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US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine

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Press conference of the Head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko

The government building in Donetsk had no casual meeting today. It was declared to journalists by the Head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko.

"Meeting just like that didn't arise, it was not spontaneous. Questions were simulated according to someone's scenario. Who wouldn't be a director, I left to people. We communicated" — he noted.

The head of DNR emphasized that the majority of problems about which it was told by inhabitants, were solved. "It is a defect of local authorities on places, issues are resolved, I answered part" — Zakharchenko declared.

"Joint patrols of military police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and MGB will be sent to the area October and Putilovki. Further within two days strong points in which people can come — to complain of robberies and marauding" will be created there — he told.

Zakharchenko noted, DNR separatists who break military discipline, "will be strictly punished".

"The direction of two blows unambiguously — it on the line between Donetsk and Lugansk and attempt to bypass border through the South" — he noted.

According to Zakharchenko, AFU group are already created. "We know about it" — the Head of DNR concluded.

Chasteners at attack of the settlement Donetsk used the forbidden phosphoric shells. The video record — the direct proof of gross violation of the Minsk arrangements, and also crimes of the Ukrainian chasteners.

Hit of a phosphoric shell from a caliber ZIS 76 gun near the settlement Donetsk (LPR)

"We were bombed so that we couldn't get out of a cellar" — the inhabitant of the settlement Donetsk tells. One of such shells arrived it to the house. Sappers told that it will be necessary to utilize it, but thus will carry a house floor. The woman grudged the dwelling: "And where to me to live then? There now we took with the neighbor this burning shell a shovel and threw out in the field" — with a smile she told war correspondents of our agency about a fearless act.

Application of phosphoric bombs in settlements is forbidden by the protocol No. 3 to the international Convention on concrete types of conventional weapons. However the Ukrainian army during military operations in the southeast of Ukraine uses this ammunition against the civilian population not for the first time.

Neo-Nazis purposefully apply phosphoric bombs against civilians.

The employee of Embassy of Ukraine in France Yury Miroshnichenko and the employee of the 13th department of the 5th department of Service of foreign intelligence of Ukraine Alexey Miroshnichenko (work with the Russian Federation and LPR).
Alexey and Yury – brothers. They were compelled to leave the territory of Ukraine, without having more opportunity to suffer criminal acts of the Kiev mode. Having arrived to Lugansk they decided to tell that actually is created in power and power structures in Ukraine.

URGENTLY! The staff of service of foreign intelligence and Embassy of Ukraine told the terrible truth

It was said DNR premieres by Alexander Zakharchenko in big interview to the ukraina.ru edition.

"We to this project went, we go and we will go. And those who declares something, well, this their vision there. You understand, we build this project the hands and the blood we pay for it. Unlike those who declares there that it is frozen, stopped, or something there still. For us, it is one of the main ideas for the sake of which we to be at war went.

I won't speak now what it has to be. I won't penetrate now as it is wanted to be seen here, or in what abstraction it has to exist. I know that it has to be, and I know that it will be. Everything that further — this already future, and we will already talk upon this Novorossiya's existence. That it will unite what to carry out and on what arena of politics to fight or on the contrary, what issues has to resolve — it already a question second" — Alexander Zakharchenko declared.

The head of DNR also already, probably, for the 20th time reported that return of Donbass and Novorossiya to structure of Ukraine is impossible. Moreover, Zakharchenko emphasized that present Ukraine as the state became obsolete. At the same time the leader of the Republic doesn't exclude its regenerations and formation of the new republics on in the agony remains of Ukraine.

"I will tell the following: neither the party, nor I don't see myself as a part of Ukraine. Neither in autonomous, nor in any other structure. I see, how equal partners. Yes. I see, how good neighbors or simply neighbors. Yes. I see Novorossiya, as the strong state. But I don't see Novorossiya as a part of Ukraine. That is, Novorossiya can be as the regenerated Ukraine. Can be. I for hundred percent am sure: that occurred in Donetsk, at any time can flash in Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, Mukachevo. They already declared themselves the Mukachevsky National republic. Pay attention that occurs in Lviv. As we with them will live further as we will agree with these republics, will show the future. But sooner or later it will occur. Ukraine as the state, already became obsolete. Especially, after the first air raids to Donetsk and Lugansk" — Zakharchenko explained.
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DNR, night

00:31 — the Message from a militia of Gorlovka.

At 23:59 on the Wide Beam again falls, couple of trunks of AFU works. Fennel some days in a row in the evening works from the direction of Novgorodsk — AGSY, shooting with assistance of a mortar and the bekh. Work on suburbs Deep, on a waste heap. Today switched to ShB. Try to probe defense, but it is strong as steel!"

The message from a militia of Donetsk: "Fights aside of Marinka, Staromikhaylovki were resumed, tanks towards Trudovsky-Zhilploshchadka periodically work. Mortars are more often used."

00:30 — Donetsk, the report of attacks

Kiev area:

— Sacco St. and Vanzetti, 6 — hit

— Sacco St. and Vanzetti, 25 — hit

— Sacco St. and Vanzetti, 32 — was lost the woman

— Shafrannaya St. — two hits

— Sorochinskaya St. — hit

— Rubens St. — hit

— Partizansky Ave. — hit in a roof of the market, ignition

— Partizansky Ave., 44 — partially damaged a glazing (IN)


— Shchors St., 65 — is destroyed a roof

— Shchors St., 67a — small damages

— Shchors St., 110a — damaged a glazing

00:17 — Gorlovka. Attacks from the militia, Novgorod towards positions, from barreled artillery (to the district of the Wide beam). Developing attack for the opponent takes place, we will softly tell, unsuccessfully. Mortar fire prevents attempts, to probe" defense.

23:59 — Gorlovka, on the Wide Beam again falls, couple of trunks of AFU works.

23:45 — the Heat. Staromikhaylovka-Krasnogorovka: everything "works". Odichny powerful volleys explosions, mortars, shooting. Intensively, close. Sometimes it seems that already absolutely nearby. Because of high humidity sounds behave strange.

23:40 — Donetsk, around Krasnogorovka\staromikhaylovka\aleksandrovka, was started intensive fight, with use of Tanks, grenade launchers, AGS and mortars! Ukrofashista again decided to check our positions for durability!

23:35 — there is a local fight to Debaltseve.

23:33 — Gorlovka, P.S. fennel some days in a row in the evening works from the direction of Novgorodsk — AGSY, shooting with assistance of a mortar and the bekh. Work on suburbs Deep, on a waste heap. Today switched to ShB. Try to probe defense, but it is strong as steel!

23:30 — Donetsk, it is noisy, Trudovskiye — Marinka. Something hisses after shots.

23:29 — Gorlovka, became louder, the same direction while the reasons for concern aren't present. the 5th quarter hears the Debaltseve direction, there is now noisy.

23:25 — the Message from locals.

