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Stephen King's miniseries 11.22.63

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I expect James DiEugenio & other noted, respected JFK researchers/authors/webmasters will smell the snake oil in this mini-series & squeeze every last drop of it out for the global public to see & avoid. As for me, for playing me as a dumb chump on this topic, I, in turn, shall punish Mr. King by keeping my hard earned money in my pocket whenever I see his name on products for sale to the public.


yes indeed! Actually his writing has suffered the last 10 years. Nowhere near what it use to be! (emphasis in Brad's post: mine)

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Isn't it interesting that after Franco saves JFK, the world goes totally to hell?

In this new history, Nixon becomes the next president after JFK. They don't say what

happened to the USA, or when, but JFK's presidency was most likely a complete failure

because his 1960 opponent Nixon is next elected. Obviously, the public realized that

they should have elected RMN instead of JFK!

According to the story, the *only* historical change was that JFK was NOT assassinated,

and went on to serve a second term. This places the blame for the horrific conditions

in the USA squarely on JFK. He is the catalyst for disaster.

The lesson taught here by the not too subtle Mr. King; is that JFK's murder was actually

a good thing for the country. Kinda makes me think of the upper level SS's well publicized

assertion that due to JFK's "reckless" behavior and "death wish" it was not the SS fault

that JFK was assassinated. It was JFK himself who was responsible for his own death.

Perhaps the government cover-up was to hide the fact that he actually shot *himself* in the

head -- yet another "lone gunman..."

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