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  1. Sure Larry, if you allow me to answer you tomorrow in greater detail, it would be appreciated. But quickly, In a sense that revolver was WWII surplus. There’s no telling whether it remained in England on the home front or was issued to a British service member in Europe or elsewhere in WWII. Apparently it did get a fair amount of wear.
  2. Larry it’s WWII vintage. Smith/Wesson Victory 0.38. It was sent to Britain and reimported back to the States. Hence the worn look. Also if you go to the National Archives and look at digital photos of that Revolver, you can see on one side of the barrel where it cut/snub nosed down. Exactly what Seaport Traders did.
  3. Bart, enough of the demeaning comments, Ok? If you actually read my post it says “the page before where I posted it”. And of course you are going to deny the serial numbers. The FBI sent an agent to LA and verified the serial numbers off Rose/Seaport records. Do you want that document? Or does Uncle Malcom have it? You do see “PB” right? Will at least acknowledge that? Or do you want to continue your insults? Your choice.
  4. Hi Larry, to answer your question about did REA notify via PO Boxes in Dallas, yes they did. In fact Eddie Barker (KRLD Channel 4 in Dallas) did this in 1968.
  5. Bart, I thought you had me on "Ignore"? I see you are still haranguing me with the Brian Doyle comparison. As I stated before, that's your business, I have nothing to do with Brian Doyle. Go back one page and see my photo of the revolver "with the serial number". It's on the bottom of the pistol handle. Or go here.....https://catalog.archives.gov/id/305138 and go to Picture #4.
  6. I would like to make an additional point about the Revolver. On this photo from the National Archives (the one I posted earlier), enlarge the photo and zero in on the Serial Number. Near the Serial Number is a clear engraved or scratched in "PB", Paul Bentley.
  7. Absolutely complete nonsense Bill Simpich. This is nothing more than simplistic speculation that certain people of Dallas were behind setting up the assassination of the President. Anytime you would like to explore this, post accordingly. Woefully devoid of facts.
  8. No Ed, don’t get all melodramatic again. 2 brands of shells found at the Tippit Murder scene, same 2 brands of 0.38’s found on Oswald. I already know your answer, everyone in Dallas County framed Oswald. How many conspirators are you up to now Ed, with this pistol plant fantasy? Got to be at least 50. Did they hold a Pre-Assassination meeting at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium to discuss who was going to plant the gun, plant the holster, get Fritz to invent the North Beckley story, get the Johnsons to go along with Fritz and frame Oswald.... Seriously, is this some kind of joke?
  9. The revolver was planted? Now it's getting more and more bizarre and a total disregard for the evidence.
  10. No, you are doing just fine David. Please tell us more to set the record straight with ROKC and Oswald not living at Beckley. Uhh wait a minute, was it Harvey or Lee? Or was it Herbert Lee?
  11. Wait a minute here. Now we have ROKC teaming up with Armstrong “Harvey and Lee” advocate to prove Oswald never lived at Beckley. I thought you guys hated each other? Amazing, what a circus Ed LeDoux created here about Oswald and Beckley.
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