"Powerful blows are struck to Donetsk, again report about death of the peace. The Kiev area — Shcheglovka something arrived heavy. On the Shafranny two arrival, light isn't present also gas too. On Sacco and Vanzetti the powerful arrival, is destructions, the woman was lost. Partizansky Ave. — hit in a roof of the market, ignition. Putilovka, Sacco St. and Vanzetti an arrival again, parents have a full yard of splinters. They hardly managed to drop in to the cellar. There is no light. Attack of the area of mine of Zasyadko. On Putilovka arrived shells 20. Railway something arrived heavy, is fired allegedly with Zaperevalna. Because of Sand ukrokaratel make tank attack of the settlement October. In the settlement October were audible not only sounds of ruptures of shells, but sounds of small arms, probably, catch DRG. In N of the item of Yasinovataya shooting fight is again audible."

23:22 — the Message from locals.

"Powerful blows are struck to Donetsk. The Kiev area — Shcheglovka something arrived heavy. On the Shafranny two arrival, light isn't present also gas too. On Sacco and Vanzetti the powerful arrival, is destructions, the woman was lost. Partizansky Ave. — hit in a roof of the market, ignition. Putilovka, Sacco St. and Vanzetti an arrival again, parents have a full yard of splinters. They hardly managed to drop in to the cellar. There is no light."

23:18 — Gorlovka, on a wide beam already about 5 arrivals, with different intensity, are similar on 82y a mortar.

23:15 — Donetsk, Kiev flashes and in the distance landings.

23:14 — Donetsk, 10 minutes and the airport rustled. There it is audible gaps. Both there and there something is audible heavy.

23:10 — Donetsk, Kirov something blew up, very loudly.

23:05 — Donetsk, it is audible explosions.

23:02 — Sand rustle normally. Spartak occasionally too.

DNR, evening

22:50 — the Message from war correspondents.

"In the southwest of N of the item Gorlovka fight of average intensity is audible. From the direction of N of the item. Noise and mines Southern AFU conducted attack from tanks towards N of the item Gorlovka. The airport of Donetsk was fired from small arms from N of the item. Sand. AFU from N of the item. Skilled and N of the item. Sand fire from heavy artillery at the settlement October (Donetsk). The Kiev area (Donetsk) from N of the item was fired with application of artillery. Water. Chasteners from Avdeevki conduct attack of the region of Putilovk, "Subway", Spartak from heavy artillery and mortars. Investigation of DNR found in a front line near Donetsk 17 units of the forbidden equipment of AFU, including RSZO "Hurricane". OSCE fixes a conclusion of the Ukrainian heavy weapons from storage places again. In the occupied territory about 170 fighters of "Tornado" were locked at school and are ready to shoot at militiamen. Within June 18 near Bakhmutskaya Route in LPR there were clashes near the settlement Gold."

22:45 — Gorlovka, around wide local firefight.

22:20 — the Kiev region of Shcheglovk something arrived heavy.

22:10 — Donetsk, the report of hits:

Kiev area: (around 21-30):

— Sacco St. and Vanzetti, 6 — hit

— Sacco St. and Vanzetti — was lost the woman

— Shafrannaya St. — two hits

— Partizansky Ave. — hit in a roof of the market, ignition

— Partizansky Ave., 44 — damaged a glazing

— Partizansky Ave., 46 — at an entrance damaged a glazing (IN)

Marinka (night):

— Shchors St., 65 — is destroyed a roof

— Shchors St., 67a — small damages

— Shchors St., 110a — damaged a glazing

21:47 — On the Shafranny two arrival, light isn't present also gas too.

21:39 — Putilovka, Sacco St. and Vanzetti an arrival, at parents is the full yard of splinters. They fir-trees managed to drop in to the cellar. There is no light.

21:35 — the Message from a militia.

"Lugansk. Data arrive that in Oktyabrsky district of the IFV drove in cafe, it is possible to eat victims. On east suburbs of N of the item Lugansk there was an explosion. Gorlovka. Noise and mine Southern AFU conducted attack from tanks towards the city with the direction. In the southwest fight is audible. North East, Kalinovka too local fight. Donetsk again under blow. AFU from N of the item. Skilled and N of the item. Sand fire from heavy artillery at the settlement October."

The message from the rebel with a call sign "Cube":

"Ukra again hollow Donetsk. Bech on us I worked, an edinichka, there were shooting fights. AGS-y, ROCKS, machine guns. We conduct still trench battles. In the morning today too it was loud with the 7th to 8 ukra gamboled, and small firefights, insignificant and so till the evening are farther".

21:32 — Donetsk, it was visible spheres fiery aside approximately putilovsky market, can slightly closer.

21:23 — Donetsk, attack of the area of mine of Zasyadko. On Putilovka arrived shells 20.

21:20 — Donetsk. The Kiev area under shelling from N of the item. Water.

21:17 — Donetsk, arrivals from outside Putilovki-DAP.

21:10 — Gorlovka, Noise and mine Southern AFU conducted attack from tanks towards the city with the direction.

21:05 — Gorlovka, the North it is audible arrivals.

21:00 — Donetsk, Railway something arrived heavy, is fired allegedly with Zaperevalna.

20:57 — Donetsk, because of Sand ukrokaratel make tank attack of the settlement October.

19:25 — Gorlovka, works at the southwest as the STORAGE.

LPR, evening

17:45 — the Message from a militia:

"At 17:45 in the settlement October sounds of small arms were audible. In N of the item of Yasinovataya shooting fight was audible."

The message from a militia.

"Lugansk. Data arrive that in Oktyabrsky district of the IFV drove in cafe, it is possible to eat victims. On east suburbs of N of the item Lugansk there was an explosion. Gorlovka. Noise and mine Southern AFU conducted attack from tanks towards the city with the direction. In the southwest fight is audible. North East, Kalinovka too local fight. Donetsk again under blow. AFU from N of the item. Skilled and N of the item. Sand fire from heavy artillery at the settlement October."

18:00 — the Message from a militia of LPR.

"AFU apply RSZO the Hail against our troops! Positions on Bakhmutka, and the second line of defense of Lugansk, in sector of the settlement of the Metalworker were fired! Forces of VSN answered from SAU, the Hail on positions of AFU also worked at Bakhmutka. Fights amplify on all front line! In days already about 50 attacks. AFU several times fired at VSN positions near Sokolniki, Yellow, Popasna, the 31st post and the Fillet, OP at the 29th post and near Orekhovo!

VSN answer from tanks and BBM, the barreled artillery, and RSZO once the Hail was several times applied. Approximate losses of VSN in a day — 3 killed, 47 wounded, losses of AFU — 12 killed, 51 wounded. AFU lost the tank and 2 IFVs, and also 2 howitzers of D-30. At the moment there are fights near the Cheerful mountain, and around Bolotenny. Shooting arms and AGS are applied."

Donetsk, 16:50

The shooting went, the airport and to the west, mines.

Beacons — it is strongly audible.

Donetsk, 16:27

The northern direction, the Airport rustles.

