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Spectacular book: "The Gold House Trilogy:" how LBJ, Nixon, military stole Huge Amounts of Gold

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

Fascinating 3 Books: The Gold House Trilogy by John Clarence and Tom Whittle

Web link: http://www.amazon.com/Gold-House-Thefts-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00BMFA48U/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1382587771&sr=1-2&keywords=the+gold+house

This book is about a stash of gold bullion and treasure that was being kept on the premises of White Sands Missile range in New Mexico. And how it was stolen by the military, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

The author told me that Lyndon Johnson had stolen 8 million troy ounces of gold and was storing them on the LBJ ranch. That would have been in the 1964-1965 time period when the LBJ thefts occurred. In 1964-65 price of gold was about $35.42/ ounce. 8 million ounces comes out to $283,360,000. In today’s dollars that would be about 2 billion dollars’ worth of gold. (Not even calculating what the actual gold would be worth today!)

Lyndon Johnson was truly the biggest crook (and mass murderer) that I have ever heard of in American history. There is a CIA guy alive today (age 78) who remembers LBJ ordering him to murder Sen. Ralph Yarborough and Bobby Baker (who could easily ruin LBJ by talking) in 1965. This CIA guy said agreed to do it, but never carried out the assassinations. And his job was to murder people but he, the CIA guy, personally liked Yarborough.

LBJ would order up a murder like you or I would order a turkey sandwich.

The Richard Nixon thefts occurred in 1973. I guess he was stealing what was left.

Three books in the trilogy. But of them all, but the key book is book Two which is entitled “The Lies, the Thefts”


The Gold House trilogy is the most comprehensively documented account of the ancient treasure sequestered within the bowels of Victorio Peak, a mountain on White Sands Missile Range bearing the name of a revered leader of the Apaches. Volume Two of the trilogy, The Lies, The Thefts, documents that billions of dollars in gold were secretly and illegally removed from the treasure from the 1950s onward, with those involved allegedly including two Presidents—Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Serious allegations of massive theft, corruption and murder are supported by years of research and documentation that include hundreds of interviews, affidavits, government papers, letters, money-laundering agreements, and other records. More information may be found at www.victoriopeak.com.

Sample Reviews:

“The Gold House trilogy is a tour de force of research and reporting. Meticulously researched and explosive in the revelations it uncovers. … The authors uncovered information that will require scholars and commentators of modern U.S. political history to reevaluate the presidencies of Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon. The gold fever that struck President Nixon and the machinations he engaged in to raid the Victorio Peak riches shunted the Watergate scandal aside as little more than a sophomoric romp by comparison.”
—Gerald D. McKnight, professor emeritus of history at Hood College
Author: Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why

“It would be impossible to conjure up a more detailed, irrefutable and shocking account of greed, corruption, deceit and mortiferous behavior permeating the highest offices of our government…. The disturbing truth of The Gold House is that this story is not the product of a fanciful imagination; it is the painstaking compilation and presentation of colossal antiquities theft, covert meetings, surreptitious financial transactions, and cover-ups conducted with the acquiescence and active participation of former sitting Presidents of the United States of America. The Gold House trilogy is a jaw-dropping, mountainous achievement and treasure trove exposé that usurps all other conspiracy stories of our time.”
—Colonel Gerald Schumacher, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.); author, A Bloody Business

“The Gold House trilogy is the most thorough probe to date of the 75-year-old lost-treasure mystery…. It’s an outrageous tale to be sure, but then so was Watergate and the White House Plumbers' dirty tricks.”
––Orange County Register

“They say America operates on the Golden Rule––those who have the gold, make the rules. Nowhere does this old bromide hold truer than in The Gold House trilogy by John Clarence and Tom Whittle. This astounding and disturbing story moves the reader from a gold strike in the 1930s through a 1949 murder and later in time into the highest levels of the U.S. Government and the military at White Sands....”
–– Jim Marrs, journalist and New York Times best-selling author

“Prepare to be astounded, shocked, and thoroughly engrossed by this incredible true story that John Clarence & Thomas Whittle have meticulously researched and written. The product of 10 years of research and writing, The Gold House trilogy has been read and reviewed by prominent authors and scholars who support the charges leveled by the authors against the government and numerous individuals. The books are packed with photos, endnotes, and an index.
The end result is a trilogy beyond the reader’s wildest imagination —they blow the lid off a conspiracy of silence in this extraordinary story of government corruption that rivals Watergate. I also predict that The Gold House will be a major motion picture and result in a Congressional investigation. That’s how big and important this true story is.”
–––Marc D. Baldwin, PhD Tenured Professor of English at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida

Lyndon Johnson stealing governmental gold and treasure; ordering the murders of Sen. Ralph Yarborough and Bobby Baker (never carried out…)

[John Clarence & Tom Whittle, The Gold House: The True Story of the Victorio Peak Treasure: The Lies, The Thefts, p. 198-199]

(Mr. H was a CIA operative until 1965)

Mr. H. was asked if there was a time after Kennedy’s murder when he spoke to Connally or Johnson about the treasure. He said there was not and that he had done his job and there wasn’t anything else he was “asked to perform.” He was asked if he had any talks with Johnson while he was President regarding any assignments Johnson asked him to perform. Mr. H. said there were but “none were connected to the Peak.” He was asked if Johnson had given him a specific assignment.

