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The1975 CBS Special

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This should be watched in conjunction with my article based on Roger Feinman's documents showing how in the tank CBS was on the JFK case.

BTW, according to Roger, the reason Rather is the talking head in this one is because Cronkite refused to do it.


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Jim DiEugenio.

I have been reading more and more of your essays.

I am learning more from them than any other single writer's work.

A comment on Walter Cronkite.

His lifetime acceptance of the WC Lone Gunman conclusion and his dismissive even condescending tone regards anyone who didn't always struck me as suspiciously weird.

One would think that after having LBJ himself tell Cronkite one-on-one, face to face that -

" I've never been completely relieved of the fact that there might have been international connections" regards the JFK murder

that this incredible statement by LBJ ( versus the WC lone gunman finding ) would have blown Cronkite and his acceptance of the WC finding away.

How could Cronkite hear this from LBJ and not re-think his blind acceptance of the WC and their finding?

I would love for some highly experienced body language experts to watch that LBJ/ Cronkite interview video and hear what they have to say about LBJ's body language and facial expressions during it.

I have hardly ever seen anyone act so nervous and shifting and closing their eyes and refusing to make direct eye contact and hesitating and halted speech than LBJ in that interview. I am no expert and yet I think I see someone who is so troubled by what they are saying they look and act like they need a sedative.

But, it doesn't make sense that after that interview and personally hearing LBJ say those remarkable doubts about the WC finding that Walter Cronkite could not doubt this himself.

Cronkite actually said in one interview that one cannot accept that there was a conspiracy in the JFK affair because it was just too "Machiavellian."

WHAT ???

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Way to go, James!!!!

Once again, James DiEugenio knocks the ball out of the park with bases loaded...

I urge all serious JFK students to download this 4 part program & make safety copies. YouTube has a reputation for unexpectedly deleting user uploads without warning.

I have a friend in New Zealand & another in Australia that have assured me they both secured the program via their country's library system on both VHS & DVD formats & intend to upload on Y/Tube once their conversion to digital is completed. Until that happens, this is the route to travel.

FWIW, here's some personal reflections on this subject:

Somehow, this program fell thru the cracks for me. Sandwiched in between the end of Watergate, the resignation & pardon of Richard Nixon & the death of Elvis Presley during his pathetic 'fat Elvis' end period, I don't remember watching it on TV or even reading any promos about it. It's a rare gem indeed.

Congressman Henry B. Gonzales, appearing in the CBS program, spiked my immediate interest. I can remember voting for Mr. Gonzales & noticing no one ran against him. How often have you seen that in political elections? Mr. Gonzales was that well loved & respected by his constituents. Under his belt were 4 military bases in San Antonio, Texas: Kelly AFB, Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston Army Medical Center & Brooks Air Force Base. A high number of Hispanics bought homes & educated their kids in colleges from money they earned while employed at Mr. Gonzales' many military installations.

Despite his spotless Congressional record, Mr. Gonzales fell out of favor with Washington insiders/power elite when he announced in the Congressional record that Kelly Air Force Base was being used to secretly fly arms to the Contras. Following that announcement, the IRS audited the esteemed Congressman but found no dirt on him. I don't think anyone ever found any dirt to use against Mr. Gonzales. Imagine what a wonderful POTUS he would have made (sigh).

Following Congressman Gonzales' death, two of his bases were closed by the Base Relocation Action Committee (BRAC) in the mid 1990's. Those bases were Kelly AFB & Brooks AFB. Then President Bill Clinton ('slick Willie') had the power to override the BRAC, but he didn't. The work was transferred to military installations in Oklahoma, Utah, Georgia & Ohio (primarily). Career civilian workers were given an option to relocate or hit the gates. Many, weary of being treated like outside invaders when they arrived at their new duty stations, resigned or retired early. I was caught up in that turmoil.

Congressman Gonzales reportedly was one of the assassination witnesses that smelled gun smoke as his motorcade car was driven through the 'kill zone'. Kelly AFB was the base that JFK used to depart his San Antonio visit on 21 Nov, 1963. Mr. Gonzales not only heard the shots, he witnessed JFK's lifeless body being removed from his parade car at Parkland.

During the Presidency of Jimmy Carter, he signed into law the Veteran's Readjustment Act. That law later would enable me to gain employment as a Viet Nam Vet pursuing a college degree at Kelly AFB (same base Bill Clinton more or less closed down). Years later, Clinton's wife is now asking for my vote.

Karma, Hillary, is rough justice (lol). Karma is said to be a woman too...


Brad Milch

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BTW, in just the opening moments of this special, it already loses all credence.

First, Rather says that the Indochina War created cynicism about our system. Well Dan, if Kennedy had not been killed, there would have been no war in Vietnam.

Then he says, well Watergate did a lot to damage the government's credibility also. Danny, did no one at that great CBS news department notice that there were similarities of persons involved in JFK and Watergate, like Helms, Hunt, McCord, and Sturgis?

Then, he utters a complete whopper quarter pounder. He says that in 1967, CBS did what it could to prove the WC was incorrect.


Danny, we have the documents today. Via the late Roger Feinman, who CBS fired because he urged a fair approach in the JFK case. You guys did no such thing. You rigged the deck from the start in every way. From your choice of consultants to the editing of the series.

We got the goods on you man. Quit lying about it.

Edited by James DiEugenio
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I noticed the 1975 CBS TV special features Abraham Zapruder demonstrating his filming spot in the wrong location; not on the North pergola 'pedestal' but in the center of the pergola at ground level.

This weekend, I intend to scrutinize this long sought after TV special with Mr. DiEugenio's CBS TV special reports exposes in hand. It's much better to have the actual visuals to demonstrate what the author is stating in their expose analysis. I am also curious about when key players like Zapruder, Hoover & LBJ died in relation to when the TV special was originally broadcast.