Sand (DNR), 15.55

Aside Sand, mortar single.

Bakhmutka (LPR), 12:15

The message from the rebel with a call sign "Horned owl":

Yesterday on Bakhmutka there was very unlucky day, attacks was much. An art it was applied against us 3 times, we applied it in reply more time — 4, attacks counted on us 53 on our direction, it without the purely shooting. We answered 16 times. There were 3 fights of average intensity, 2 times fights went was near Sokolniki, well and once of an ukra and we faced around the 29th post.

On losses — yesterday lost 1 killed and 12 wounded, ukra were received too a portion … by 7 killed and 21 wounded.

On equipment — at us is minus the STORAGE and all … At Ukrov 2 tanks and the armored personnel carrier, well and mortar positions on covered, 120 and 82 mm. Meanwhile neither we, nor take away nothing ukra, we started returning slowly that took away, but so far in small quantities … And ukra also didn't take away anything, only the new perebrosat, goats.

Most of all, as always, yesterday and today, gets to Sokolniki. About fights for I will write today already tomorrow. Because I still itself a fig don't know so far where that at us occurred today.

Fights go constantly around Gold …. don't speak about it, but there was a break attempt in which died to ten ours, local divisions surrounded the ukropskikh of attack planes, well and at them is minus somewhere 20 dead, the others broke through, it is a lot of wounded.

Well, we are reconciled, we are reconciled, to the last soldier!

Shirokino (DNR) 10:57

After ukra about midnight made attack of the village from the Grad MLRS, the remained night passed more more quietly. Ukra applied SAU, tanks, mortars. Thrashed hours to two, and then from 8th morning to 11.

Telmanovo (DNR), 03:04

The enemy UAV hoots, flies.

Donetsk, 00:40

Ukrofashista made some volleys from heavy artillery to Putilovk's region — "Subway" — Spartak. VSN actively works for suppression of firing positions.

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Author's shooting of the war correspondent of the http://news-front .info team Katerina Katina.

Military report on the deputy commander case of the Ministry of Defence of DNR of Eduard Basurin:

"The situation in DNR remains difficult. Intensity of attacks by the Ukrainian party for last days made 195 violations of a ceasefire regime. Across the territory of Donbass 24 tank shells, 139 min. 82 mm and 120 mm, 20 artillery shells were let out, and also grenade launchers and small arms were used.

Losses among staff of DNR army – 2 persons of the killed, 1 wounded.

The Ukrainian security officers continue to destroy infrastructure of settlements for the purpose of intimidation of the population, creation of adverse conditions for accommodation, and in general destabilization of a social, economic situation.

Settlements Gorlovka, Spartak, Shirokino, Yasinovataya, Gagarin's mine, Kuibyshevsky district, the airport of Donetsk, and also N of the item Komsomol were exposed to attacks.

Yesterday near the settlement Marinka on the Ukrainian extension the married couple was undermined. As a result the man died on the spot, and the woman is in a serious condition taken to hospital".


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Tanks and artillery of fighters of the Ukrainian army are on the line of contact, violating the Minsk arrangements.

The Ukrainian army again draws up additional forces to the western suburbs of Donetsk. At the beginning of June rebels already fought one large-scale approach off Marinka. Also it seems that security officers prepare for the next attack. The film crew of the special correspondent of LifeNews Semyon Pegov found heavy weapons with which AFU continue to fire at civilians.

The deputy commander of republican guard of DNR Stavros Bagateliya told that at the disposal of the Ukrainian military near Marinka again there were tanks and artillery though rebels are still at war infantry.

From air it is well visible: ukreprayona of AFU are in the private sector, some houses are equipped under machine-gun and sniper points. In a night-time of clash can last for 4-5 hours, shots calm down only at sunrise, fire density from the automatic weapon reads off scale. Each such night sortie of AFU is followed by mortar attack, according to rebels, beat in the 120th caliber.

The UAV of a film crew of LifeNews manages to fly by over positions of the Ukrainian army. At detailed studying of the picture it becomes clear: tanks are hidden in landings and behind buildings. Nevertheless, despite attacks, in reply rebels don't apply heavy machinery, the order of command — not to allow escalation. We will remind, the situation in Donbass became aggravated after June 3 when exactly in a year after attack to the suburb of Slavyansk with what in Donbass full-scale military operations began, the Ukrainian army went to approach to positions of DNR army near Marinka. The General Staff of AFU officially recognized that military applied heavy artillery in defiance of the Minsk Agreement. DNR army stopped approach of the Ukrainian military to Marinka to evening of the same day.

The day before the army of Ukraine once again violated the Minsk arrangements, having struck blow from heavy weapon to peace quarters of Donetsk. This time Petrovsky and Kiev districts of the city suffered from attack of AFU.

Touched, Again War


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Kiev any more not in forces to hide that ordinary fascists – the editor-in-chief of the XXI Vek newspaper participate in "anti-terrorist operation"

The Kiev administration any more not in forces to hide that in the ranks of the Ukrainian security officers who are taking part in so-called "anti-terrorist operation" the real fascists are at war. It to Luganskinformtsentr was declared by the editor-in-chief of the XXI Vek newspaper Yury Yurov.

So he commented on a situation around the notorious company of patrol service Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine which was active in the Luhansk region of "Tornado" which fighters are suspected by the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities of commission of a series of serious crimes, including murders, rapes, tortures and robberies. Today it became known that command of the Kiev security officers removed from the territory of "Luhansk region" special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Tornado" and "Chernigov".

"Voluntary battalions make a basis of the Kiev mode, but their crime so extremely, are so cruel, they can't so be hidden, what even the Kiev power which absolutely isn't differing in the democratic character, respect for human rights was compelled to begin with them fight", - Yurov declared.

"Very long they (authorities – Luganskinformtsentr's note) denied fascist character of the mode, but time when they can't hide any more that in militant groups of so-called "anti-terrorist operation" the most real fascist divisions which use fascist symbolics, ideology, methods are at war" came, - the journalist noted.

He hoped that these fascist battalions will have the same destiny, as at their predecessors.

"What side fighters of so-called voluntary battalions have to pass in order that even the Ukrainian mass media and the local officials built on standing at attention by the Kiev junta badgered by censorship had to cry for the whole world about crimes of same "Azov" and "the Tornado?" – Yurov asks a rhetorical question.

He reminded that besides the battalions "Azov" and "Tornado" the head so-called "military civil authorities of the Luhansk region" Gennady Moskal also mentioned the battalion "Chernigov", speaking about crimes in relation to civilians.

"I think, this list can be expanded indefinitely, the total of the Ukrainian divisions operating here won't run low yet (in the territory of LPR and DNR – Luganskinformtsentr's note). These are the most real fascists and a result of their activity, there is a wish to hope, will be the same", - the editor-in-chief of "the XXI century" emphasized.

In his opinion, fighters of battalions sooner or later "if not on fields of battles, on a new bench of tribunal it is necessary to be responsible for all the crimes".

