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Heavy Set, Middle-Aged Man Put in Police Car …

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Yeah MAL, hey Mal! You saw a shooter in that window remember? Where you going?

Does seem a little reluctant to leave perhaps but only films the knoll, anyway.


Screen grab not the best but in the footage it looks like the guy in the middle is being physically assisted down the embankment rather than taken away for questioning.

Partially blind or perhaps hit his head jumping over the fence?

One on the right resembles a lot attendant with that hat.

The black guy wearing the beanie on the right can be seen at 0:58 in the Robert Hughes film,

running across Elm Street from the "infield grass" to the Grassy Knoll area. He was "captured" in several still photographs taken of the crowd on the Grassy Knoll after that, and even in the parking lot if I remember correctly. It wouldn't surprised me if the guy in the middle "being assisted down the slope" was his friend.

Edit: On second thought, I think you're right about the guy-on-the-right's looking like a "parking lot attendant." Different guy altogether from the guy wearing the beanie. My bad.

Or could he be TSBD "porter" Eddie Piper???

from the great ROKC website:



--Tommy :suny

There was a RR Yard Pkg Lot Attendent named Oscar McVey, who was on the sidewalk on the N. side of Elm down by the TU somewhere. I just reread his sole FBI statement hoping it would say what race he was...but it doesn't mention it. That being said - it seems this was a common job for black men back then. So maybe McVey is the black guy helping the chap down the GN? He was in the general area.

Thanks Linda!

The Oscar McVey you refer to was probably 73 year old Oscar S. McVey, or his 33 year old son, Oscar Kenneth McVey.


Keep up the good work!

But you might want to consider editing what you wrote about Gloria Calvery on FindaGrave. To keep Bobby Prudhomme happy.

--Tommy :sun

You're welcome! And thanks Tommy, for digging up that McVey info on My Heritage! I see he was Caucasian so there goes that theory of him being the black pkg lot attendant in that Cook sequence! :P

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Not wishing for a moment to "throw cold water" on your research, but I would draw your attention to the identification of the three men in the foreground of Towner 2, as described on the Sixth Floor Museum site: "In the foreground are WFAA radio employees Pierce Allman (left) and Terry Ford (right). Amateur photographer Hugh Betzner stands in front of them."


Hi Chris,

You mean the "esteemed" 6th Floor Museum of Assassination Disinformation, previously run by Gary Mack?! I don't buy much of what they sell, and they are absolutely WRONG about 2 of those ID's, and need to correct the historical record (not that I hold out much hope of ever correcting them about anything).

The blondish guy on the right I can buy as Terrence Ford - since we can see Allman and Ford in the clearer Dorman frames in the Unger Gallery standing together near the west corner of the reflecting pool. One is blondish and the other has dark hair (and we know Allman had dk. brown hair). I just googled Ford, and he died in 2013. His obit has a nice photo of him - his body habitus and hair look almost identical to what we see in '63 in Towner in the guy on the right. So, i'll buy that the blondish guy is Terrence Ford. However, I absolutely don't buy their stories about the other 2 guys.

And btw, I was not claiming that the guy on the right was Fischer - I said the dark haired-heftier guy was likely Fischer. (Additionally, the dark haired guy on the left is way too hefty to be the petite Pierce Allman! Allman also had a crew cut, which LHO ID'd him by in the lobby. Moreover, Allman was interviewed on local network tv on the 22nd (I've see the video online) and one can see he's a small guy with a definite flat-top - he looks nothing like the meso-endomorph, round-headed guy on the left in Towner2! He instead has the hair color and body habitus of Ronald Fischer.

Here's a much better candidate for Pierce Allman - this little guy with a flat-top in Willis 6.

Allman and Ford can be seen in many of these Dorman frames from ~285 on: http://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=5201&fullsize=1

And most obviously, the 6th floor "Museum" errors pathetically in claiming the guy in the front in the white short-sleeved shirt is Betzner. Are they serious?! That is Bob Edwards - NOT Betzner! - I have absolutely NO doubt about that! Why? Because Betzner can be clearly seen in numerous Dorman stills near the corner of Elm&Houston near the eastern corner of the reflecting pool, with camera up to his eye (he's been ID'd in those stills on the Unger site).

He's clearly NOT wearing a short-sleeved white shirt! He's wearing pants and a long sleeved jacket (or a long sleeved shirt - but it looks baggy more like a light jacket) and both are light sand colored.

Betzner is in many of these Dorman frames w/ camera to eye http://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=5200&fullsize=1

Again in the Dorman stills we can see that during and/or after the shots Betzner has moved down the sidewalk to near the west corner of the reflecting pool. We can see him in many frames beginning with D-347 thru D-355 - just to the right of the stoplight arm where he has paused again to take photos; then he disappears out of frame. Allman and Ford are also seen in many of these frames.: http://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=5202&fullsize=1

Furthermore, as I pointed out in my graphic - if one blows it up and studies it, one can see the nape of his neck and around his ears is closely buzzed (like Edwards' in the video clip of him telling the Deputy "And that's where the man was"). And at the FRONT of his head one can see that little "flip" of hair that we can also see he has in his photo in the Sheriff's office and in the frames from the video with the Deputy.

I'll believe my own eyes and my own work before I believe that of the 6th floor museum - any day.

Edited by Linda Giovanna Zambanini
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