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David Talbot on New Essay from attorney Dan Hardway

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David Talbot posted this on Facebook today:

I just received an important new essay from attorney Dan Hardway, one of the heroes of the JFK truth battle. As a young staff investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970s, Dan learned from first-hand experience what it's like to go up against the country's national security fortress in the interests of democracy and transparency. All concerned Americans should read this and take action along the lines Dan suggests. As Dan points out, it's not just the fact that the government is still withholding thousands of pages of JFK documents in violation of the law that is the outrage -- it's the countless redactions and even missing pages in the documents that have been supposedly "released in full" by the CIA and other agencies.

Here's a key excerpt from Dan's essay -- I'll post a link to the entire article as soon as it's published.

Legendary CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton set the strategy in 1964. "Jim would prefer to wait out the Commission," as one CIA memo about Warren Commission inquiries put it. The CIA is still doing that as well as running its propaganda campaign against anyone who questions the lone-nut theory, the agency's "best truth" according to CIA official historian David Robarge.

There has been no explanation, let alone a presidential certification, that the massive redactions in these "released in full" JFK documents meet any of the mandatory exemptions that allow withholding. No identifiable harm is specified. No rationale is given as to why the secrets protected outweigh the public interest in disclosure. These files are not in compliance with the law no matter what the mainstream media says. They are an in-your-face flipped bird to the American public. They basically tell us that the CIA is saying that they don't have to comply with the law of the land and that they will not tell us their secrets and that there is nothing we can do about it.

I've been here before. It was in a small room in CIA Headquarters in late 1978. I had been fighting to see a file generated by the CIA debriefing of Johnny Roselli (the Mafia liaison with the CIA). Agency officers Scott Breckinridge and George Joannides had just handed me a highly redacted file that violated the HSCA/CIA Memorandum of Understanding mandating unexpurgated access by HSCA to CIA files. They stood by, grinning, as they watched my reaction upon opening the file to find it largely expurgated. They were grinning so hard because they knew they had waited out the HSCA and there was nothing I could do about it. The Angleton strategy still worked. It is still working today.

This (redacted and limited) release not only demonstrates that the Angleton strategy is still being applied. It also illustrates the point I have been making about what they are covering up. There may well be nothing we can do about it. It appears our lawmakers are spineless in the face of the intelligence community. Joseph Burkholder Smith, a retired CIA officer, told me and Gaeton Fonzi in 1978, “You represent Congress. What the xxxx is that to the CIA? You’ll be gone in two years and the CIA will still be there.” To paraphrase that to fit the situation in which we now find ourselves: “You are the people that Congress supposedly represents. What’s that to the CIA? You’ll forget about it in a few weeks or so.”

But I won’t. I wrote a letter to my Senator yesterday before I saw the travesty that was the day’s release of JFK documents by NARA. Probably a futile gesture, but one I had to take anyway.

At this point all I can do is try to tell the truth about this whole state of affairs. I also encourage you to not take this insult to your intelligence and ability to govern yourselves without reaction. Do something. If nothing else, circulate this article to everyone you know. Refuse to accept the cancer of secrecy that destroys our liberty and ability to govern ourselves. Get involved. Get informed. Stay informed. Read and follow http://2017jfk.org/home/ and http://jfkfacts.org/. Join the AARC at http://aarclibrary.org/aarc-membership/. Join CAPA at http://capa-us.org/membership/. If those who exercise the power in this country have such blatant contempt for the law, then the time for serious peaceful civil disobedience may be upon us. Get the word out. Don’t be silent any longer. This is not an issue of the left or the right. Do something. Say something. And don’t stop until you are heard.

Citizens dedicated to upholding the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act in 2017
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3 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

"sAnd so it goes. What is the point of our continued sharing here if we can't tackle the biggest problem together? .

The point is "we" are trying to tackle or at least counter that biggest problem.  Other than a very few other websites that is not being done. 

Mary Ferrell, but it's mainly informational.  One has to be curious and look. https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Main_Page.html

KennedysandKing  Once again Very informative but you have to be curious about the subject, and willing to read.  https://www.kennedysandking.com/

Jfkfacts.  Great commentary, you can do so too if approved, but no discussion.  http://jfkfacts.org/

Other than individual facebook pages you will not find much disputing the official main stream media support of the original U S Government.

David Talbot, Dan Hardway, Jeff and Jim or Jim and Jeff, many other researchers, Mr. Caddy, and even commenters like you an maybe I still fight the good fight.

The search for Truth.

It's about the only alternative for the few of the 60 plus percent of U S Citizens who still don't believe the official story.

Thanks to Mr. Simkin for starting it and those who've kept it going.

Edited by Ron Bulman
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Ron - I only meant that what Hardaway ( or is it Hardway?) is proposing makes sense. We should publicly unite and attempt to lobby collectively for media attention and Congressional representation. 

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3 minutes ago, Andrew Prutsok said:

Thanks Mr. Caddy, Hardway was the Attorney I contacted you about recently, who was from W.Va. His office is in Cowen, a 500-population mountain town, 25 miles from where I grew up in Bumphuk.

Andrew: Am pleased this mystery was solved...and quickly. Shows once again what a small world it is. -- Doug

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10 hours ago, Douglas Caddy said:

It's Hardway, Paul.

The attached article explains it much better than I can.  It's important, anybody concerned about where the USA is today should read it.

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