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A Death

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I hope the moderators won't mind. But I've had the worst blow anyone can take. My brother, Marty, died in his sleep last night. Peacefully and painlessly. I'm sure he's with his mother. He was her favorite. He was so quick-witted.

He loved Jack Kennedy. He could never figure out why that murder was not investigated more. "Someone killed my President." In a way we never got over it, despite any of my strange behavior on these forums. And we couldn't talk about it.

One time the Globe published autopsy photos of President Kennedy. I didn't want him to look at that, but he insisted. One of the photos was "The Stare of Death." He told me recently, years later,

"You can't imagine how many nights I've lost sleep thinking about that picture."

As he got older with more illness he wasn't looking into anything, He got mad when he found out I was on a Kennedy site. He felt it wasn't good for me.

He claimed the murder was investigated by the Warren Commission. "Lee Harvey Oswald did it. Our govt told us that." He had to believe this in order to have peace. One time, when he was younger, he said Oswald may not have killed Kennedy but he was up to no good. And that's basically what I believed when Rich Dellarosa allowed me on his site.

I now can understand why "Monk" didn't want M. Monroe discussed on the Forum. I now know why I shouldn't have ridiculed the thought that some woman claimed she had a love affair with LHO. He wasn't an attractive man IMO. Out of all the men in History, some woman is fixated on LHO. It made me laugh. But I see the reason to investigate this. (It seems to me she is on the Internet all day, everyday.)

As Marty grew older, he wasn't looking into anything and got mad when he found out I was on a Kennedy site. He felt it wasn't good for me.

Anyway, that's Marty's link to the Kennedy Assassination. I'm so glad he went peacefully.

Kathy C

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Guest Robert Morrow

I think Marilyn Monroe was having affairs with both John and Robert Kennedy. I am 99-100% sure about JFK and 90%+ sure on RFK. And Robert Kennedy, by reading her the "riot act" (about keeping quiet, and no, you can't see JFK anymore and quit calling) may have been the one to set the stage for Monroe to overdose on pills which in combination with alcohol or a doctor's tranquilizer shot could have been enough to accidentally (or maybe even intentionally) kill Monroe.

I do know Joe DiMaggio, who loved Marilyn Monroe more than anyone else and DiMaggio blamed Monroe's death on the Kennedys. DiMaggio was very in tune with the people, issues and conflicts in Monroe's life.

A good book to read is "RFK" by David Heymann: http://www.amazon.com/RFK-Candid-Biography-Robert-Kennedy/dp/0762836563/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1341341306&sr=1-1&keywords=rfk+heymann

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Dear Kathy; as you mention he is now with his Mother, and is at peace,and perhaps he now knows all that we do not,he has been down with illness for so many years, and the fact that he went peacefully in his sleep, well, let that be a comfort to you......God Bless and take care, thinking of you.....best b

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Thank you, everybody. My sister-in-law is going to hold a memorial in about 3-4 weeks. He is going to be cremated and she will let me have half of his ashes.

Kathy C


I'm very sorry to hear about your brother's passing.

Be strong.

--Tommy :sun

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