Yurov assumed that society doesn't guess the majority of the crimes committed by them yet.

"They will be opened when the last square meter of our earth is released and payment will be inevitable", - the journalist is sure.

The Kiev security officers suited a new wave of "cleaning" in the territory of the temporary Popasnyansky region of LPR occupied by them. The deputy chief of headquarters of the Case of National militia of LPR colonel Igor Yashchenko reported about it at a briefing in Luganskinformtsentre today.

"We are concerned by that terror which the authorities of Ukraine suited to the citizens in the Popasnyansky area", - he told.

"In villages Lower and Svetlichnoye was carried out so-called "cleaning" and whether slightly each civilian was in absentia accused of separatism and all mortal sins", - Yashchenko specified.

Thus he declared that the National militia "is ready to ensure safety and to give accommodation opportunity" in the territory of the Republic to all inhabitants who are exposed to repressions in the territory under control to Kiev.

We will remind that representatives of MGB LPR told on June 19 to Luganskinformtsentr that intelligence services of the Republic have information on preparation by the Ukrainian security officers of large-scale "cleaning" of the civilians living in temporarily occupied territories.

Then in MGB noted that "all get to a zone of risk – from discordant with Poroshenko's regime to "household separatists".

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Episode from Maxim Fadeyev's movie "Unsubdued", the "Donbass in the Firing Line" project.
Video of the war correspondent of the news-front.info team Maxim Fadeyev.
Inhabitants of "neutral" territories of Donbass suffer from intensive attacks from the Ukrainian chasteners. Here and now ruptures of shells are audible. How many people were lost, how many remained homeless? At everyone the history of this war, and each history special.
The woman who worked all life the milkmaid cries on ruins of the dwelling. To restore everything that profited back-breaking toil for many years, it is impossible. They with the husband – two pensioners, two disabled persons who remained to live in ruins, far from already adult children. "For what??" — on this question of the answer nobody will give, as well as won't help to survive with these inhuman conditions.
These people want the world and silence and native to see – only and all.

The head of OO "Young Republic" Sergey Kondrykinsky commented on refusal of the head of the Kharkov city council Hennadiy Kernes to recognize the Russian Federation "as the state – an aggressor". "Personally I completely support refusal of the Kharkov city council to include the question "about recognition of the Russian Federation by the state aggressor" in the agenda. Border cooperation Kharkov and the Russian areas represents the huge potential of economic and commercial relations between two countries, and violation of such harmony can lead to the next inevitable conflict of interests. In my opinion, statements of the Ukrainian authorities for aggression from Russia are groundless. It is necessary to hope that the "positive" initiative of the Kharkov head will be supported on all political space of Ukraine", – the leader of the youth organization Sergey Kondrykinsky declared.

Next, the 31st, the escort of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation with humanitarian aid will go to Donbass on Thursday, June 25.

"Now all cars are loaded, they passed service and are technically serviceable. With drivers additional instructing is carried out, and they are ready to the movement", - reported in the Russian saving department.

It is planned that the motorcade will leave the Don saving center of Emercom of Russia early in the morning on June 25, will be divided into two approximately equal parts and, having undergone all necessary procedures on border check-points of the admission, will go to Lugansk and Donetsk.

"In its structure more than 100 cars loaded by humanitarian aid with a gross weight over 1 000 tons" - were specified by the representative of the ministry, having noted that among freights food, including pasta, various grain, flour, tea.

The Ukrainian security officers detained today in the territory of the Luhansk region under control to them of two fighters of notorious special forces of "Tornado" who planned murder of the chief of "General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Luhansk region" of Anatoly Naumenko.

Volunteers of a militia company of "Tornado" who officially weren't registered as a part of this division were a part of group of killers ". As reports the site of the head so-called to "military civil authorities of the Luhansk region" of Gennady Moskal, fighters planned to shoot Naumenko from a hunting carbine with a riflescope. Besides, police officers and SBU found in suspects who already gave confession, the gun which was registered on balance of "Tornado", grenades and cartridges. As the reasons which induced them to prepare attempt at the militia chief, detainees called "revenge for a conclusion of "Tornado" from the Luhansk region".

We will remind that on June 23 command of the Kiev security officers removed from the territory of the Luhansk region under control to it odious "voluntary" special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Tornado" and "Chernigov".

The special forces of "Tornado" were disbanded according to the order of the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov after on June 17 the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities detained seven "tornadovets", including the commander of a company Ruslan Onishchenko. After that the Russian addressed to the management of power structures of the country with the requirement to disarm the divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of "Tornado" which are in the Luhansk region and "Chernigov" which staff is involved in crimes against civilians. After Avakov declared disbandment of "Tornado", fighters of division took cover on base and declared determination to use the weapon against police officers. Among "tornadovets" 43 earlier condemned were.

Numerous evidence of excesses which were created in the Luhansk region by "tornadovets" got to mass media. Among them an audio recording on which the fighter with a call sign "Mujahideen" declares that "without tortures life would be not life", and "anything so doesn't lift a tone as when you have in hands someone's life". Besides, fighters of "Tornado" told journalists as they kept prisoners in the cellar, beat them sticks and forced. Besides, they took away expensive property from locals. On June 21 the Kiev security officers detained in the territory of the Luhansk region under control to them of one more fighter of "Tornado" who is suspected of tortures of the cohabitant.

As the editor-in-chief of the XXI Vek newspaper Yury Yurov explained to Luganskinformtsentr earlier, "voluntary battalions make a basis of the Kiev mode, but their crime so extremely, are so cruel, they can't so be hidden, what even the Kiev power which absolutely isn't differing in the democratic character, respect for human rights was compelled to begin with them fight".

[so, after all this time even elements of the junta show they know about the fascist nature of the coup. They now have isolated groups who will take the blame. This is an attemmpt to gain some credibility by sacrificing these lumpen elements while ingnoring the continuance of their sponsors.

Everything that has been done under the cloak of denial is suspect and that means anything resulting from actions by these fascists right from the start. All the pious rationale that plunged ukraine into civil war, all the murders, Odessa, the supply of weapons, the sanctions, the whole lot, driven by the west is a sham. It always was, but now when it is shown to be so what will be the reparations? I suspect NONE. The nature of the free republics and all others who resist fascism will be ignored and denied and the program will merely morph into another sham with exactly the same aims as before while a new style of denials emerges to rationalise the old.]

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Urgent statement of Zakharchenko and Carpenter's: It is necessary to create tribunal for war criminals!

Author's shooting of the war correspondent of the http://news-front .info team Katerina Katina.

Joint press conference of Zakharchenko and Carpenter's on which heads of the young republics urged the UN Security Council to create tribunal for investigation of war crimes on Donbass.

The Donetsk and Lugansk national republics urged the UN Security Council to found the international tribunal for investigation of the war crimes committed during retaliatory operation of Kiev on Donbass. It was declared by the head of the Luhansk People's Republic Igor Plotnitsky today.

