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  1. I have heard that the death of Elvis was linked to that of JFK. I have no evidence for this, but was curious to know if anybody else had heard this theory? Apparently Elvis attempted to lead an investigation into the death of JFK. As I have said, I am not sure how true this is, and would like some feedback.
  2. I think the idea of something being thrown from the plane and killing Kennedy is a bit farfetched, although I would not rule out anything. As others have said, I have also heard a report that there was a light aircraft in the vicinity. It makes me question why an air exclusion zone was not established.
  3. John and others, if you have not already, I suggest you read a book called The Texas Connection: the assassination of John F. Kennedy by Craig I. Zirbel, an excellent read with some intriguing information.
  4. I am only just a new member, but I enjoy coming here to read others opinions, and for some mental stimulation.
  5. Just thought I would start a new topic. Where were you on the day JFK was assassinated? How did you hear about the news? Neither of these questions apply to me as it happened 24 years before I was born.
  6. The events I would like to have witnessed or been in presence at is the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, the assassination of JFK, signing of the emancipation proclamation and to have managed the Beatles before they became famous, might have made a few more dollars than I am currently earning now!
  7. That's easy Marco - the re-election of George W Bush <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hahaha, funny, good one Andy.
  8. My most admired figures in history are nobody original, Mandela would definately be at the top or near the top of my list, along with Martin Luther King and Gandhi.
  9. The problems created by people insisting on remaining anonymous can be found here: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2433 It seems Gibson was not telling the truth. Your decision not to post your details can only create suspicion about your motives for refusing to abide by forum rules. Maybe you just like playing the role of being a naughty boy. In truth, I could not care less what you do. The rest of the forum do not seem to be influenced by your behaviour and are posting their biographies and photos. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I do agree with John here, a photo
  10. Just looking at the image again, is it possible that it is not a protrusion? It may possibly be some type of shadow or reflection? Although I am not sure, Adam
  11. Some very good information here, hope you have a speedy recovery.
  12. Those rules work well for me The picture rule is fair, and i will add one right now. Do any members live in the Sydney area of Australia? Let me know
  13. John, you asked David a while ago if Mike Shore might have been the person who sent the message to Jack Ruby via Dorothy. David replied that he was not the one, one reliable source has conflicting views on this and suggest he was, i am going to look inot this further. If you want the link to my source, I will try and find it and get back to you. There is some great info here, keep up the good work John.
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