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    I have studied the JFK Assassination since I was 9 years old.<br />I've read everything I can get my hands on about it. I have been to Dealey Plaza twice in the 80's. I have moved 105 miles away from Dallas so I plan on going back there again in the near future.

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  1. And look at the changes we have been through in the last 45 years. 45 years and 1 day ago tthe President of the United States could ride through an American city in an open car. Now he can't walk in front of a window at the White House. Your kids could play in the yard after dark, but they can't now. You thought the Government always told you the truth, when in reality we now know that they don't think we can handle the truth. In some American cities you don't leave your house now after dark. 45 years ago you knew the names of ALL your neighbors on your block and you actually talked to them I'
  2. If Oswald carried curtain rods into the TSBD WHERE ARE THEY???? The Dallas Police , FBI. SS do not mention curtain rods being found on Nov 22 or any other day. Also I believe Oswald's landlady testufued that Oswalds room had curtains , so if it had curtains it must have had curtain rods, So there was no need for Oswald to take Curtain rods from Ruth Paines house to The TSBD on Nov. 22..... Mike
  3. The only problem with the Grand Jury senario, is IMO the Grand Jury would run up against the same problems that the Warren Commission, The House Select Committee, Jim Garrison and probably any one else that would start a legitimate investigation NO COOPERATION. It's been proven time and again that the Government and it's agencies are not going to help in the solving of this crime. The House Select Committee reccomended that the Justice Dept. (Namely the FBI) investigate further after they found evidence of a conspriracy, I haven't seen the FBI do anything but up hold the Warren Commission find
  4. O'k with the passing of Ford,who is left alive that served on the Warren Commission. Seems to me we should be getting to the end of people. Specter is the only one of the main players I can think of that is left.
  5. Stephen, John, Wim; I also think that the autopsy photos look like they are of a younger John Kennedy. More like during the time he was in the Senate and having all of his back surgery. That was one of the first things that made me think that the photos are fake. Mike
  6. As far as the spray of blood or brain matter on Jackie, I believe I remember reading either in Lifton's book or Manchester's book that Parklane Nurse Doris Nelson gave Jackie a towel to wipe her face with... I may be wrong but that idea is stuck in my head for some reason.. Mike
  7. I heard that George Sr. had a writ of Hapeas Corpus issued but...... The writ was denied due to lack of prove of the issistance of a brain in the first place. I just had to put in my 2 cents worth Mike
  8. There is nothing in the forum rules that state that Mr. Moldea has to answer your's or anyone else questions. This is why forums like this have a propblem with getting people to join who can really add something to a thread and in stead they have people who insist on badgering someone. I'm sorry John, but I'm sick and tired of one person running another perrson off just because another person won't answer their precious question. Stick by your guns Dan. Mike
  9. I believe it could be be because the ln's don't want to have to defend their position with the likes of the heavy hitters that post on this forum. Just look at some of the names John posted and put yourself in their position. So basically I think they are just scared to go up against anyone that can and will defend the conspiracy therories on a public forum where there are this many heavy hitters. They would rather do it one on one so they say something and then say they didn't say that when they are called on it. IMHO... Mike
  10. Hello All: I believe the 6th Floor Museum should be boycotted, because of the exact reason that John states. I was in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 2005 for the first time in about 20 years. The last time I was there, The 6th Floor Museum didn't exist. And as far as I am concerned it doesn't exist to this day. I believe the Museum should present ALL aspects about the assassination. My wife who isn't as well read on this subject as I am, insisted on buying me a book while she was in the gift shop. I wouldn't spend the money to go to the 6th floor because I believe because it is a part of history it
  11. Chuck; True, very true but I have seen the pictures of the fingerprint cards and they do not look like they came from a corpse. Fingerprinting a corpse is not as easy thing to do as printing a live subject. I have experience in this, as fingerprinting is one of my main duties. I fingerprint mostly live subjects but I have been called on to fingerprint corpses also. The prints that I have seen that are supposed to come from LHO were not taken from a dead body. They are normal fingerprints and were not taken with the use of fingerprint spoons. Best Regards; Mike
  12. Much has been made of the fact that the the FBI went to Miller's Funeral Home and fingerprinted LHO. The inference is that the FBI used those prints to place them on the rifle so LHO would look more guilty. I was just thinking about this and the thought occured to me that there are either LATENT prints or KNOWN prints. For those of you who don't know Latent means (unknown) ie. the fingerprint expert doesn't know who the print belongs to. Everytime you touch something, the print you leave behind would be a latent print. Because a crime scene investigator who would lifts the print and a expert t
  13. Starting with the FBI / SS reconstruction of the assassination for the Warren Commission Report. Has anyone besides me noticed that everytime someone does a reconstruction of the assassination whether it is done in Dealey Plaza or not. Whether it is for a fictionalized version of the assassination or not, that the people in control of the reconstruction never make the reconstruction exactly like the assassination happened on 11-22-63? They always use a different car, different location, a gun similar to but not the actual gun that LHO was supposed to use, the shoot a watermelon or some other
  14. Ron; I'm not a street cop. But I'm going to put my two cents worth in as I have worked in Law Enforcement for close to 14 years. First, at the time that the Officers entered the Texas Theatre, Oswald was a suspect in the Tippet killing only. the Dallas PD didn't start looking at Oswald as an assassin of the President till after he arrived at DPD. McDonald frisked the other two men in the theatre so that he could have more time to observe Oswald. Remember they were searching for a man who they thought already had no regard for the uniform of a Policeman. McDonald I believe wanted to size
  15. Bill, John and everyone else interested: I believe IMHO that the start to finding the truth is in the Autopsies. Notice Autopsies is plurel. I believe that the are a number of bodies that NEED to be exhumed before we can get anywhere with this investigation and definately before we would be able to present it to a Grand Jury. I know of at least 2 exhumations that need top be preformed. In order to get ALL the medical evidence that we need to present to the Grand Jury. We need for once to go to these people with "ALL" of our ducks in a row and ALL of us working together to a common goal,
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