"For unconditional criminal prosecution of the Ukrainian chasteners for commission of crimes in the territory of Donbass, DNR and LPR appeal to the UN Security Council about establishment of the international tribunal for prosecution of the persons responsible for violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity in Ukraine" — declared Carpenter's.

"It is senseless to expect an objective consequence on all facts of crimes from Kiev. Remember the battalion "Tornado" which managed to kill not one ten civilians. In our opinion, opinion the international organization has to be engaged in fixing and investigation of such facts" — the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko emphasized in the performance.

"We call the UN Secretary General, permanent members of the Security council — the USA, France, Great Britain, China and Russia – urgently to discuss formation of such tribunal at the next meeting and to prepare the relevant resolution" — I told Carpenter's.

We recommend: All offers on the Minsk Agreement are sent to Kiev, response isn't present so far — Zakharchenko

"We undertake to transfer all data which are available for us, material evidences and other information on the crimes committed by the Ukrainian security officers on Donbass to official representatives of the international tribunal for carrying out objective investigation and attraction guilty to responsibility" — the head of LPR added.

Alexander Zakharchenko, the head of DNR, reported that since the beginning of 2015 including during the truce called in February, the Ukrainian security officers killed more than 1 212 inhabitants of the republic.

In a death toll – 25 children aged till 18 years.

In past, 2014, according to Zakharchenko, in the republic 3 864 persons, among them 522 women and 65 children were lost.

Also the head of DNR reported that for a year of military operations on Donbass more than 6 200 people got severe wounds and remained for the rest of life disabled people.

Without message in DNR more than 2 thousand people are registered as missing.

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“The Fifth Battalion is heading to Kiev,” Right Sector spokesman Dmitry Savchenko told Ukraine's Chanel 5 News.

DNR spokesman, Eduard Basurin, confirmed that “Right Sector is withdrawing some of its troops and deploying them to Kiev on the order of their commanders. It has led to a decrease in the number of (ceasefire) violations.”

Slovakia and Hungary are tightening security at their borders with Ukraine because of the Mukachevo events.

UK journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT that Ukraine’s neighbors are now “paying the price for the US and the EU meddling with internal Ukrainian affairs.”

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the Right Sector extremists launched an attack on a cafe and shot at a traffic police station. The attacks claimed the lives of three people, another 11 were wounded. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry sent armored vehicles to Mukachevo, two militants were wounded and detained, and two dozen disappeared in the woods after a siege.

The Transcarpathian region is the birthplace of Stepan Bandera, who was the leader of the terrorist branch of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and a Nazi collaborator during World War II. The area has many hideouts dug and carefully camouflaged by gunmen during the post-war years.

"The Kiev authorities have never had full control over nationalist armed groups," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying. "It was not control, it was an agreement between the state machine and extremists whose actions were meant to intimidate political opponents and the regime’s enemies beyond the legal framework."

Purgin noted that the Right Sector, a Ukrainian extremist organization outlawed in Russia, and other radical groups had already demonstrated in Donbas their inability to maintain a civilized dialogue. "Their methods of ‘dialogue’ are well known to people living in the former Donetsk and Luhansk regions which are now controlled by the Ukrainian army. They are known in other places too," he said. "But such flagrant effrontery — people in Ukraine saw for the first time."

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The following reports come from Dnepropetrovsk.

According to the employee of the Ukrainian intelligence services who wished to remain the unknown from the region to Kiev moved forward a number of divisions of the Right Sector.

Protection of the main office of the battalion "Dnieper-1" and division "Right Sector" down the street Komsomol, 58 is strengthened;

The Dnepropetrovsk bodyguard of Yarosh in number of three tens people left Evropeyskaya hotel down the street of Lenin, 22 and at present is near the leader.

About fifty fighters of the Right Sector, natives of Galichina, left Astoria hotel on Karl Marx Avenue and went to Mukachevo.

At once some divisions moved forward to Kiev in full arms.

Four hundred fifty fighters of the Right Sector, under Manko's command, left children's camp "Druzhba" of the Pokrovsk area, and from medical a dispensary "Forest" down the street Maurice Thorez, 63.

The village of Petrikovka was left by 500 fighters of the battalion "Dnieper-1" in the direction of Kiev. 400 fighters of the battalion "Krivbass" and a battalion of territorial defense of the Dnepropetrovsk TRO-40 area moved forward to Kiev from Krivoy Rog.

All departments of SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are in a condition of the increased readiness. The Administration of the President of Poroshenko considers a question of involvement of divisions of the Ukrainian army for suppression the nepodkontrolnykhvooruzhennykh of formations.

On entry into Kiev posts of fighters of "Right Sector" are already equipped. In Mukachevo partial evacuation proceeds.

There is information that negotiations between the Kiev power and the leader of the Right Sector Yarosh ended with anything.

In confirmation of the serious intentions Yarosh removed some divisions of the Right Sector from Donbass and directed towards Dnepropetrovsk.

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Commenting on prospects of development of a situation in Ukraine in the light of events in Mukachevo, the Chairman of National Council of DNR noted that the Kiev authorities try to set the profascist mode so they won't be able to do without nationalist formations like "Right Sector" in the state.

"The Ukrainian power tries to set the profascist and pro-Nazi mode, it and allows them to operate Ukraine now. Therefore if "Right Sector" will leave, on its place there will be other similar organization" — the chairman of NANOSECOND noted.

The head of parliament of DNR emphasized that the Kiev authorities and pro-nazi groups in Ukraine are in symbiosis.

"And if now move away Yarosh or still any odious leaders, others with which the state of Ukraine in the same way will sign the secret contract on terror of the population" will come to their place — Andrey Evgenyevich is sure.

Department of public relations of National Council of DNR

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Pang Yatsenyuk didn't offer at all, like the president of Zimbabwe, a hand and heart to B. Obama.

Addressing potential investors from the USA, the Ukrainian prime minister declared: "Today we can call it business engagement. And we expect a business wedding as soon as possible. Let's create a business and family". That the potential groom was smitten with love, the video about the bride propagandizing her unearthly beauty and advantage of investments in the family budget was brought even. Trouble, however, that is known to all: the bride who is fairly dragged, and the groom without any business family got for a long time through a window into her bedroom.

If to be serious, tour to the USA, Canada and Britain of the prime minister of Ukraine which dismissal is predicted in the fall, it was frankly problem, if not failure.

For example, signing of the document on completion of negotiation process on creation of FTA between Ukraine and Canada, the only tangible result of voyage, isn't a merit of the euromaidan power at all. Negotiations on creation of FTA began in 2009 and proceeded even at "zlochinny Vlada" of V. Yanukovych when in 2011 basic provisions of the contract were fulfilled and even its signing is planned.

