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  1. I feel that this is not only quite improper and "uncultured" behavior, but a terrific waste of both time and space. Well Charles: Since it would appear that you have yet to come to the realization that: 1. Z312/313 was not the last shot fired in the assassination. 2. That the shooter, whoever it was, had far more time than the 5.9 seconds between Z210 (as reported by the WC) and Z313, (as reportedly the last shot fired according to the WC). 3. That LHO was extremely qualified in the accuracy necessary to achieve the shooting. Then yes, it has been an absolute complete waste of my tim
  2. The fact remains... an experienced shooter (in his right mind) would likely never have chosen the 5th floor window location. It was wrong for many reasons. And the weapon seems ill-suited for the job at hand, especially a certain kill of the most prominent person in the World. The logic presented is believable; not a one-man job, other better positions, and the desire to escape afterwards.
  3. James: I enjoy your insights, and sense you have a good feel for the entirety of this mystery. My own strong instincts (plus 20 years of reading and informal research) tell me that Hunt had both knowledge and involvement. I can't prove this.. but his associations and politics provide motive and means. The few pictures available (coincidence?) always strike me as an individual with deceptive and "beady" eyes. His face gives me the 'spooks' (pun intended). Many respected researchers independently suspect his hand in the murder. Mailer's book "Harlot's Ghost" paints an interesting profile. Lane'
  4. Richard, No, I won't leave you hanging here. The photo I have is a reproduction of a reproduction and is circa '74 from his inactive DD74 file, which is well behind the '63 LM and mid-60's PBM photos. It is poor quality and when scanning, it breaks down much farther. I have original copies of his DD74 file which include the above photo and copies of his DD214 and DD206 tracking sheets, on the way. I will forward scans of them to you when I get them and you can decide for yourself. I am also trying to obtain the records of the investigation into his death in N.C., and will gladly forward tha
  5. I am an engineer, and a life-long US resident in the Philadelphia-Pennsylvania area. I also teach college level physics, part-time and at nights. I've been fascinated by the JFK assasination intrigues for many years, and have been an avid reader of such. This crime has become (for me) the ultimate problem-solving investigative challenge, which suits well my professional skills. My parents were great admirers of the Kennedy family and their political legacy...my father was devastated by the president's death. As a teenager who remembers the assasination, and its profound impact on my parents ge
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