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  1. Rick McTague

    JFK Secret Service Agent: hole in windshield of limo!

    Joe, In addition to the different sounds of the shots reasonably proving multiple firearms in use that day, I would add the different ammunition types in use also reasonably prove multiple firearms used by multiple shooters. Full metal jacket rounds that penetrate and keep penetrating (the through the windshield throat shot, the bullet found on the stretcher). Fragmenting rounds that penetrate then break apart / mushroom (the head shot, the fragments left in JBC's wrist and leg). Thanks
  2. Micah, I might add: with the same ammunition supposedly used - 2 full metal jacket rounds (one miss, one the magic bullet) and 1 frangible round (for the head shot), all made for that rifle? Add to that the fact that one of the 3 spent hulls found in the TSBD had a crimped edge where no bullet could have been fired from it .... Thanks
  3. Rick McTague

    Ruth Martinez

    Jamey, What is the link to the video you were watching? Thanks
  4. Rick McTague

    More from the past on BYP

    We could have a drinking game of when those who support the WC say "xxxxx didn't remember" or "xxxx was mistaken" on all aspects of the JFKA. Like every doctor at Parkland didn't remember / was mistaken on the back of JFK's head being blown out, or that the throat wound was a small round wound of entrance. And those nose witnesses who smelled gunsmoke on DP after the shots were mistaken, and those who saw smoke from under the trees didn't remember those details accurately. The entire WC report is based on those mistaken / misremembered observances. Thanks
  5. Rick McTague

    Where is the exit?

    Micah, While you provide a likely explanation for what we see in the extant Z film, none of the Parkland staff describe JFK's head wound anywhere near what the Z film shows. They described a baseball size exit wound in the back of the head, which is not visible in the Z film. If the Z film is authentic, why didn't the Parkland staff describe what is seen in it today? Thanks
  6. Joe, I recently finished a book called "Mob Lawyer: Including the Inside Account of Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa and JFK", depicting the life of attorney Frank Ragano, who represented both Santo Trafficante and Jimmy Hoffa. He was part of the messaging lines between Hoffa, Trafficante and Carlos Marcello. Fascinating, detailed, documented and well written. You'll see the other side of life around these people in the 1950's - 1980's. He was on the inside but did what he could to remain within the law. Well worth the read. Thanks
  7. Rick McTague

    Where is the exit?

    John, To me, it looks like passenger aircraft are in the reflection on the limo - if so, this clip is while they are still at Love Field. I could seriously be mistaken as well. Do you have confirmation of the location of this clip? Thanks
  8. Sandy, Without getting into 100% of what David Lifton talked about in BE regarding body modification between Parkland and Bethesda, it does seem like the throat wound's appearance had 3 stages: 1. At impact in DP, seen at Parkland by many doctors and nurses who deal with bullet wounds every day as a small round wound that appeared like an entrance. 2. After the tracheostomy by Dr. Perry was completed, over the wound site, only big enough to perform that procedure, where the wound closes up around the tube. I think I saw where the tubes were 3/4" in diameter? 3. At the time of the "stare of death photo" in Bethesda (?) where it is around 2" wide, a much larger open gash than the result from #2 above, with the purpose of appearing like a wound of exit. It seems to me that if someone modified/enlarged the throat wound to make it appear as an exit wound, that same procedure could be used to remove a bullet or fragment from that wound which clears the path for CE399 to be the culprit. Just a suggestion - I'd be interested in your views on it. I think I know what CV and DVP might reply with... Thanks
  9. Sandy, Nicely put. The witnesses and evidence for the multiple caskets, multiple casket entries by multiple teams are totally believable. I don't know if you've seen this video or not, of a member of the honor guard Hugh Clark speaking at a JFK conference with Jim Marrs, Peter Dale Scott and others is one example. BTW, his book "Betrayal is a fascinating read. Thanks
  10. Rick McTague

    Where is the exit?

    Keyvan, If what you say is true, why would so many professionals at Parkland who are used to dealing with trauma every day put their reputations on the line for claiming to see the wounds as they saw them if they didn't in fact see them? They were trying to save his life, and the condition of his head was blatantly obvious while at Parkland. There are other explanations for the significant differences between JFK's body at Parkland and at Bethesda, what is depicted in the incomplete set of autopsy photos and x-rays. Thanks
  11. And you can perform this ballistic analysis by observing an autopsy?
  12. Rick McTague

    JFK Secret Service Agent: hole in windshield of limo!

    Joe, Excellent summary here. I want to point out that the utterance by JFK, "My God, I am hit", all by itself, disproves the WC report. There is no way, after the damage to the throat by the front shot through the windshield (the small round hole of entry noted at Parkland by Dr. Perry), or by the magic bullet from LHO (especially if his throat was in the condition in the "stare of death" photo at Bethesda), that JFK could say anything at all. My opinion is that he said that after receiving the shallow back wound, and (obviously) before the throat wound. The record from Mr. Kellerman that you provided, and the documentation from Mr. Palamara regarding the through and through hole in the windshield are two of many pillars in the case for conspiracy. Thank you.
  13. Not only that, Micah, but there were no body bags in use at Parkland for JFK. The nurses and other personnel all describe wrapping JFK up in sheets, with mattress covers to protect the lining of the expensive bronze casket. I wish the interviewer would have also asked about the vehicle that the coffin was unloaded from, and about the coffin itself. Thanks
  14. Rick McTague

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    Yeah and that weird inappropriate smile he had at Gerald Ford's memorial service ... it reminds me of the inappropriate smile and wink at LBJ right after the swearing in on AF1.
  15. Rick McTague

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    I find it one more interesting fact in the JFKA that no less than 5 presidents were directly involved: JFK LBJ Nixon (in DFW on 11/21 at a bottler's convention, leaving on 11/22) Ford (served on WC) GHW Bush (possibly in Dealey Plaza, claims to have been in Tyler and stayed at the Dallas Sheraton, called FBI with the assassination threat from Parrott) Nixon and Bush had varying stories / memory lapses in where they say they were when they heard the news. They must be the only two Americans alive on that date that can't remember where they were when they heard JFK was shot. Thanks