For the rest A. Yatsenyuk's dialogue with potential investors can be characterized one phrase: spoke-balakali, і … lit s_l. From the advertized 150 largest American companies which allegedly attended the Ukrainian-American business forum some firms which and work so long ago at Ukraine are mentioned in reports. And the positive from their activity in the domestic market is very doubtful.

In particular, A. Yatsenyuk reported that within a business forum with the Westinghouse company discussed questions of deliveries to Ukraine nuclear fuel, and also increase of power of the operating nuclear power units, participation in programs of modernization and increase of safety of the Ukrainian NPPs. Attempts to introduce counterfeit American fuel already led to increase of accident rate of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants. And experiments on increase of power of power units are so risky that led to "working-to-rule strike" of staff of the Southern Ukrainian NPP. After that on the Zaporozhye NPP Americans, contrary to danger of new Chernobyl, simply didn't launch the second power unit on workplaces of workers.

And the American gas speculator of TrailStone, for example, was already marked out by deliveries to Ukraine of gas at the price of 461 dollars for one thousand cubic meters, at that time when the price of the Russian gas made 329 dollars.

Pure manilovism are plans for deliveries by the Frontera company of the liquefied gas from capacities of the American company in Georgia. First, for a start it is necessary to construct LNG terminals in Georgia and in Ukraine. Secondly, the confirmed reserves of natural gas of the company in Georgia make 300 billion cubic meters and even if to direct all this gas on Ukraine, it will be enough at most for 10 years. In reality for the sake of 3-5 years of deliveries terminals which projects are discussed years 15, practical Americans obviously won't build.

But after liberalization in October, 2015 of the Ukrainian market of gas willingly will join in trade in gas in the country that will lead to sharp increase in prices for gas and bankruptcy of "Ukrneftegaz". On a twist of fate exactly during A. Yatsenyuk's visit to the USA the American power concern Chevron declared final leaving from Ukraine. The largest world exporter of gas is interested only in cutting off of Russia from the European gas market and strengthening of deliveries of energy carriers of own production, using Ukraine as means for decrease in a role of Russia.

It is doubtful for Ukraine and the value of agrarian giant Cargill, one of most large exporters of oil-bearing crops considerably promoting growth of cultivated areas of the plants exhausting chernozems.

Ukraine shouldn't wait for real investments. The Ukrainian market, besides the USA and the EU solving geopolitical problems of multinational corporations attracts only financial speculators similar to the Horizon Capital fund headed by N. Yaresko who declared investments into the Ukrainian platform on electronic trading of Rozetka.ua.

Who in senses will want to make investments in the country which not today tomorrow will declare a default, and its army continues to fire at the cities in the Southeast, and in Zakarpatye neo-Nazis and bandits arrange full-scale fights for control over smuggling? The Fitch rating agency, the IMF and the European Reconstruction and Development Bank worsened the forecast of falling of economy of Ukraine to 9% which will be followed by devaluation of hryvnia to 97% in comparison with 2014 and inflation in 48%. Though, most likely, the international financial structures varnish reality as real falling of GDP only in the first quarter 2015 exceeded 17%.

Owing to falling of a standard of living of the population also volumes of domestic market of the country fall. The economic expert A. Okhrimenko specifies that "the currency market contracted. For today the currency turnover of Mezhbank makes about 200 mln. dollars against 2 billion in 2013. Thus, the turn fell by 10 times. To the country comes 10 times less than currency, respectively, import is limited, it fell to 37-38%. What at us deliver today? Gasoline, drugs. Under all other articles – clothes, cars and so forth – sharp falling. For example, according to customs in 6 months, footwear delivered 70% less in comparison with 2013".

In such situation of investment only leave the country that we also observe in Ukraine, from where only last year "ran away" to 15 bln. dollars of the USA. Level of foreign investments fell to 300 mln. dollars. According to the People's Deputy A. Vilkul, Ukraine for a year of war broke links not only with Russia. In particular, the project with Brazil on the Alkantara spaceport was broken, cooperation with American "Boeing" is stopped.

No wonder that to A. Yatsenyuk the second year isn't possible "to marry off" to Americans and Canadians, for example, focused on domestic market of "Tsentrenergo", a number of combined heat and power plant and regional power companies, including "Donbassenergo" and "DTEK Dneprenergo", "DTEK Zapadenergo", "DTEK Donetskenergo". If in 2014 Ukraine planned to receive 29 bln. dollars from privatization, today the sum is much more modest, only 17 billion UAH. According to A. Gritsenko, Yatsenyuk's government thereby plans to commit a crime against the Ukrainian people in interests of a small group of oligarchs.

However, "the first chanceless" A. Gritsenko is right only in one. The Kiev power really commits a crime before the Ukrainian people, destroying to please the USA the national economy remains. During visit to Canada A. Yatsenyuk directly declared that the purpose of sale of assets is destruction of the Ukrainian business. How differently to understand words: "I don't want that the Ukrainian oligarchs bought the state companies. We would like that our Canadian friends got these assets"?

Logic alien if to consider that at the same time the prime minister was going to deliver production of the destroyed Ukrainian mechanical engineering and industrial goods to Canada. For the sake of favor of the western owners A. Yatsenyuk supported also measures of rigid budgetary economy completely, having called the parliamentarians who introduced a number of the laws facilitating financial burden of the Ukrainian citizens, sleepwalkers in the Verkhovna Rada.

It would seem, behavior of the Ukrainian government, restless between desire to receive somewhere money and the hands destroying remains of economic base of the country and investment climate, absolutely absurdly. But it only at first sight.

Interest of the western capital in Ukraine is narrowest and concerns only several spheres, such as agrarian sector, nuclear power, pharmaceutics and some other. A. Yatsenyuk also presented these branches as foreign investments, priority for attraction. Meanwhile, as the former Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine S. Arbuzov, these branches — considers "not the best set for removal of the economy diving down from deep crisis". But the condition of real economy, as well as employment of the population, interests A. Yatsenyuk a little. Its task – "to optimize" Ukraine so that to reduce expenses of the western investors in difficult structure of the Ukrainian economy and the population which didn't fit into the market.

In this context Ukraine has one more highly liquid asset which A. Yatsenyuk tried to sell during the tour not less actively, than from a dead donkey ears. It is russophobia and readiness to burn the country in a war flame. This asset enjoys much bigger popularity, than the outdated Ukrainian enterprises. On the eve of foreign voyage of A. Yatsenyuk the new appointed Ukrainian ambassador in the USA V. Chaly openly declared that "we receive the weapon including lethal, and anybody can't forbid sovereign Ukraine it. Another thing is that it isn't accepted to advertize the list of the countries, but it is more than ten states only from Europe".

Approach is absolutely clear. War and economic crash will allow to get rid of surplus of the population, and the country will turn into a raw appendage of the West with several working branches where foreign investments will come. A. Yatsenyuk also works on this scenario together with the American and Canadian friends. Only what it is related to interests of Ukraine and its citizens?

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Why “the Ukrainians” Lie – Prof. A. Moytl Says the West Shouldn’t Freak Out!

