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  1. Rick McTague

    A question to David Lifton

    Jim, I found the testimony I was looking for regarding the main in the suit over at http://www.jfklancer.com/ManWho.html "Malcolm Summers ran to the knoll moments after the shooting. He related the following in the 1988 documentary "Who Murdered JFK?": I bet that guy at 3:04 was the man Summers encountered. I wonder if someone could get a picture of that guy's face and run it through some kind of facial recognition software? Thanks
  2. Rick McTague

    The Running Woman

    Joe, I might say that whoever ordered, carried out and covered up JFK's murder seriously wanted to / needed to change the direction he was taking the country. Out of Vietnam. Out of the Cold War. Out of the Federal Reserve. Out of the oil depletion allowance. Out of the MIC. Those were some huge, powerful forces with all the resources they needed to get rid of the stone in their shoe: JFK. With happy compliance and assistance from the Mafia, whose stone was RFK. Thanks
  3. Rick McTague

    A question to David Lifton

    FC: would you at least admit there are many more people approaching the GN after the shooting than are approaching the TSBD?
  4. Rick McTague

    A question to David Lifton

    Good question, Jim. I recall one witness saying they encountered a man in a quit with a coat over his arm with a shotgun (or other firearm) clearly visible. I don't remember who it was though. Maybe they encountered the guy you pointed out at 3:04? Thanks
  5. Rick McTague

    A question to David Lifton

    Where can one view these "Parkland ER photos"? Thanks
  6. Rick McTague

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    Excellent summation by Mr. Speer and Mr. DiEugenio. I appreciate their thoroughness and reason. One aspect in my mind of the impossibility of the SBT that is overlooked sometimes is what was said in the car. JFK said "My God, I'm hit!" (I think according to Kellerman) after the shallow back wound. How could he say anything at all if this shot ripped through his neck and caused all the damage attributed to it? Another is the fact of the "through and through" bullet hole in the windshield that entered JFK's throat (according to Dr. Perry that day) - in addition to the glass shards in his face that leaked embalming fluid. Finally, Governor Connally doesn't react to being shot at the same time JFK does. These seem to be reasonable factors in disproving the SBT. Thanks Rick
  7. Rick McTague

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    From your link: "That "bunching up" of the jacket could very well be the answer as to why the chalk mark is located below the level of Specter's pointer. If we bunch up the jacket a little bit (like JFK's coat was bunched, per the Croft photo), it's a perfect alignment.". If Specter wanted to recreate it, he should have had the JFK stand-in bunch up his jacket and line that pointer up with the mark on the back instead of arbitrarily moving the pointer up to where it conveniently lines up with where he wanted it to point to Connally. I guess I don't see 2" of "bunching" jacket in this picture whereas you do. It looks to me that his coat is sitting on him just like Connally's, like a custom-made Brooks Brother's suit coat should sit. So your answer to my question is a "bunching up" of his jacket, thanks for replying. Rick
  8. Rick McTague

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    DVP, this view from the rear showing the entry point of the pointer as significantly above the hole in JFK's suit coat. How can that explain the entry up higher near the neck needed for the SBT to work? It also shows the pointer at a much flatter angle than the 6th floor TSBD window. Thanks
  9. Paz, Bill Kelly has a good idea in this blog post from Monday. "Going forward, the legally unresolved and cold case murders of Sam Giancana, John Roselli and Eugene M. Carrafa are among the cold cases related to the assassination of President Kennedy that, if reopened and investigated properly today, could help resolve the murder of JFK ... Official local and federal investigators, armed with these newly released records, should reopen all three of these cases." To me, this is much more actionable (i.e. "eating the elephant one bite at a time") and potentially productive than trying to "eat the entire elephant" at one sitting that another JFK investigation would be. It would also have less coverage in the media which, as we all know, would behave exactly like they did when the movie JFK was released, when the 50th anniversary of the assassination came around and continue to behave to this day: be loud, obnoxious, monopolizing apologists for the now provable fantasy that the Warren Commission produced. Thanks for bringing this up! Rick
  10. Rick McTague

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    It's oddly similar to the sudden jump in the Z film from the slow turn onto Elm of the motorcade when the limo zaps into the film a little way down the street, avoiding the turn that Zapruder said he filmed. Any opinions on that?
  11. Rick McTague

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    DVP, Thanks for that - do you have any idea why the critical section of this film between just after the turn onto Elm and then the sudden appearance of the limo way down near the triple underpass is missing? Thanks Rik
  12. Rick McTague

    The women of JFK

    Thanks Joe - exactly my points behind adding her to the list. Not to mention giving LBJ a son.... She sure seems credible in the interviews I've seen of her. Rick
  13. Thanks, David - fascinating composite. Access to the north knoll (as I recall from other threads) parking lot was controlled by the Sheriff's department, requiring keys to allow entry and egress. The south knoll parking lot is open so yes I agree much easier for a getaway. Yes, there were (and are) sewer openings at the far ends of the overpass bridge on both knolls, up near the top. Next time I'm there I'll look these over. 🍻😎
  14. This is a picture taken in February 2018 standing near (maybe 15' away from) the southern end of the overpass. It's about where the leftmost red line in David's post above lines up. You can see the concrete pad in the lower left where James Tague was standing. It is also near where the trajectory of a shot hitting JFK in the right temple and blowing out the right rear of his head lines up, based on the curve of Elm and his head's position at the time. If you look closely at the composite posted by David in his next to last post, I am standing immediately beside the southernmost decorative bridge fixture (above the pedestrian tunnel through the overpass). Easy to stand there and easy to hide a rifle vertically, lower it, aim, shoot, then walk the few feet to the open parking lot off the southern knoll while everyone is looking at the motorcade.
  15. Rick McTague

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    Proving Rich's observation. Of course, he meant the exact same make and model of rifle and exact same make and model of the scope. Rich, please correct me if I'm wrong. Rick