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Sad news, R.I.P. Doug Weldon

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He was a great gentleman, and a valued and trusted researcher, rest in peace my friend...b ....

a photo below taken early last fall, with his fiance, and his favourite car...i believe it was two days later he was back in hospital..


Yes, two days later, after feeling the best he had felt for a very long time, he developed cellulitis and ended up back in the hospital, and also developed what I recall as the first blood clot in his left arm. The photo was taken in late July 2011, he spent all of August in the hospital. The day he sent me the photo, August 26th, had been a particularly tough and disturbing one for him as one of the physicians from the palliative care section had come to his room and told him he would qualify for hospice if he wanted to consider that. He wanted me to call him, and I did. He was stunned by what the doctor had said and told me he hoped to prove them wrong. He sure tried, God bless him. If I am recalling correctly, he was never able to go home again. It was mid-September before he was moved to a nursing home, then was shortly back in the hospital, and so it went, back and forth. That photo, taken so recently, gave him hope and made him smile! And he did have some encouraging days and laughter too.It's a great photo for all to see and remember him by!

His daughter expects to have the link to the online guest book/obituary sometime this weekend. I will post it as soon as I get it.


Barb :-)

Yes barb, that shook him up, that was the last thing he was expecting, he enjoyed that car, and his best friend onyx at that time, for such a short while, i would not worry too much about his research, i do know he had been in touch with an editor, i imagine he will be getting in touch with them,when all has quieted down, then we shall see, the point being what he had finished and new to be added, is to be presented the same as he believed agreeing with his postings and audio work he had already presented, as well as in emails and such..he had done much just never got the opportunity to finish, he used to get upset with himself that he had procrastinated many times, before his final illness, and had not pushed it to complete the book, a lesson learnt for all, who wish to do the same, issue a research book. but most of it is known through his postings etc, though there was always something new, he wanted it down in his book, for all, to share in, and see his proof, what exactly his witnesses had said in print......for all ..where nothing could be changed,......here is another of doug, this was after he had recovered from cancer,a few years back now, and was looking and feeling so well, and ready to go,along with another friend of his...b

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Doug obituary, services and guest book information:

Doug will be buried privately on Tuesday, a memorial service will be held next Sunday at the church he attended for over 20 years. His obituary appeared in papers this morning and the guest book is now available online. It can be seen and signed here:


There are also directions and information at that site about sending flowers, cards, etc.

Here is the obituary from the Kalamazoo Gazette:


He will be missed, but his children will see that his legacy of work is preserved for all of us. God Bless them.

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thanks Barb, i am sure also his work will be presented..take care b

Also? Just to be sure there is no misunderstanding, Bernice, by saying preserved, I was not saying it should be sealed in a vault never to be seen or "presented." Doug's wishes, as I think you know from Doug himself, as do I ... and the concerns and wishes of others in the research community, as well as those of Doug's family, are that all his work ... book, papers, files, tapes and CDs, documents, whatever other word I am forgetting to put in here,etc, be preserved and protected as a collection and be available to all ... whether they check it out of a library or buy it at a bookstore .... whatever. It was his life's passion and work and NO one is saying it shouldn't all be available ... and it should go without saying it must be Doug's work, what he wanted published, known, etc. Of course the family makes all the decisions on all of this, but they want to honor their father by getting his work out.

We should all be good on this, seems to me. Good.

By the way, in the morning I will be emailing all the condolence messages to Doug's family. If anyone has yet to do that here, and wants to ... go for it. If anyone wants to include a message they prefer not to have published here on the forum, please feel free to e mail it to me at barbjfk@comcast.net and I will include it in what I send.


Barb :-)

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Guest James H. Fetzer


Doug Weldon was a good man and serious student of JFK.

I featured him in Minneapolis and published his chapter

on the limousine in MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA (2000).

I will contact the family to see if there is anything that I

can do, especially in relation to his manuscript, where

I want to explore alternatives to preserve his research.


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This is very sad news. Doug was a feisty adversary on limo issues, but it seemed we had reached the point of agreeing-to-disagree on many issues while both supporting the importance of the statements of the Parkland Hospital witnesses. This is a great loss to the research community.

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I always hate when a fellow researcher passes.

I never got to know Doug except from his work on the assassination.

Not only did we loose a fine individual but a irreplaceable resource.

My condolences to all,


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