George Eliason

(RINF) – In an article published at the New Atlanticist, Political Science Professor Alexander Moytl of Rutgers University wrote the strongest justification a Ukrainian Nationalist scholar can mount in defense of the Ukraine”s love affair with the nationalism of Stepan Bandera.

Bandera, a mass murderer, torturer, and assassinated former leader of Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist emigre political movement is the Ukrainian equivalent to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson in A. Moytl’s thesis.

According to Moytl, because of the affinity the Ukrainian nationalists have with Washington and Jefferson, raising Bandera to their level as of father of the nation is nothing the West should “freak out over.”


Moytl’s defense of the nationalist Ukrainian government and “the” Ukrainians love affair with Bandera’s war criminality starts and ends with- If you don’t speak fluent Ukrainian, haven’t read Shevchenko, or seen two Ukrainian plays…YOU are in no position to judge us! You can’t possibly understand us!

Why the West should freak out!

Professor Moytl’s scholarly justification of Bandera ideology is at best delinquent and at worst extremely dangerous. Moytl, a product of “the” Ukrainian culture describes nationalism as a love story using the themes of two plays. Star-struck lovers that are pulled apart either succumb to their fate or fight at all costs to be together- the consequences be damned!

The moral of the second play according to Professor Moytl is that the author, “Makovii, obviously, is trying to move Ukrainian culture away from its traditional submissiveness to a dreadful fate and, in decidedly modern fashion, suggesting that Ukrainians can be masters—or mistresses—of their lives. That happened to be the message of the Maidan “Revolution of Dignity”: that a humbled people can assert their humanity by rising up against tyranny.”

Lest we forget, Ukraine and Ukrainians were “free” for 20 years prior to Maidan. The next presidential election cycle was a little over one year away when Maidan’s coup happened.

This isn’t about that story. This isn’t about Ukrainians. Motyl’s justification stems from “the Ukrainians” or to keep it simple Ukrainian emigres. This story is about how they have taken advantage of freedom and the damage they have done since they were taken in by western countries, especially the United States of America and Canada.

Why “the” Ukrainians Lie
  • What would Americans say if they knew that at the same time America was fighting German forces in WWII, Ukrainian emigres were supporting entire SS battalions, even providing leadership? Would they freak out?
  • What would Americans do if they knew that the Ukrainians were behind the Korean and Vietnam wars where we lost over 100,000 people? Should they freak out?
  • What would westerners do if they knew the Ukrainian emigres were behind almost 500,000 executions worldwide from 1950 through the 1980’s in the name of democracy and freedom? Could they freak out?
  • Can any group of American’s step on your rights to start a private war with another Sovereign Country? Did they ask your opinion about it? Would you freak out?
The Oldest Continuing WWII Nazi Governments

The UCCA and its umbrella the UWC represent the interests of the worlds Ukrainian diaspora. Pointedly, both organizations adhere to the same ultra-nationalist politic they did in the 1930’s- 1940’s World War 2.

Bandera’s direct relationship with the US was tenuous at best because of Bandera’s attempted assassination of sitting president Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the same time frame the assassination of the president was to occur, Bandera and his second in command Yaroslav Stetsko were arrested for trying to declare a Ukrainian state in Galicia.

Who was running the UPA and the OUNb while Bandera was in prison?

According to Institute of Historical research of the Lviv Institute, guest professor at the Central European Institute in Budapest, Senator and Chair of History of Ukraine Catholic Institute Jaroslav Gritsak, it was the emigres in the West. While Ukrainians in America were serving in the US armed forces during WWII, OUN leadership in America was cooperating with Bandera’s SS Battalions. In 1943 after Stalingrad, when it became apparent that Germany would lose the war, they started democratizing Bandera nationalism’s image. This was to make Ukrainian Nationalism more palatable for western democratic sensibilities in America.

The Bandera started rewriting their history prior to 1943. They became less anti-semitic, more anti- nazi, and leaning toward democracy. This tendency was noted throughout CIA documents that dealt with them and released under the Nazi War Crime Disclosure Act. The CIA saw through the ruse and the common theme- “the Bandera are lying again” goes across almost all documents.

After Bandera’s release in 1944, the emigres had to get him up to speed on what his organization was doing. Bandera promptly rejected any move toward democracy. By 1946, the CIA took note that the terrorist Stepan Bandera was the undisputed leader of the entire Ukrainian diaspora in America. “BANDERA is still the leader of the secret Ukrainian nationalist organization OUN, which controls UHWR, ABN, and UPA. BANDERA is considered as a successor to KONOVALETS. MELNYK is the head of a. small group of dissident OUN elements, mostly formerly’pro-German.”

One of his demands that the US State Department acquiesced to was inculcating nationalism in the entire diaspora. In 1953 Bandera was formally elected leader of the worldwide Diaspora. He was the leader until his death. By 1980, the US emigre population became recognized as solely represented by Bandera OUNb in their politics. They never were Democrats or Republicans. Ukrainian emigre children in America are still brought up to be Bandera ultra-nationalists.

By 1950’s America’s executive branch regretted dealing with them at all. From 1946- 1957 over 200,000 Ukrainian emigres flocked to American shores. Almost to the person they comprised the core of Bandera’s Nazi SS Battalions. The internal conversation for emigres in America shifted from whether a communist, monarchist, or nationalist made a better Ukrainian to who is a better, more committed Ukrainian nationalist/ultra-nationalist/nazi.

The Real Reason for the Korean and Vietnam Wars

The Bandera by this time included many national emigre groups the ABN auspice. The Polish-American Congress, Baltic emigres, and Eastern European emigre nations in exile were under Bandera’s leadership. The fledgling CIA underestimated the nationalist emigre population thinking it was only 500,000 people. This made the OUN’s first intervention in American politics easy.

One of the founders of the China Lobby and chief strategist Yaroslav Stetsko(Bandera’s second in command) brought the first million man march to Washington DC during the Eisenhower years. In one day the OUNb changed the course of American policy from recognizing China, to a policy which plunged the United States into the Korean war in which 50,000 American lives were lost. Syngman Rhee president of South Korea and Chiang Kai-shek president of Taiwan were both ultra-nationalist leaders and close partners of ABN leader Yaroslav Stetsko. Leading the way was Stetsko friend and co-nationalist, Senator Joe McCarthy.

The Luce-Hearst-Liebman-Stetsko China Lobby wasted no time ratcheting up the propaganda and political pressure in Congress and on the President to act. America could not let “democratic” South Korea fall to communism as it had done to Chiang’s China. Christian America went to war against the satanic Godless communists, or at least that was how it was sold.

The Real Reason for the Vietnam War

It is unquestionable that the men and women that served in these wars were heroes. President Johnson, who made the decision to go into the Vietnam war did so to protect Democracy. He just never said which democracy he was protecting. South Vietnam was an ultra-nationalist nation like 3rd Reich Germany or the Ukrainian Bandera envisioned. He sent our troops to put the question of a nationalist America off until a quieter time. Our soldiers protected American democracy at home.

