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  1. Alistair, I'd like to take a 'crack' at that. US Government doesn't like conspiracy. On Friday evening LHO was alive. USG thought there was going to be a trial, hence the alterations. Pointing to one shooter from the rear by the man in custody. That is the simplest explanation. It gives USG time to investigate then determine proper action. All this assumes however LHO faces justice, USG justice. This scenario also assumes USG is NOT part of the crime. Alternatively, if USG IS part of the crime, then why not set it up properly from the rear. Surely they had the sharpshooters that coul
  2. Would it be presumptuous of me to ask those who are posting on this thread to preface their remarks with a simple statement of whether or not they believe LHO was involved in the assassination. It helps set the perspective. IMHO.
  3. Sorry, can't answer your question. NBC has revamped their archive site for 2017. I cannot retrieve what was available just a short time ago.
  4. Anyone on this forum have email access or contact info for BWF?
  5. about the Weigman & Darnell films: Visited the UNT research library which houses the NBC5/KXAS(WBAP) films. The site has a disclaimer, " The collection does not contain footage related to John F. Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963. If you are interested in licensing this footage, you need to contact NBC Universal" . Next I visited the NBCUniversal archives site. I did a search of the Weigman/Darnell footage, got no results. If it exists on the NBC site, the footage may be embedded in one of the extant motorcade films at the archive. Some footage has previews but most do
  6. It is rather difficult to engage in any debate when the person(s) you're debating begin with the premise that documentation which does not support their argument has been altered. I don't believe for a second that those first day FBI affidavits have been changed. 'Oh what a tangled web we weave......', By the way, try approaching BWF again, this time begin with the question. "Buell, who is that woman standing beside you at your right?" See what response you get.
  7. Frazier didn't 'cave' when the "powers that be" tried to get him to change the curtain rod package length. If LHO had been on that top step I believe he would have said so.
  8. I went back and reread portions of Joe Molina's HSCA testimony. He was asked point blank: 'Do you have an opinion as to if LHO had been standing on the front steps whether or not you would have seen him?' answer:"I would have recalled if he had been standing there, yes. I don't recall seeing him standing there". Personally, I can leave a 'crack' of doubt that Mr. Molina missed it, in that moment. The first day FBI affidavits however, (remember, the government thought they were going to trial) and reason tells me PM can't be LHO, though I wanted it to be.
  9. Since the appearance of the PM photo on this thread, I've had an interest in the 'silvery' object around the PM's/PP's right wrist. I thought it would be intriguing to tie the object to LHO's marine corps bracelet. However, the arrest photos show the bracelet on the left wrist. Still, it would be interesting to enhance the photo. Perhaps the PM/PP arms were crossed. Using software called Image Analyzer, this was the best I could do given my limited knowledge of digital photography. The (1) silvery object morphed to (3). Could those be straps of a handbag? My apologies I should
  10. Sandy, do you believe the first day/weekend FBI affidavits cited have been changed? You've already answered the question above, just want to be sure.
  11. Bart, Your passion is compelling but witnesses such as Joe Molina had a chance before the HSCA to blow this wide open. All he had to say was 'yeah but LHO was standing there just to my right'. He couldn't say so because it just wasn't true. I don't believe there was any Dallas pressure or fed pressure that could have shut him up at that time. Just doesn't make sense. Respectfully.
  12. I have followed the Prayer Person thread from its inception, the posted images have been intriguing but far from definitive. I so much wanted LHO to be on that step, but, the testimony simply does not support it. Consider the following, here is a sampling of first day/first weekend statements from verifiable persons ON the steps: Mrs Avery (Charles T) Davis - 11/23 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10408#relPageId=27 agents: Nat Pinkston & George Carlson Mrs Ruth (Joe Eddie) Dean - 11/24 (time unknown) https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10406#
  13. For Chris: here is a frame from Weigman, I believe, with PM and Lovelady clearly visible. Please perform the same enhancement on the Lovelady figure that you did prior on PM. I think there is enough information content in this frame. I'm really interested in seeing those results. Also, an enhancement of BWF would help to 'fortify' your PM results. For Andrej: My comment about the woman coffee drinker was also meant to be tongue-in-cheek – sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm looking forward to further results from Chris. If he can do to BWF & Lovelady what he did to PM, then for me that s
  14. Chris, in post#280 it appears you have put the PM issue to 'bed'. The photo enhancement technique you used, though rather simple shows PM to be a woman holding a coffee cup (someone else suggested this, but I can't help but agree). I have a suggestion. Every experiment has a 'control', this helps minimize variables. Forum members I'm sure will agree with 99% confidence, "we know where Lovelady and Frazier are standing". Chris, would you mind using the same enhancement techniques on Lovelady and Frazier as you used on PM. If the clarity of results are similar for Lovelady and Frazier, then it w
  15. I enjoy reading current events, particularly American politics. Playing blues guitar.
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