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  1. No it's not Landsdale in Dealey Plaza. I believe Rob Clark covered that very well in his podcast. Prouty (aka Mr. X) was debunked. Time to move on.....
  2. ST, wasn’t Rob Clark a guest host interviewing Fred Litwin? I know it’s on the Lone Gunman podcast, but can you explain to everyone here why you pulled it off your MWN podcast roster?
  3. Greg, I find your research into the Andrews/Betrand/Sehrt matter very interesting. There's some good logic there, and it's certainly worth taking a look into further. May I contact you via private message on this forum to discuss further? Thanks.
  4. ST, didn’t YOU interview Fred Litwin on your podcast? What happened? I don’t see it anymore. I see Jim Fetzer and others. Technical difficulties? https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-show-archives/
  5. Yes, you are correct. He took this project on fully self-funded and self published. That’s important to note because the old 70’s Garrison supporters will undoubtedly try to launch another conspiracy.
  6. Yep, it’s enlightening for sure. I can tell you he really did some extensive research, despite what was said here in the comments. He travelled to many locations to view documents and records, plus some interviews.
  7. Tracy, I have the book and it is really good. He does a great job laying out the facts on the Garrison sham investigation. Refreshing to see a factual based account instead of the Hollywood crowd version.
  8. I have not read Lisa Pease's book, and frankly why should I? I have seen her interviews on the book "A Lie too Big to Fail". Ms. Pease has made some incredible assumptions, one of which is "Sirhan was firing blanks with his revolver". I'm sorry that is bogus nonsense.
  9. Tracy, I will agree with you that Newman was pointing the finger at JCS. However, he clearly states JFK and RFK renewed their efforts against Castro. Of course, if you read between the lines, the President and his brother wanted Castro “deposed”. Is that how you see it?
  10. Tracy, I'm still trying to make sense of what Dr. Newman is alluding to. It's just not clear at this point, and of course in November it will be revealed. However, checking his Facebook link, he did make this statement: All I know about the name of the painting is "Shipwreck." That is the Section title title for Chapters Nine through Fifteen in my Volume III (Into the Storm). A shipwreck is what happened (by October 1962) when JFK and RFK decided (in December 1961) to go after Castro again in 1962.
  11. Lance, Thanks for your efforts in trying to establish some good old common sense. Of course it will not be well received, but who cares? I hate to see you leave, but fully understand your frustration with conspiracy minded folks here. Your research on the Money Order "Record Locator" was excellent and much appreciated. Funny that never gets mentioned again, huh? As you get another drumming here for speaking rational truth, just remember some of us here appreciate your input and commentary.
  12. Thank you Lance for injecting some common sense to this silly Bill Shelley - CIA fantasy. I ran across the same FACTS as you mentioned. The Conspiracy world is running out of fantasies, and none of them jive with each other.
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