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That the dog has eaten its owners stash?

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Anyone know?

Goliath seems to be a name the CIA used for itself and a lot of the references seem to revolve around Miami, FL.

A Mr. Paul Auden of the Headquarters Field Office seems to have a lot to do with it.

In various documents:

Boris Tarasoff is referred to as "a Goliath employee"

Mitch Werbell served with "the Goliath predcessor organization" in 1945

Gerald Patrick Hemming "no record of Subject ever having been employed with Goliath in any capacity".

On February 5, 1962 you were requested to have the overt "Goliath field office" interview the subject about the circumstances recovering a 45 caliber weapon.

Hemming claimed to have obtained the weapon "from Goliath" in Miami

Security File on Harold Ipkin: He claimed to have been "associated with Goliath" since 1954.

NYC Field Office was requested to interview Philip Clark Horton, a former OSS agent and associate of Mr. Dullus "using Goliath credentials."

A credit check on James Wilcott. The field office was directed to do the credit check and block credit files which "identify him with Goliath."

In 1960, two agents were dispatched to Miami, FL and directed to contact a Mr. Bob Hopkins, "a Goliath employee" in connection with helping William Pawley bug the conversations Pawley had in his office with anti-Castro Cubans.

"Another Goliath component" wanted to find out if Mauel Artime was under surveillance.

In 1960 the MFO (Miami Field Office?) was directed to disclose "no Goliath interest" in David Carswell who was in a Cuban prison.

The INS had information that "Goliath has interceded" on behalf of Diaz Nino, a stowaway on a ship from Cuba.

In another memo, a Mr. Bernard Reichardt was identified as "a staff employee of Goliath." He shared an office with the "open Goliath representative" Room 302, 299 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL. This memo was written by a Fred Hall.

Goliath was being used as late as 1968 in connection with the murder of Robert Kennedy:

"Goliath has no traces" on above-mentioned relatives of Sirhan Sirhan.

Sirhan's defence lawyer welcomes any assistance from abroad. Hand written note at the bottom of the page: Brown, "Can Goliath advise if he gets any?"

I believe that this is Captain Hugh Brown, a Detective in the LAPD who was assigned to head up the investigation of Robert Kennedy's murder.

Steve Thomas

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Obviously this is just speculation, but in the far right militant groupings tjhat used KKK and KKK derived hierarchical monikers had afaik the Giant as being an honorary top life member who essentially was retired from actve duty yet yelded influence? Is there any ref to Goliath that clearly negates a connection?

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yeah, ok, is there any documentation that negaters such speculation source origin of this Goliath? Far right militia, ever on the look out for the man on the horseback, had its own vocabulary. It's a created frame work with a crude appeal to lumpen elements. If you have grand cyclops', wizards and giants, why not a grand giant.

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