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Faces in the Dallas Crowd when JFK was killed

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Here's the problem with a scenario involving Danny Arce in a conspiracy: Arce testified (March, 1964) that the shots came from the railroad tracks: http://www.patspeer.com/chapter8%3Atherestofthepuzzle

A person involved in the conspiracy would have said that the shots came from the place where the patsy was located, obviously.

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A couple of thoughts on this - not to belabor the point but a single lone nut shooter in the TSBD was a creation of the coverup. The shooting itself left plenty of indications of multiple shooters and any frame related to Castro sponsorship could easily have involved multiple shooters. In fact it would be more solid as a conspiracy with multiple shooters. A rifle traceable to Oswald inside the TSBD was more than sufficient to tie him to the shooting.

In regard to the Arce figure, its worth noting that there was an older individual name Arce associated with the Interpen training camps in Florida and an "older" Arce was arrested in one aborted boat mission. Beyond that Tony Summers quotes Remigio Arce in Miami, as pointing to a specific individual as a Cuban exile shooter in Dallas.

A few years ago I obtained all the available background files on Danny Arce, if anyone is seriously interested in pursuing a lead in a direction connected to him, email or PM me and I will provide what few details that turned up.

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From a military tactics perspective, I agree completely.

A lone sniper's best shot would have been on Houston as the target was dead-on and moving closer making each successive shot easier. The shooter would have been able to stand away from the window in concealment - this is basic to a sniper's art in an urban environment.

That said, if multiple shooters are involved and a "kill zone" had been established then engaging the target on Elm would make sense. In one classic ambush strategy, the shooter at elevation, who is most exposed would wait until the other shooters had engaged (when the target enters the pre-determined kill zone). This tactic can be devastating because the shooter at elevation can then engage with less fear of detection - and frequently with far better results than his mates on the ground.

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Interesting stuff from James Richards. I would be interested in his take on TUM and DCM.

Regarding Danny Arce, I have never seen anyone in any Dealey Plaza photos that shows him, outside of the one presented by James Richards. And that one is not in the location that Arce claimed he was.

For some cheap Warren Commission comedy, read the section where Arce is engaged by Mr. Ball.

Arce had stated that he left the sidewalk to go on the grass to get a better view.

Ball questions Arce no less than 16 times, trying to ascertain where Arce was standing when the motorcade went by.

Arce adeptly fumbles his responses.

We are left with a vague notion that Arce was somewhere in a grassy area across the Elm St Extension that may or may not have been in front of the TSBD, and may or may not have been West of the west end of the TSBD.

One additional tidbit is that Arce also claimed in his Nov 22, 1963 statement that he was unable to see the President's car when the shots rang out....

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