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Donald Gibson: The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up

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Donald Gibson has sent me a copy of his book The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up. I thought it might be a good idea if we could discuss the book in this thread. Hopefully, Donald will reply to our questions.

In the book Donald compares the investigation of the Dallas Police and the FBI:

Jesse Curry makes it clear that individuals from the Secret Service controlled the security arrangements for President Kennedy's trip and people at the FBI controlled the investigation. According to Curry," Winston G. Lawson of the Washington Secret Service office was the central figure in the planning of security arrangements. Curry emphasizes that the security provided by Lawson was heavy except the "short stretch of Elm Street where the President was shot." Curry notes that the Texas Book Depository was "virtually ignored."

Curry points out that neither the Secret Service nor the FBI asked for any help in locating possible conspirators. The FBI had never shared the information it had on Oswald prior to the assassination. Less than twelve hours after the assassination, Curry transferred the evidence to the FBI, trusting them to do a good job and to return the evidence. They did neither. The Secret Service had already seized the body." Curry says that in the days after the assassination Dallas investigators waited for the release of a detailed autopsy report, complete

with photographic evidence. It never came and Curry says that he suspected that some of the material was destroyed.

Curry saw signs of a conspiracy in other aspects of the case as well. For example, Curry points to numerous facts and reports which indicated that the President was hit from the front. He also notes that a picture of the Book Depository shows a man who looks like Oswald standing in front at the time the President was killed.

Did you investigate Winston G. Lawson? I did some research into Lawson and was rather surprised to discover that he first applied to enter the Secret Service in 1956 but was not accepted until October 1959. He did general investigative work in the Syracuse area, until being transferred to Washington in March, 1961. Soon afterwards he was given responsibility for organizing the security for trips being made by President John F. Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. He seems to have made rapid progress in only two years? Does anyone know if this was typical?

Did you find out if other police officers in Dallas thought the JFK assassination was a conspiracy? Anyone else carried out research into the Dallas Police investigation?

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Gibson's two books on the assassinatin are best understood if they are read in the order of their composition. The second is a continuation of the first.

Regarding the Dallas PD, I think there can be no doubt that they are part of the Dallas end of the plot. I believe LBJ spent most of November, 1963, at his ranch to help co-ordinate this. I disagree with Gibson on his take of Jesse Curry. I believe Curry was involved on the Dallas end. Common sense tells me that if a president of the United States were killed in a city of which I was the Chief of Police, I would be sweating bullets until something were resolved. The fact that Curry drove important people (LBJ?) out to Love Field and hung around for the swearing-in cermony (you can see him behind Johnson's upraised hand) tells me that he was an insider before 11/22 or he was told on that date what was happening. Surely by that Sunday, when he received that alledged phone call from the Mayor which prevented him from being a witness to Oswald's assassination, he knew what was going on.

I believe the Dallas PD manufactured the fake evidence on Oswald, including the fake Hidell ID and the fake photos. Also, Ruby was let in to the basement by the police. I think the honest cops were monitored to insure their silence. The Jean Hill/Bill Sloan book "The Last Dissenting Witness", for example, suggests that two policemen who were willing to talk about the assassination (this was in the late 80's) were added to the mysterious deaths list.

Regarding the mysterious turn onto Houston, I don't know if I have ever read of the true explanation of who ordered it. I know Lawson's name comes up a lot in discussions about it. If Lawson were a private investigator in upstate New York, someone might want to find out if he ever worked for Nelson Rockefeller, who had his own intelligence network.

It appears to me that this conspiracy was planned by people who had decades of intelligence work, including psychological warfare, behind them. The Curry part in all this is mere obfuscation, from my perspective.

Even if I were correct in my guesswork, none of this detracts from the enormous strides Prof Gibson has made in publishing his two books. I hope enough people on this forum can add their insights and research experience to the ideas Gibson has begun to explore.

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On December 2, 1963, “A Justice Department spokesman disclosed that the FBI had twice warned the Dallas police of threats that Lee Harvey Oswald would be killed while he was being transferred from the police station to the County jail.”

“The spokesman said the first warning was given at 2:15 AM on the Sunday of Oswald’s murder and the second was given personally to the Dallas police chief less than three hours before Jack Ruby shot Oswald in the police station hallway . . . Dallas Police Captain Glen L. King confirmed the 2:15 AM call.”

The Dallas police “did not comment on the later call.” [Washington Post, 12-3-63]

“The Justice Department spokesman said that at 10:15 AM, J. Gordon Shanklin, special agent in charge of the Dallas FBI office, personally called Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry and told him of the phone threat."

Dallas police had “refused to comment on how Ruby managed to obtain entrance to the City Hall basement.” [Washington Post, 12-3-63]

In 1979, as the House Assassinations Committee was preparing its final report, James P. Hosty, the FBI agent who was assigned to investigate Oswald before Kennedy’s assassination, said that the Dallas police ignored the warning and he stated, “When the police insisted on going ahead with the move, we were ordered to stay completely out of the area.” [New York Times, 2-19-79]

On April 17, 1964, the Washington Post, reporting on Captain Glen King’s address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, wrote: “The presence of a swarm of newsmen in the corridor outside the Dallas jail probably made possible the slaying of Lee Oswald, a Dallas police official said here yesterday . . . King said he was not condemning the press, ‘They were there because we permitted them to be there,’ but he added, ‘Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I am sure we would make some changes.’” [Washington Post, 4-17-64]

(Hindsight?!! Make some changes?!! The Justice Department said the FBI gave the Dallas police two warnings that someone was intent on killing Oswald, and Glen King even confirmed one of the warnings. “The Dallas police said that the FBI warning had not mentioned anybody’s name,” as if to say, “Since we don’t know who’s going to kill Oswald, we won’t take precautions.” Maybe they “permitted” the swarm of newsmen to be there because of orders from a higher authority. The FBI, on the other hand, was ordered to stay away.)

There you have it. The Dallas Police were culpable. They were enlisted by high powered Federal operatives.


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  • 15 years later...

I bought this book several months back trying to follow up on Battling Wall Street and catch up on now "old" info.  Read about half and  got distracted.  Restarted today.  The detail of the background on  the East Coast Establishment and New Orleans (the Boston Club and much more) is incredible.

I'd read slightly of Corliss Lamont but not about him.  I've read the name "Lord" Bertrand Russell but nothing about him either.  What a despicable individual.  His statements regarding population control seem relevant today.

"if a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation".  "Aldous Huxley... expressed similar enthusiasm in 1959 that a virus might appear that eliminated large numbers of people." 


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Lord Russell was an early supporter of Mark Lane's work, and wrote a famous essay outlining the reasons the Warren Report was wrong.  However, he was always a climber, and an intimate of the world elite: what Churchill called the High Cabal.



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