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Oswald and Japan

Larry Hancock

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Bill Kelly forwarded this new study to me last evening and I expect its something that will get a lot of attention here. The link is below.

Personally I'm glad tht it addresses a lot of issues I have had with the U-2 myth - in one place and thoroughly. It also digs into Epstein's

work which misled a lot of us in the early days. And it provides information from Jack Swike, a friend of mine whose work is little

discussed - and who surfaced a mystery concerning photos purported to be by Oswald of Marine fighters at a base in the northwest

where Oswald was never stationed nor traveled. That's not discussed in this report; you would have to go to his book for it.

The study can be reached at this link:


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Thanks for the link, this seems to be a very fair-minded study that will provide food for thought for researchers of all persuasions.

Yes I can see points on both sides.

Lets try the CT side.

  1. Epstein/JJA (the CT side believe they are connected at the hip) promote via disinformation LHO as a commie defector. PER KEVIN COOGAN article post # 1
  2. Richard Case Nagell states LHO trying to get Communist Japanese asset over to USA side.
  3. If I believe point 1 ,then point 2 is made to look more solid and true as LHO is acting in a CE manner under JJA.
  4. Mr. Parnell ,Dick Russell writes his first JFK assassination article in 1975 and then receives a 'special' letter with inside info that Willoughby did the Elm St deal.
  5. I know of other researchers contacted by people claiming 'special' info on the assassination that seem to always lead away from the CIA.
  6. CTKA found money links between McAdams and the intelligence services.
  7. It seems that after 50 plus years there still is a disinformation campaign. GAAL
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Enjoyed the read.....loved this footnote:

"15 ‘Left’ critics of the Warren Commission argue that the CIA gave Oswald information on the U-2 so that he could pass it to the Soviets who used the knowledge to shoot down Powers’ plane and thus ruin a planned Paris summit meeting between Eisenhower and Khrushchev in Paris in May 1960. In effect, the CIA pulled off a back door sabotage of détente. Of course, Oswald defected to Russia in October 1959.

‘Right’ critics of the Warren Commission like Epstein argue that Oswald gave the Russians key U-2 secrets because Oswald was a Soviet agent. Hence, the ‘Left’ accuses the Warren Commission of covering up Oswald’s CIA ties while the ‘Right’ denounces the Warren Commission for failing to expose Oswald’s KGB pedigree. To make their respective cases, both sides have to have Oswald give the Russians significant information about the U-2"

What if both are true?

Sort of like Oswald's back yard photo....two magazines.....two different perspectives.....Oswald in the middle.

Jim Root

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