@Jim DiEugenio:

Deadpan Dan appeared on one of San Antonio's local TV stations earlier this week from a expensive local hotel near the famous Riverwalk. There was enough food laid out on his breakfast table that could have easily fed 15 people. Multi-millionaires that are worth 70 million big dead Presidents earned from selling the 'LHO did it' fable can live life like that; most of us can only look at it on TV & wish our lives were different (sigh). Dan got on Mr. Trump for his '2nd amendment people' comments 'taking care of Hillary Clinton'. Dan interpreted those comments to mean Mr. Trump suggested violence against Mrs. Clinton.

When unselfish JFK researchers/authors/filmmakers/webmasters, etc. share rare finds (like James DiEugenio did at the beginning of this thread), it gives all the opportunity to obtain that file/files should it suddenly disappear from public reach on the Internet. Each time this happens, the person sharing the info earns the right to a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize IMHO.

Thank you, Jim!


I use the free YTD video downloader to download videos from YouTube. Speedbit also has a free video downloader, but I've had it hang up on me more times than YTD. YTD has a resume function, so if you experience the video downloading process slow down or freeze, close the software & when you re-open the program again while on an active Internet connection, the software will resume where it left off.

Once the video has downloaded, to make safety copies, simply right click on the video file & select 'copy'. Now paste the copied video file into a different folder than the one the original is located. If you forget to paste into another folder, you'll be flagged to rename the copied video or keep it with the added [1] placed on the file extension (if you're pressed for time). You can always go back & rename the file later & remove the [1]. For my tired old laptop, I use a download frame width of 480 pixels, frame height of 360 pixels, frame rate of 29 or 30 frames per second. I usually receive an .mp4 file. Currently .flv files won't work in Windows Movie Maker (you'll have to convert the file into another format). At 480/360, I get a great picture & audio at full screen. If your PC or notebook can handle the larger Hi-Def files, they have the best quality. Keep in mind it takes longer to download Hi-Def files (the file sizes are larger) & underpowered PCs will probably have trouble playing the files back because of processor & memory limitations.

Speedbit works great when converting from one video format to another. Google 'YTD video downloader' or 'Speedbit video downloader/converter' to get both company's latest website addresses. The download instructions will appear at both Home pages.

Bandicam is another free program that is a video/audio capture. It comes in handy if your video downloaders fail to work for any given reason (some websites such as Fox News, CBS News, CNN, etc. won't let a video downloader download streaming video, for example). You can still 'grab' the video or audio with Bandicam. The free version adds a small watermark to the top of the 'grabbed' video, otherwise video & sound quality is exactly the same as the original video. The free version only gives a user 10 minutes of record time, so you'll have to stop the recording & restart it in increments of around 10 minutes. Later, when time permits, you can join the segments together in a video editor (such as Windows Movie Maker).

For a great, free video player that will play just about anything posted anywhere on the Internet, VLC media player is tough to beat. It won't send you chasing after video or audio codecs like Windows Media Player is notorious for. It has lots of handy tools for modifying the video's audio too.

All of these programs are free. They all have worked great for me. If you do encounter a video/audio file that your player does not recognize, place the file in a 'problem video/audio' folder & try converting it to another format in Speedbit. That usually fixes the problem for me. On occasion, I have resorted to simply deleting the problem file & looking for a different format of it elsewhere on the Internet.

By all means, stick with software you are comfortable with. The worst time to try out new software is when you are tired & your spouse is in a bad mood. A weekend when you are alone works best. There are plenty of skilled PC users here at Ed Forum that will help you through any problem issues you may encounter. Everything I've listed here can be quickly downloaded from the appropriate software's website. Locate that quickly in Google search.

Keep in mind, Steve, that there was quite an uproar over the Windows 10 free release as users quickly discovered much of the operating system & its' various apps are rigged to 'spy' on its Internet users. Much of the data collected is collected by Bing search. There are a multitude of websites that instruct Windows 10 users on how to turn off Microsoft data trackers built into the operating system. Most Internet users tend to blame the software they are using for slow or incomplete downloads, when the culprit really is Windows 10 slowing things down by sending tracking data back to Microsoft. On top of that, hacking is now a global problem. Each semester at universities around the globe, those skilled in computer science often use their knowledge in harmful ways. The days of being online all day & all night with no one screwing around with you & your Internet connection are long gone...

To avoid losing your data files (should your PC ever die, be stolen, become damaged or otherwise fail) , it's good practice to store your files on a source outside your PC, such as external, flash or online storage drives.

Don't sell any files you downloaded from the Internet & you shouldn't run into any copywrite infringement issues. A lot of music video files on the Internet include a 'Fair Use' disclaimer either on the video or in the video's remarks section on the web page it appears on. Keep one of those handy for reference. Your neighbor that hates your guts & wants to sue you for mowing your lawn & interrupting his sleep probably won't because you might countersue & force him to pay for both your attorney fees & his (lol). Then again, we live in a 'sue happy' country.

Best wishes,

Brad Milch

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"I urge all serious JFK students to download this 4 part program & make safety copies." What is the procedure for doing this? Thanks

This is the easiest way to download YouTube videos, Steve. Just add the letters "ss" before "youtube", like this:


Wait a few seconds, ignore the ads (offers for similar but paid services) and click on "Download".


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Dan got on Mr. Trump for his '2nd amendment people' comments 'taking care of Hillary Clinton'. Dan interpreted those comments to mean Mr. Trump suggested violence against Mrs. Clinton.

Brad Milch

Brad: Are you saying that Mr. Trump is not cognizant and irresponsible for the consequences of his words?


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I downloaded the video's and i am going to burn them to DVD'S

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