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For Debate - The Hairline Spot Seen in the Autopsy Photo

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17 hours ago, Chris Davidson said:

The elevation of the handrail on top of the triple underpass is 428.4ft

The street elevation of z313 is 418.48ft

This means you are only 9.92ft higher up on the triple overpass than the z313 street location.

It also means you are 9.92ft - 3.27ft (JFK's head height above street) 6.65ft higher up than the top of his head at z313.





In other words, picture the top of JFK's head height, landing below his chin in this photo.

The angle is not possible shooting over the bubbletop support from the triple underpass into JFK's head at 3.27ft above the ground in extant z313.

A more likely location would be between the extended red lines with JFK plotted at z313.

Just picture the guy standing up in the limo facing towards a shooter right before he get's shot in the right temple.







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Thanks Robin after seeing CDs clip I  can't  imagine  a shot from  there now.

Sure would  be  nice  to  know  what that black dot is in autopsy  photo. With Chessers  recent work and JD saying the funeral  guy plugged  a  temple  hole  it does  get  you  wondering.

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On 12/3/2017 at 2:26 AM, Andrej Stancak said:


I like your comments in various threads and appreciate your interest in resolving the assassination case. However, I find your video showing the execution of a man in an orange dress, resembling an ISIS execution, as horrible and distressing. I would like you to remove the video or the part showing the execution. If you would like to make your point about the type of entry wound, please describe it and maybe use a screenshot of only the entry wound from some other gunshot case, maybe from a forensic book. This website is about restoring justice and humanity which had been shattered by three murders, and we cannot use crimes to illustrate our cases. Thanks for considering my request.

This man ain't no Texan!  :P

If the video serves a useful purpose (like showing what a human head does when hit by a high powered rifle) I think the file should remain. Though there certainly should be a warning.


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59 minutes ago, Robin Unger said:

It appears to me that the damage was done to the " TOP " of the skull, which extended across to the right side, just above the ear.





Wow, what an excellent photo. I always wondered what was going on up there at the top of the head. I thought it was remaining hair and scalp attached to bone fragments. But with this high resolution photo it appears to me to be some kind of embalmer's wax with strands of hair embedded in it.

Makes no sense to me.


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