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  1. Tracy, I will agree with you that Newman was pointing the finger at JCS. However, he clearly states JFK and RFK renewed their efforts against Castro. Of course, if you read between the lines, the President and his brother wanted Castro “deposed”. Is that how you see it?
  2. Tracy, I'm still trying to make sense of what Dr. Newman is alluding to. It's just not clear at this point, and of course in November it will be revealed. However, checking his Facebook link, he did make this statement: All I know about the name of the painting is "Shipwreck." That is the Section title title for Chapters Nine through Fifteen in my Volume III (Into the Storm). A shipwreck is what happened (by October 1962) when JFK and RFK decided (in December 1961) to go after Castro again in 1962.
  3. Lance, Thanks for your efforts in trying to establish some good old common sense. Of course it will not be well received, but who cares? I hate to see you leave, but fully understand your frustration with conspiracy minded folks here. Your research on the Money Order "Record Locator" was excellent and much appreciated. Funny that never gets mentioned again, huh? As you get another drumming here for speaking rational truth, just remember some of us here appreciate your input and commentary.
  4. Thank you Lance for injecting some common sense to this silly Bill Shelley - CIA fantasy. I ran across the same FACTS as you mentioned. The Conspiracy world is running out of fantasies, and none of them jive with each other.
  5. Well can we all put this “Oswald never lived at Beckley” myth in the trash can? Seems this is an over zealous attempt to dispute the record and facts. Does anything get resolved in this forum? Ed LeDoux, I give you the final argument and your concluding remarks.
  6. They found nothing on the 11/23 search at Beckley. All of those articles were gathered on 11/22. Either the photo was snapped on 11/23 or they got the date wrong. Nothing nefarious, devious or conspiratorial about it.
  7. That’s fine Bill, not accusing you of being in lockstep with Russ Baker’s stereotypical view of Dallas. As you state, Joe Molina was cleared by Bill Lowery. And Molina got a raw deal from the DPD because of his association with the GI Forum chapter in Dallas. Headquarters were in Corpus Christi. The local Dallas GI Forum got put on the subversive list for some vocal activities regarding Mexican Americans in Dallas. One of those was regarding the right for Mexican Americans to swim at a Dallas Parks Swimming Pool. Felix Botello was also a Dallas FBI informant who was widely respected in D
  8. Wynne, are you referring to General Walker’s crowd?
  9. Sorry Bart, I reached my maximum allowable space. Will have to delete some images and repost to it will appear larger.
  10. No, I haven't forgot about George Applin Jr. and Earl Golz. Source: Dallas Morning News, Earl Golz, March 11, 1979. How do you explain this? Same Earl Golz, same George Applin Jr.
  11. Larry, as per your request, today I will address the Victory Model Smith-Wesson 0.38 revolver. First point of interest was how did they find where the gun was sold? Of course, had Oswald went to trial and denied he owned that revolver, then an effort would have been made by his defense attorneys to establish rightful ownership. That's why I do not subscribe to the "Planted Gun at the Texas Theater" scenario. In the provided link here from the Mary Ferrell site, you can see where the FBI began to canvas known gun shops examining sales records for the Serial Number V-510210. It eventu
  12. Sure Larry, if you allow me to answer you tomorrow in greater detail, it would be appreciated. But quickly, In a sense that revolver was WWII surplus. There’s no telling whether it remained in England on the home front or was issued to a British service member in Europe or elsewhere in WWII. Apparently it did get a fair amount of wear.
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