 4 out of 6 rounds in the cylinder (something you have to really try to do) and then leave the partially empty murder weapon itself with prints, etc. all over it in the same location - along with the wallet. If this wasn't a setup for framing LHO I don't know what else it could be!! Thanks
  10. Ken, Rather made the "myth" quote about a side note he mentions that someone said he should just hit Zapruder and take the film and run, that was the "irrelevant" tale Jim mentions. Thanks
  11. at 4:00, he says "it's a nice myth, so why don't we just live with the myth. If you're a news organization, you should try hard not to live with a myth, but that never happened". Truer words were never spoken about the JFKA. Thanks
  12. Now to have Mr. Hancock join us in a DP walkabout would be special and very informative indeed ... it's only a quick jaunt down I-35! Thanks
  13. Ron, Thanks for thinking about me on the DP walkabout! Darell, I'd be glad to meet up sometime down there and walk around, bounce ideas and thoughts off each other. I tend to avoid it (DP) during the summer / fall months due to heat, but I'm down for anytime around November through Feb/March. Please keep my name handy, I'll post here when I'm going down there and hopefully a few can join! Meanwhile, you can do a search for my posts which include pictures I've taken quite recently. Thanks - take care! Rick
  14. Chris, Your thread made me think of a topic covered in this thread several years back, about an A/C worker finding a 30.06 casing on the roof of the Dallas County Records Building (caddy-corner from the TSBD). While other entries describe slugs and fragments being planted in DP over the years, the likelihood of an innocent explanation for one spent shell casing on top of a DP building with line of sight to the limo in 1963, and from a more easterly angle is what led me to post this reply. I hope it leads to something. Thanks
  15. Aquarius (Netflix) I happened onto this series a couple of years back, they have two seasons of it. I'm not saying it did or did not adhere to facts but it does do an amazing job of portraying that late-60's LA scene from many classes of society, mainly from the POV of David Duchovney's character, a police detective. The whole vibe was really well re-created, including the Manson family "compound" and the ethos there. I liked that it showed how girls who were neglected by their fathers / parents could be easily taken in by the family, who gave them what they thought they needed: unconditional acceptance and love. The back story is interesting too, flashbacks to the early 60's with a clean cut Manson homosexually involved with a LA big shot and others, a covered up murder and it all comes back around in the late 60's. Not sure if any of that is factual... It's worth viewing I think from doing a good job re-creating that time and place and events. Thanks
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