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Chuck Marler's New JFK Documentary

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Compare this, just one guy working with his computer and apps, with that garbage CBS spewed out:

I don't agree with everything in it, but it is a much more honest effort than the CBS propaganda piece.


That is a great summary of the most salient points. The guy does a very good, matter-of-fact presentation. Just imagine the job he could do with fancier tools/material at his disposal.

Do you know Chuck Marler? How can I get in touch with him?



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As I said, I don't agree with everything on it, but I think overall its pretty respectable.

IF you PM me I can get you in contact with him.

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At 38:50 he puts Carolyn Arnold's observation forward as critical, yet he makes a huge mistake in connecting C.A.;'s statement with an observation in the Domino Room whereas it should have been connected to the 2nd floor lunch room.

1/ That lunchroom was filled with women at 12 and there after, no one ever mentioned seeing Oswald sitting inside that lunch room at that time, nor did they mention it when they left it together (!) to see the motorcade.

2/ Carolyn Arnold made this statement in the late 70's to various people such as the National Enq. (still looking for the actual piece btw), A. Summers and Earl Golz, These were interviews and she did them when she became known during the HSCA hearings and vehemently denied her primary statement was actually truthful (the one where she stated she thought she saw a glimpse of LHO on the first floor) and that was just before the motorcade passed by. C.A. was not called up as a witness for the W.C. and her initial statement was buried and found by Weisberg.

3/The 2nd floor lunch room was for office personnel only and besides workers getting a drink they had no business in there, they had their own lunch room on the first floor called the Domino Room

I could go on but this guy bit of more than he can chew.

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One important detail Chuck (in addition to numerous JFK analysts, researchers, authors, filmmakers & TV documentary makers) left out of his presentation was that the area behind the stockade fence was where Sheriff Bill Decker's deputies & office staff parked their cars. The Sheriff's office was directly across the street from the JFK 'kill zone' in the Dallas county jail (Criminal Courts building). Decker charged a monthly fee for his employees to park their cars behind the stockade fence & furnished them with a duplicate key to the gate. Anyone with the key could have parked their car back behind the stockade fence.

Initial responding investigators made a list of the license plate numbers of the vehicles parked in Bill Decker's employees car park that disappeared.

Bill Decker (along with Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry) were a stone's throw away from Decker's office when Altgens photo #7 was taken by James Altgens. Had Decker got out out of Jesse Curry's white Ford, run up the back side of the triple underpass, passed Dan Rather (if he was really where he claims he was), crossed the train tracks on top of the underpass, Decker would have been standing in the area he ordered his officers to report to.

Other important left out details: One of Decker's deputies was reportedly stationed on top of the county jail with a high powered police rifle during the ambush of JFK & a 'sabot' cartridge was reportedly found by the air conditioner units on top of the Records Building by a technician post-assassination.

The Robert Hughes film depicts several people walking back in the direction of Decker's office while most others were rushing towards the grassy knoll area.

Early TV news coverage of JFK's murder failed to mention these details to the global public. The NBC & CBS JFK TV news special reports that followed the release of the Warren Report failed also failed to mention them as well. The 1st generation of JFK investigative journalists (such as Penn Jones) were responsible for finding & reporting those facts of the case (and others) to the global public.

In summary, when anyone talks about the grassy knoll, they are talking about Sheriff Bill Decker's employee car park behind the wooden, stockade fence some witnesses heard gunfire or gun smoke (or both) originate from during the ambush of JFK 53 years ago.

Brad Milch

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