Mr. H: Yes he did.

Clarence: What was that?

Mr. H: He wanted me to remove Senator Yarborough.

Clarence: When you say remove him…?

Mr. H: He wanted Yarborough dead. This was just after the second visit I made to the Peak.

Clarence: It wasn’t long after that then?

Mr. H: That’s correct.

Clarence: Why did he want Yarborough dead?

Mr. H: He said Yarborough had been a thorn in his side forever.

Clarence: How did he feel about Connally?

Mr. H: Connally was his protégé. He brought him along, schooled him to that point.

Clarence: How and when did he want you to remove Yarborough?

Mr. H: How and when was my choice.

Clarence: But you intended not to?

Mr. H: That’s correct. I told him I would, though.

Mr. H. was asked why he told Johnson he would do the job when he intended not to do it. He said that he hated Johnson because he suspected that he had something to do with Kennedy’s murder and he felt Johnson needed something to worry about, meaning not knowing when he was going to “do” Yarborough, or him for that matter. When the events of the interview were recapped, Mr H revealed and confirmed that he was with the Central Intelligence Agency and that he left the agency in December 1965. He was asked if he had received orders from the Kennedys during that time period, but before President Kennedy was murdered.

Mr. H: Yes, I definitely did.

Clarence: During that time did you visit Victoria Peak?

Mr. H: On those two occasions I spoke of.

Clarence: With President Kennedy and Vice President Johnson and not long after that with Bobby Kennedy, Connally, and Johnson and other people.

Mr. H: That’s correct.

Clarence: The second time that you were in the basin did Johnson say anything about what he wanted to do with the gold?

Mr. H: Johnson had planned to take this gold, what amount I had no idea how much he planned to take out at that point. He said he was taking that to his domain. Johnson had mentioned his domain many times in the past as his ranch.

Clarence: Is his ranch in Texas?

Mr. H: Yes, it is… Johnson City.

Clarence: Did Connally say anything during that day?

Mr. H: Very little. Connally was like a little boy following his dad around.

Clarence: This thing that Johnson asked you to do [murdering Sen. Ralph Yarborough]; did Yarborough ever become aware of it?

Mr. H: No, he did not… to my knowledge.

Mr. H. said that he had informed the Agency about Johnson’s request to have him assassinate Senator Yarborough. He said that he had advised Tracy Barnes. He said, “Tracy was my immediate.” The subject of the conversation between Mr. H and Johnson involving Yarborough was on the interview videotape, but not all of that particular conversation. Later, Mr. H said that when Johnson asked him to kill Yarborough, he replied, “You are the President, my President, and your wish is my command.” Mr. H claimed that he liked Yarborough and he had no intention of harming him. During the same conversation he claimed that Johnson said, “Bobby Baker has been part of the family since we were kids, but that son-of-a-bitch could bury me. You might as well include him.”

[John Clarence & Tom Whittle, The Gold House: The True Story of the Victorio Peak Treasure: The Lies, The Thefts, p. 198-199]

Edited by Robert Morrow
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Guest Robert Morrow

I don't think it does. That was about Japanese gold, right? The only question is where this White Sands Missile Range - Victorio Peak gold came from.

It was in huge amounts, with gold of varying purity (and worth). It is possible that US receipts of Nazi gold ended up there, only to be stolen by LBJ (and to a lesser extent Nixon) later. Military involved in thefts of it.

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I initially had the same question as Paul, and researchers might be able to link the new book to GOLD WARRIORS if (a.) some of the same figures and agencies were involved in the theft, or (b. and possibly more likely) there is any similarity in where that stolen gold ended up - i.e funnelled through the covert operative arms of the White House, Pentagon and CIA. If Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld appear at all within the Nixon portion of the narrative in respect to the gold theft and subsequent cover-up, that's another kettle of fish with further ramifications again.

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I read "Nazi Gold" when it was first released back in the 80's and it's a meticulously researched and riveting tale.

I'm sure there is some similarity to both the Japanese and White Sands operations.


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