[President Lyndon Johnson] later recalled: “I knew Harry Truman and Dean Acheson had lost their effectiveness from the day the Communists took over in China. I believed that the loss of China had played a large role in the rise of Joe McCarthy. And I knew that all these problems, taken together, were chickenxxxx compared with what might happen if we lost Vietnam.” VanDeMark, Brian (1995). Into the Quagmire: Lyndon Johnson and the Escalation of the Vietnam War. Oxford University Press . p. 25

In May 1964 the Asian Peoples Anti-Communist League (APACL), created and steered by Yaroslav Stetsko and Marvin Liebman asked for US help to bring the war to the communists and stated: “Every free nation should support the Republic of Vietnam, which is waging the war for the “freedom of the whole free world.” Its not surprising Ukraine is echoing these same words today.

Stetsko’s purpose was to surround the Soviet Union with Nationalist countries that would work actively to destroy both it and Russia by creating ultra national revolutions within the Soviet Union.

On August 2, 1964 the United States was at war in Vietnam.”

Bandera’s List of Accomplishments

This small list provides highlights on some of the pro-democracy work of the Bandera during the last 50 years. In all that time, the nationalists methods have never changed. Every leader other than Petliura and Bandera were under Yaroslav Stetsko’s leadership. Stetsko had become Congress’ leading anti-Communist expert.

  • Ukraine/Galicia- Simon Petliura- 50,000 civilians murdered in 1 year of power.Stepan Bandera, 500,000 civilians murdered including 200,000 Jews, 3,000,000 war prisoners starved to death in concentration camps.
  • South Korea – Syngman Rhee, in 1949 between 10-20,000 murders at Jeju Island. 1950 ordered 200,000 executions at Bodo Island, 1951 Geochang 719 executions including over 300 children
  • South Vietnam- Ngo Dim Diem-12,000 executions 1955-57, 40,000 jailed
  • Guatamala Death Squads-Fernando Romeo Lucas García, 1980’s- 200,000 executed
  • The Bosnian War- Over 100,000 killed.

Each of these projects were to set up Bandera’s friends as ultra-nationalist leaders in their respective countries.

Who are the Bandera?

In 1946 Bandera started the ABN and put his second in command Yaroslav Stetsko in charge of it. In 1949, CIA Director, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter in a letter to the Chairman of the Displaced Persons Committee made official a change in policy towards the OUN. He acknowledged that while the organization had collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War, its members were to be considered solely as anti-Soviets able to “find common ground with new partners.” The CIA Director did warn, however, that the Bandera faction was made up of extreme nationalists. This reclassification as anti-Soviet (better known as anti-communist) paved the way for a quiet nationalist invasion of the United States . The ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations) dominated US foreign policy for the entire cold war. Complementing this and giving it teeth, Stetsko helped form the China Lobby which became the most powerful lobby in modern US history.

The ABN grouped every ultra-nationalist or nazi “nation in exile” in the world together under one umbrella. In the USA it meant Stepan Bandera gained a large power voting bloc directly in the USA from the 1950’s until today. If you consider the article linked above, any local, regional, state, or national politician in the US that wants to get elected, needs a swing state, or needs real activist boots on the ground pays homage to the Bandera (formerly) ABN, emigre nationalists.

Bandera’s Political Weight in the US

When the first wave of Ukrainian nationalists arrived in America they set up corporations like credit unions and insurance companies to finance their nationalist agenda for the future. They didn’t need to wait very long.

The Bandera are profoundly more than Ukrainian Nationalists. The Ukrainian emigres lead them but at its peak the ABN represented over 100 nations including Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam.

In a letter to CIA Director Allen Dulles in 1958, Stetsko outlined a plan to rebuild the world into nationalist states submissive to US policy. Stetsko made it clear that he alone represented this constituency.

Now, when I am here it is my hope that you will agree on our coming together with the purpose to deliberate on concepts and strategy leading eventually to a strong and friendly alliance between the American people and the Russian captive nations I have the honor to represent.”

Stetsko closed the letter with- “I am on and off in Washington, testifying before the House of Un-American Activities Committee and the House Committee for Foreign Affairs, and I feel assured that you, sir, will find the time to give me an audience.”

Only a few years before this the Ukrainian Nationalists were the focus of HUACC investigations for Un-American activities. The order to change their status because of the start of the Cold War dropped the investigations in their tracks. When the Deputy Director forwarded the letter to Dulles he made a note that it was from Bandera’s chief lieutenant.

Bandera’s Nazis now determined WHO was a GOOD American and would do so in Congress for another 20 years. How many American lives and careers did they ruin? They became the engine behind Joseph McCarthy.

In July 1960, the nationalist emigre groups gained their first major victory in the fight to establish nationalism in America. New York City hosted the Stars and Stripes Gala Affair that punctuated the Captive Nations Week celebration. At the parade on the podium were every prominent Jewish leader, 87+ US Senators and US Congressman, New York’s mayor, the Governor, and the captive nations leaders which included at least seven former Third Reich SS officers. The nationalist Ukrainians marching in the parade were from Banderas army in WW2. (I wonder how many SS units were represented that day.)

How Much Political Impact do the Bandera Have?

After 1960, their impact on American politics grew because they were better organized. The emigre mainstay has always been Congress. The heaviest concentration and headquarters locations are marked by major cities in important political states. The most effective means they employ has been to donate heavily and provide people to political campaigns that promise to vote “for Ukraine/ Poland/ Latvia/ Guatamala/ etc.

In the 1970’s the Ukrainian faction bragged about delivering states to presidential candidates. The Polish faction was large enough to swing presidential elections by itself in the 1950’s. By the 1980’s they delivered their first presidency. Regardless of how you look at the Reagan years, it is now unquestionable how he attained the office in the first place.

How large is this group?

The CEEC which is the new umbrella group boasts over 20 million members across the country. They vote in bloc and for both congressmen and presidential candidates they can harness the funding of countries whose people they represent for your campaign. The caveat is you will vote against Russia at every opportunity and not mind their open Nazi ties.

Moytl’s model

Lets take Professor Moytl’s Ukrainian nationalist romance and inject it with reality. In the end, the facts bear out not a love story or even an infatuation. It’s a modern tragedy, not a love story. A young drug addicted girl kills her husband and children while stealing money for her next fix- would be closer to the truth.

The Ukrainian government today is acting like “the Ukrainians” always have, and always will. In the west, particularly in the US and Canada, its time to de-tooth this dragon. The Bandera (Ukrainian emigres) have broken the Anti-Genocide Law as well as the Neutrality Act starting the war in Ukraine. If you don’t think they are stepping on your rights to do this, how do you think we got here in the first place?

It’s time for the grownups to belly up to the table and demand explanations from both the emigres and our Congress.

Edited by Steven Gaal
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Hunts' Alien Presence

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