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@David Von Pein: Thank you , David. I'll give them a try out. I can't imagine the horror you might sometimes feel in safeguarding all your JFK online material. I suspect the more online users that have downloaded your videos & audios could also get you back on your feet quickly should you ever suffer a catastrophic loss of data files (something I wouldn't wish on anyone).

@ Mark: I can't count the number of CD's & DVD data discs I've burned over the years that fail to read what I burned on different PC's equipped with different brand burners. External HD's or flash memory sticks are the fasted, most reliable means of saving data IMHO. They will save you the misery of looking at a mountain of CD & DVD data discs that worked great on your old PC, but just sit there & smirk at you when you try to use them on your new PC. At some point in time, most PC's shelf life will expire unexpectedly. Free online storage drives consume a tremendous amount of time to put the data online or retrieve it, but it's there & available for use if you don't have other available options. Keep in mind, the tornado that sucked up & tossed into the air the van down by the river that I live in might not ever do the same to you & your spot at a different river, but it's possible (smile).

@ Ramon:

Quote: 'Brad Milch, on 18 Aug 2016 - 4:17 PM, said:

Dan got on Mr. Trump for his '2nd amendment people' comments 'taking care of Hillary Clinton'. Dan interpreted those comments to mean Mr. Trump suggested violence against Mrs. Clinton.

Brad Milch

Brad: Are you saying that Mr. Trump is not cognizant and irresponsible for the consequences of his words?



Interpretation takes on many faces depending on the opinions, attitudes & life experiences of the interpreter. Someone might interpret Eric Clapton as the greatest guitarist of all time, while others may hear in Eric's music nothing but clarinet riffs of genius clarinetists (such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw & Pete Fountain) copied & recorded in a guitar style. IOW, re-worked riffs fed back in a style so as not to expose the music has been copied from an artist not credited (or re-imbursed financially). This was the case in the lawsuit concerning Led Zepplin recently: some heard in 'Stairway to Heaven' a song previously composed & recorded by the rock band Spirit's lead guitarist Randy California, 'Taurus'. In that case, the jury did not agree.

Politicians like Mr. Trump & Mrs. Clinton are surrounded by highly paid people that compose a lot of what they both say & do in public. Nothing is left to chance, IMHO. If the public interprets either or both politicians as a threat of some type, the politician probably will lose that vote, regardless of damage control.

From my experience in working in National Defense, I was constantly encouraged to vote Republican by my superiors, regardless of the party's Nominee. Why? Republicans are historically strong on defense spending, while Democrats historically aren't. IOW, voting Democrat might put me & my peers out of work. That's precisely what happened to a lot of my co-workers when Bill Clinton was elected POTUS. Most of us career employees ended up tossed to & scattered to the wind.

Politicians like Mr. Trump & Mrs. Clinton remind me of 'window shopping'. On the other side of the store's glass, my eyes observe an object I can't afford & will never come close to touching, much less owning. After a lifetime of this visual torture, I began to appreciate simpler things that don't require wealth, such as feeding the ducks at the pond in the park. IOW, most of us will never know the luxury of having our own airplane that can whisk us anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. On the other hand, all of us can feed ducks at the park, regardless of what's in our wallets.

I don't take any politician seriously until homeless & hungry Americans are helped out of their unfortunate, cruel misery. Each homeless shopping cart I see stashed under an Interstate bridge reminds me that some elected official somewhere in the USA has turned their backs on the people they swore to represent, protect & serve. The danger & damage is in what they do & don't do, not what they say, IMHO.

Dan Rather recently interpreted Mr. Trump's comments differently than I did, but then again, we lead dramatically different lives. I seriously doubt the expensive San Antonio hotel Rather made his Trump comments at would let me walk into the lobby without demanding I leave. Dan has a fat wallet of 70 million dollars; I don't. As with all wealthy persons, they & I will leave this world with the same thing we entered it with: nothing. Only then does it all balance out.

Interpretation is a subject that is dear to a multitude of Education Forum posters & lurkers. For many (myself included), the early late Jack White visual interpretations of the JFK photographic evidence (Jack believed all of it was tampered with) & the counter-interpretations of that evidence is what attracted me to the Education Forum. At the time, JFK Lance was pushing their interpretation of the JFK visuals as all trustworthy; Jack White's interpretations ran in the complete opposite direction here at Education Forum & also Deep Politics.

Those classic interpretation battles still reside in my memory banks.

Len Osanic touches on the importance of Jim DiEugenio's interpretations expressed in James' many online reviews in this week's Black Op Radio interview with the esteemed Mr. DiEugenio. Len is 'spot on' with me, I could care less what Dan Rather thinks, I'm more interested in what James interprets in what Dan Rather said & did in his long trail of CBS News TV Specials that assured the public the same thing that David Von Pein says today: LHO did it. Dan Rather admits in those TV specials that his mission to convince the global public that LHO murdered JFK unassisted & un-influenced failed in the number of people that believed otherwise, then & now. The enormous amount of money invested in Mr. Rather's interpretations of the JFK ambush & murder was, to quote Casey Anthony, 'a huge waste'.

I'm sure many of Ed Forum vocal members & silent visitors feel the same way too.

Best always,

Brad Milch

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