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George de Mohrenschildt and George H. W. Bush

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Thanks for bringing up this thread. Sculls is difficult but interesting. I think it's time I tried to comb through it. Yes I think it's strange that Dulles was in Dallas. 

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14 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Every now and then I still stumble across something that that makes me go Huh?  Most times it's ignorance, my lack of deeper knowledge of a subject.

I've read somewhere that Dulles was in Dallas a month or so before the assassination promoting his book.  That this was unusual in that he visited very few cities promoting his book (a half dozen?) and that he had been to Texas never or once or twice in his life.

Now it turns out he was in Texas less than a month before the assassination and that he visited three of the cities JFK did on 11/22.

What the hell was the erudite East Coast Establishment former director of the CIA fired by JFK doing in Cowtown promoting his book to the Friends of the Fort Worth Library?  Other than the Basses, Richardson, Carters and a few other oil millionaires who would buy his book?  Not many with privileges at the library would even read it if given to them.

Did the Fort Wroth Star Telegram report on his visit?

Did Dulles visit with his former subordinate General Cabell also fired by JFK or his brother the Mayor while in Dallas?

Though I don't remember when he was there God Bless former Star Telegram reporter Jim Marrs for carrying on.                                              

I thought I read somewhere that Dulles also visited with LBJ during that time in Dallas.

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