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  1. I found it "very strange" that Sinclaire, the man who claimed to be so close to Kilgallen, would admit publicly to any of the above. Did he confess to a crime? Tampering with evidence at a murder scene, "reporting" to a friend instead of to police, his discovery of Dorothy's dead body, then abruptly leaving before police arrived, Showing so little interest, just moments after the shock of discovering her dead, he summons her butler, observes a paper at his feet after opening the locked door to admit the butler, but is in such haste to leave the scene and the building, he does not even pause t
  2. No, he never was affiliated with Colson. He got a master's degree from Liberty University in Virginia in 1993. Jerry Falwell was president then, but the two never met. Between 1988 and 1990, Ron worked for a Christian radio network called Family Life Ministries, based near Elmira, New York. I don't recommend exploring Ron Pataky's ties to Christians. He had no ties to them during the 1960s when he knew Dorothy Kilgallen. He was busy working full-time for a regular daily newspaper called the Columbus Citizen Journal. It was in Columbus, Ohio. Ron did express his Christian faith in th
  3. Thank you for that link. This is a very important article. It includes information about Pataky that has never been published outside this forum or on my web page on the man. I first encountered the link to the Midwest Today article here: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...st&p=123434 ....and I agree with John....the article is informative, Pataki has quite a curious background. I did not know of Virginia Warren's very recent death. She was of great interest because of her relationships with Conrad Hilton, his business partner, Henry Crown, and because of her husband, Jo
  4. Mr. McGuire, you can access video and audio of Kilgallen's hairdresser Marc Sinclaire saying he found her dead a few minutes after nine in the morning, and he noticed another person inside the house who seemed to be aware of the death already. There is a document from the NYPD saying her body was still inside the house after three in the afternoon. You also see and hear Mr. Sinclaire saying an NYPD squad car was parked in front of the house with two officers seated inside. They paid no attention to Mr. Sinclaire. The number of barbiturate capsules she took was never established. There was
  5. The crimes Lee Israel committed in 1990, 1991 and 1992 have nothing to do with the research she had done on Kilgallen more than twelve years earlier. She finished her Kilgallen work in 1978, more than a year before the book's September 1979 publication. Moreover, almost a dozen people she quoted in the book later did soundbite video interviews that confirm the quotes. They did, in fact, say what Lee Israel said they had said. Do you know anything about what it's like to be a successful New York writer? Lee began her life of crime almost five years after the publication of her book ab
  6. quote name='Robert Howard' date='Aug 20 2008, 05:27 AM' post='153108']
  7. Excellent article, but I wish it had also mentioned Dorothy's friend and confidente, who also "committed suicide" I believe two days later. I seem to recall that this woman was alleged to have had Kilgallen's notes on the Kennedy assassination, which of course, were never found. This was all covered in some detail a few years back on the forum. Dawn The reason the Midwest Today article does not mention Florence Pritchett Smith (the "friend and confidante") has to do with an interview that the magazine's researcher conducted with Ms. Smith's son Earl. He said, "My poor mother died of
  8. In your research on Penn Jones did you discover if he identified who Mrs Earl Smith was? Did you get the chance to read Jones’ unpublished papers during your research? I have read them. Jones was wrong to suggest that Florence Pritchett Smith's death was suspicious. It wasn't. She and Earl had one child, a son named Earl, who has said, "My poor mother died of cancer." In the 1990s he worked for John Hancock Life Insurance at its famous Boston building. We will never know how Dorothy Kilgallen learned in 1959 about the CIA / Mafia plots to eliminate Fidel Castro. Linking her with Florenc
  9. I am sorry I was unable to reply to this posting yesterday as I was working to tight deadlines. It is of course true that Florence Pritchett died of cancer. However, that does not mean she was not murdered. Research by Dr. Bernice Eddy and Dr. Sarah Stewart at the National Cancer Institute in 1959 showed that it was possible to inject someone with cancer. They discovered this while carrying out research into the Salk polio vaccine that was being given to children all over the world. The vaccine’s manufacturers had grown their polio viruses on the kidney’s of monkeys. They speculated that whe
  10. Okay, so I screwed up "Kupcinet." It was Karyn's father Irv and brother Jerry who negated her murder theory after she died. I implied Jerry was her son. Karyn was not murdered, and neither was Florence Pritchett Smith. Kilgallen could have been. I went to a lot of trouble to dig up the 1965 microfilmed newspaper saying Smith was so sick she planned her own funeral and chose pallbearers. Did anyone read where I quoted it in two very recent posts ?
  11. Dorothy Kilgallen might have been murdered, but Florence Pritchett Smith wasn't and Karyn Kupcinet wasn't. Kilgallen's surviving father Jimmy and son Kerry both came forward to talk about her after her death, but neither would comment on the theory that she was murdered. Smith's son did comment on her murder theory, saying it was absurd. "My poor mother died of cancer," he said. Kupcinet's father and son have said she was not murdered. Read her Wikipedia article that somebody updated very recently. Did anyone read the 1965 newspaper column item about Smith that I put in another post to t
  12. Why did nobody react to the recently unearthed microfilm of New York Journal American columnist Jack O'Brian ? He said on November 22, 1965, the first day he took over the late Kilgallen's "Voice of Broadway," that Florence Pritchett Smith had known she was dying and planned her own funeral. She even had chosen pallbearers. What part of this is offensive ? Unless you think the Hearst Corporation was part of the conspiracy, then you have no reason to doubt what O'Brian said. Would somebody prefer that I scan the Xerox to a Microsoft Word attachment and E-mail it to you ? That costs mone
  13. I think there's a lot more to the story than that. Dorothy covered Audie more than once in gossip type articles in the Washington post on Murphy back in 1954 - one called 'Audie goes a-patchin.' I don't know what occurred on the episode of What's My Line, but if Dorothy didn't figure out who he was - well, that's like 'Quiz Show.' If there's anything to be said for the book published by Gary Weans, Audie Murphy came into possession of some very significant top secret documents, by way of John Tower, concerning the assassination, in 1964. See Chapter 44 of 'There's a fish in the courthouse.
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