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what heads do...

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i realize it's an ongoing debate between all us amateur physicists, and that the matter has likely been settled once and for all to the satisfaction of each side,


just in case anyone has forgotten, here's a pretty definitive example of what heads do, in general, when hit by a bullet (also note a familiar red 'cloud')...

https://vine.co/v/OtdZrwOZPX9 (caution: graphic imagery and an explicit four-letter word or two...)

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What kind of bullet would have been used here?

More than likely a 5.56x45mm M855 fired from an M-16. This bullet is designed to tumble and break apart after travelling a short distance through soft tissue. I will be discussing this bullet in the thread "wound Ballistics" but, for now, this article should provide you with good reading.


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