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  1. Robert, I'm just a young pup like yourself so please call me Rick! He would have needed help to get on that pedestal. I've stood on it, and it takes some uncomfortable doing to get up there: jump up, sit on it, spin around, get your legs under you and stand up. Then he would have helped Ms. Sitzman (which could be the name for the sit-spin-stand move haha) up to help steady him. It's a short smooth walk from the parking lot around the pergola to the pedestal. But to get up on it, it would take effort. Here are two pics from October 2014, standing on the pedestal: Here are a few pictures showing the pedestal area; the top one is a zoomed in portion of the bottom one: Hope this helps! Rick
  2. Rick McTague

    Roger Craig's ID inside 317

    In the context of this thread, I thought I'd post a link to Roger Craig's unpublished manuscript posted here by Michael Clark. I bookmarked that link - it contains Mr. Craig's detailed account of 11/22/63 and everything that happened to him after that, including his time in Midlothian. It's a very good read and makes my blood boil at the treatment this fine young man (and many others who witnessed and spoke out about events contrary to the official story) received at the hands of the powers that be (such as Decker, Fritz, etc.), ultimately taking his life after several attempts at destroying him financially, in his career, mentally, and physically.
  3. Steve, I have appreciated your posts here at EF and I thank you for that kind comment. Rick
  4. Rick McTague

    Roger Craig's ID inside 317

    Joe, Two things in this interview about Craig's presence in Fritz's office that really solidifies his account for me: 1. At ~25:26 of this video, he says "... went right into Captain Fritz's office" followed by "and we went into Captain Fritz's inner office" - very clearly, Craig was inside the office. 2. At 26:00 Oswald's response was due to Fritz asking Craig about Oswald "Was this the man you saw?" "Yes. And it was." then Fritz telling Oswald "Now this man saw you leave.". Now how could Fritz say "this man" (Craig) if Craig wasn't even present?
  5. Finally, one more pic from the far western end of the north knoll. The angles are all wrong here and get worse the more you move east towards the TSBD; a right temple entry would have exited the left rear which no one saw. In addition, it was too much risk for Jackie to get hit also. You can make out the X in the street where they marked the fatal head shot. Thanks
  6. It's all open now; I just walked from the parking lot at the west end of the north knoll and started across the overpass. You can easily walk across it today which is what I did. I go there about every 3 months or so since I live a ways north. I try to go on a Friday, get there about 11:30, eat at a diner close to DP then just walk around, starting on the overpass.
  7. Greg, You are very welcome. Here are a couple more pics. This one is from the very southernmost end of the overpass. Seems to be too far south for it to work. This next pic is moving a little north from the end of the overpass, Still not the right angle but getting closer. At the far left lower corner, you can see right where James Tague was standing, that little spot of concrete. Where I'm standing there is a decorative column (visible at the left) where someone could stand and hide a rifle where no one else could see it from the opposite end of the overpass where SE Holland and the other railroad workers were located. It wasn't until I moved to about 20' (in my first pic) that the angles lined up. Getting on site really gives a good perspective; DP is much much smaller in person than it seems in pictures and film. Hope this helps!
  8. Paz, I appreciate your posts. To give a little context on the trajectory of a bullet "through and through" the windshield from front to back and angling from midline towards JFK's right as Milicent explains, here is a pic I took back in February from about 20' from the south end of the triple overpass, standing right over where James Tague stood (the concrete divider between Main and Commerce). The two maroon cars in the center lane of Elm are over the two X's painted; the rear car is over where they claim JFK was shot first, where the front throat shot hit him. FYI the maroon car in the front is over the X where he was hit in the head; it also shows a trajectory from this same location to the right temple hairline entry (as he was leaning towards his left into Jackie) towards the back right part of the head for exit, like the Parkland folks saw it. I think this is where Sherry Fiester tracked those two wounds as well. Hope this helps! Rick
  9. Jim, So H&L was a one-off project? Or were there other sets of doubles, maybe tied with the intelligence operation of fake ex-military defectors to Russia? The planning, preparation and execution of such a complex project makes me think they wouldn't use it one time, but that there would be additional sets running around. Any research on this? Thanks
  10. Jim, Greetings. I follow your thorough and well-referenced work from afar and had a quick question on the CIA planning of the 2 Oswalds. How could they (CIA planners of the two Oswalds project) know as far back as the 40's that they would need to create the two families? I mean, from this side of history we can look back as you and Mr. Armstrong have done to piece it all together. But from the viewpoint of planning and executing to set up the two Oswalds to converge at the events in Dallas in 1963, how could they have known even in the late 50's that they would need to have two Oswalds and take steps to set that up before JFK was even running for president? If a "set up double patsies in case we need them in the future" CIA project existed, shouldn't there have been more than just the one set of two Oswalds? I mean, wouldn't they have established additional double sets of other people to be used for various purposes? Are there other cases of the CIA doing this? I appreciate in advance your consideration. Rick
  11. David, Gov. Connally is reacting to the 2nd shot to enter the limo: the frontal shot that hit Kennedy in the throat. The first shot into the limo hit Kennedy in the back and didn't penetrate; it did cause JFK to say, "My God, I'm hit!" according to Kellerman. And of course, these 2 shots were #2 and #3 overall, since the first shot missed entirely and hit the curb that wounded James Tague. Then came the shots that hit Connally - part of the "flurry of shots" again by Kellerman. If the SBT is true, how could JFK speak after the bullet tore through his throat? Rick
  12. Rick McTague

    Fletcher Prouty Vid.: Best hour I have spent

    James, In watching this just now, the connection he makes between the withdrawal in Vietnam and the fact that only covert CIA operatives were there - and had been since 1965 - was his first major step in disabling the operations of the CIA, on his way to splintering it into a thousand pieces and scattering it to the winds. Other countries where they were operating would have followed as well, effectively dismantling the operations side of the CIA for good. The withdrawal of troops from Vietnam was the withdrawal of CIA personnel - not formal military personnel - from Vietnam. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious here but that was a revelation to me. Thanks Rick
  13. WH petition to release the remaining JFK assassination documents now as required by law.
  14. Andrej, In the interest of making a complete picture, I was curious if you wanted to update this fine graphic with Carl Jones, the African-American gentleman seen in Altgens6 directly below and in front of Billy Lovelady? Robin had an earlier thread that revealed it was Carl Edward Jones whose side profile is shown. Hope this helps. Rick
  15. Actually, reading that post, Robin's conclusion is that it was Carl Jones.