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JFK's Pearls: The Real History for the US legacy of Subterfuge from the Sinister side of Masons to rob America of its Freedom and Independence.

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JFK's Pearls: The Real History for the US legacy of Subterfuge from the Sinister side of Masons to rob America of its Freedom and Independence.

The US has been exploited just as FDR said the English did to India and everywhere their corrupt system was used to rob citizens of their resources and leave them empty and and distraught. This same process is happening to America today, similar to what England did to India's resources and wealth, leaving them in poverty and little education.

Once anyone learns of the massive differences between the Mason FDR and Mason Truman, you spot a prime motive for the murder of FDR. FDR had his "Four Freedoms" ideals and at the time of his death he was about to task the US Navy to invade areas like Hong Kong, Algeria, Vietnam and take them out of any Colonial type rule or domination. FDR intended to partner with Russia and Stalin and install world peace and place England under International Control to stop their Imperial money control games.

These FDR and Truman Differences were much the same as the Founding Fathers views of parting with English Imperialism as they broke the Colonies Free and set up Freedom and Independence as the Constitution of the US.

FDR was like the US Founding Fathers and Truman went in the total opposite directions from FDR, aligned with Churchill's Imperialism, and dropped the bombs on Japan and set up the Cold war for English Imperialism. English Mason Imperialism seeks wars for expansion and hates equalization of wealth in any fashion. They support Royalist Imperialism.

This process made the Oak Ridge Y-12 Masons rich building 40,000 nuclear weapons and many MIRV systems for rockets for the cold war.

Now, one can see why the US wanted to break up the OSS which had persons in it like Kermit Roosevelt (FDR's Son) and many others that had backed the FDR plan on Four Freedoms and anti-Colonialism. In other for the Imperialist Masons Truman and Churchill methods to win, Mason Hoover called for the dissolution of the OSS and plugged the Mason Truman CIA into its place so that the Masons Truman and Churchill methods of a sly game of English Imperialism could take shape along the lines of Germany's IG Farben corporation methods. This was a system of massive private wealth making the corporations that shielded wealth and basically had the Royalist / Imperialist wealth pull the chains for ruling over countries and basically restored rule by Colonialism reinvented by hidden strings to massive wealth. Such are the ways of the Masons Hidden Hands in support of domination over America.

Today, the world's wealth is in the hands of very few and they allot money to banks that then own corporations that then pass money to elect the politicians they want to serve them and not the American People.

As JFK entered the picture when this system had grown tremendously, it was called the Mil / Ind Network and part was controls from Masons in Texas and California, and part the Mason controlled CIA and FBI via Dulles and Hoover. These all conspiring against the American People's best interests and instead helping the Imperialism and massive wealth that held Americans hostage via extreme economic wealth.

What few Americans fail to recognize is there was one more casualty of WWII. The first was Germany and Hitler, the second was Japan, and the third was American's Freedom and Independence due to economic domination and killing good people like FDR and later JFK.

JFK went after some of the power that had the US in the grips of oligarchy when he put in the Ex. Order 11110 to make the US Notes replace the Federal Reserve money. JFK also went after the wealth of Texas big oil and the games of Communism rebel rousing coming from Mason Murchison and tied with Joe McCarthy..

It was all this previous Mason history that is sorely missing to get to the bottom of the JFK hit to keep control over America. The Masons have an extremely sinister side that hides behind charity and lower members ignorance. That sinister side of the Masons is tied to Booth, who shot Lincoln, and got Mason Andrew Johnson of Tennessee into the White House, who then turned around and set free the extremely English Mason Albert Pike game of taking over America from within using the schemes of Scottish Rite Masonry to corrupt the ideas of the Founding Father Masons. Masons formerly had only three steps to become Educated in the ways of Freedom and Independence and the many problem issues associated with religions.

The sinister side of the Mason's 33 step Scottish Rite take folks down the pathway for Tubal Cane worship and those alchemists intent on poisoning the world for their gain and also building metal weapons for conquests and continual wars. Such a system begot the system of Nimrod and the false Trinity concepts of KJV bibles, that Masons hawk to the world and supplement with the Oxford Scofield Interpretations for wanting wars. This system backed the big evangelism efforts of mega-Churches of recent times.

When anyone begins to notice these factors one discovers that history is really corrupted by the Victors and in this more recent case that the corruption of the history keeps America Enslaved to the Massive Corrupt want to dominate and use America's wealth for their own designs of Wars for a NWO. And this not that for the Peace that FDR sought, that JFK sought, and that which returns American to real Freedom and Independence for the masses, not only in the US, but for the world. This real history is valuable, but most of America has been denied this real history. With the real history in hand, Americans can better form a more perfect union and seriously vie for world peace.

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Dave: Tubalcane is well known for the 33rd Degree Masons and they have a little symbol that looks like two balls and a cane for their allegorical symbol in public. It is usually a collar button type thing.

Pat: My sources are things like the book that FDR's son wrote. Lots of the Masonic web pages that speak to their membership.

None of which comes from Lyndon LaRouche..



Hi Pres. Trump,
I think JFK found being Pres was harder than he thought also!
Our Pal Roger Stone has pretty much figured out that Jack Ruby, Mac Wallace, and Jim Braden were the directors for the JFK hit, and they used Chicago Mafia shooters in the Dal-Tex, TSBD, and GN to kill JFK, all while LHO was on the front steps to the TSBD.
LHO was ratting out a bunch of rogue CIA and Mafia types and he had to be silenced. It is pretty easy as Braden was Dallas' Murchison/Hunt hired gun, Ruby was LBJ Mafia hit man stalking LHO around the TSBD and DPD, and Mac Wallace was LBJ's well known killer that left his finger prints in the TSBD.
Such is well known now thanks to Roger Stone and lots of others that dug out the facts.
So, please do admit what happened officially on the JFK hit, so the world can learn and work for peace and transparency to make all Safer. imho
Edited by Jim Phelps
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