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Karl Kinaski

Possible escape routes of the four Ramblers used in the assassination of JFK

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2 hours ago, David Josephs said:

From JFK & the Unspeakable:
FBI agent Charles T. Brown, Jr., reported from an interview with Milton Love, Dallas County Tax Office: “1963 Texas License Plate PP 4537 was issued for a 1957 Plymouth automobile in possession of Carl Amos Mather, 4309 Colgate Street, Garland, Texas.”



I wrote an essay on a possible Rambler lead that you can read here, if you're interested:


The upshot was that one of the officers of the Dallas chapter of Alpha66/SNFE  that met at the house on Harlendale owned a Rambler.


Steve Thomas

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Thanks buddy.. I'll check it out...

Something to reconsider until I can upload photos again...

VAGANOV seemed to be up to no good and as it is told, was quite frantic a bit after 12:30 when he arrived there...

His WIFE ANNE tells us he is interviewed around 4pm at his apartment by 2 FBI agents....
She says he has a rifle with scope and a .38 revolver... and he is leaving for PA with these items to dispose of them.

ANNE VAGANOV gives (FBI SA?) Probation Officer LARRY HAUKE of Conroe TX (where IGOR picks his wife up on Nov 27) these items taken from his coat on Nov 22:

  1. King of Spades playing card torn in half with staple holes at the top
  2. 3x3 piece of paper with:
    EL 6-6111
  3. Long distance call receipts from Holiday Inn Hapeville GA


btw - there is a 12 6 page copied 2x - notebook on VAGANOV at the Baylor Archive  http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/ref/collection/po-arm/id/23343 



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