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David Josephs

How can Oswald be on a boat from New Orleans AND a plane from New Jersey

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If both of these stories are AUTHENTIC... H&L is all but proven...

According to that document Bart posted/linked about Mrs. STEENBARGER and her son sitting with LEE OSWALD as they flew a military plane from New Jersey to Europe in Oct 1959, we have 1st hand evidence of the concurrent existence of Harvey and Lee

 The boat from New Orleans leave Sept 20 and arrives in France Oct 8



Mrs. STEENBARGER states that Oswald told her that he was being shipped to GERMANY to use his "skills" and they landed either at RHINE/MAINE or FRANKFORT...after also stopping in PRESTWICK SCOTLAND.... this would be MID OCT and could only take a couple days at most... 

I don't see how this is possible while another Oswald is traveling thru England, Sweden and Finland on the way to USSR....

Can you?


October 8, 1959: LHO disembarks at Le Havre. He leaves for England the same day. 

October 9, 1959: LHO arrives in England and the same day boards a plane to Helsinki,


October 10, 1959: LHO arrives in Helsinki and registers at the Torni Hotel.

October 11, 1959: LHO moves to the Klaus Kurki Hotel. 

October 12, 1959: LHO applies for a visa at the Russian consulate. 

October 14, 1959: The visa is issued. 

October 15, 1959: LHO leaves Helsinki by train. 

October 16, 1959: LHO arrives in Moscow, registers at the Hotel Berlin, and meets his

Intourist guide Rima Shirokova. 

October 17, 1959: Rima meets LHO for some sightseeing. 

October 18, 1959: On LHO's 20th birthday, Rima gives him a copy of Dostoevsky’s The


October 19, 1959: LHO is interviewed by Lev Setyayev, who was probably acting for the


October 20, 1959: Rima tells LHO that the Passport and Visa Dept. will see him. 

October 21, 1959: LHO is notified that his visa is about to expire, and he tries to commit

suicide in his hotel room. He is rushed to the hospital. 

October 22, 1959: Rima visits LHO at the hospital, where he has been placed in the

psychiatric ward. He complains about the food. 

October 23, 1959: LHO is transferred to a regular area of the hospital. 

October 24, 1959: Rima visits LHO. 

October 25, 1959: Rima visits again 

October 26, 1959: LHO meets an "elderly American", who is "suspicious" of him. 

October 27, 1959: LHO's stitches are removed from his arm. 

October 28, 1959: LHO is released from the hospital and changes hotels from the Berlin

to the Metropole. Later, he is summoned to a meeting at the Passport and Registration

Office, where he requests Soviet citizenship. He is told to wait while they decide what to

do with him. 

October 29-30, 1959: LHO waits at his hotel for word.


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This is a really interesting point David.  

But it really puzzles me that the Steenbarger info was not followed up on.  I mean this is the only document I have ever seen on it.


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Posted (edited)

Evidence of H&L followed up upon?  :huh:

Not a chance...  I'm amazed this even exists and only calls into view the fact that so much evidence may exist in the files of Gen 1 researchers... filed when the connections were not evident or available... with what we know now, reviewing the older research and docs unearths all sorts of interesting connections....

Lee Harvey Oswald, killed by Jack Ruby could not have been on that plane if he took the boat... or vice versa...

And if one reads the interview with M/M CHURCH from the Lykes ship, while they have photos of Billy Lord, they took none of Oswald....  the colonel and his wife...



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I thought the woman in the Fort Worth Unemployment Office had dealt with each LHO. No?

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Possibly... the way she describes it, it sounds like it...

We know for a fact where Oswald was from Sept thru Nov 1959... and he wasn't on a plane from New Jersey to Germany...

If this is Lee as we surmise, what's going on in Germany?

Paz...  any German connections for info on Oswald, late 1959?

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