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John F. Kennedy’s Nephew: ISIS is a Product of US and Israel

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It seems to me far more likely that ISIS was the product of Russian leaders.

It isn't the Koran in ISIS that we heard -- its the Marxism in ISIS that we heard, and also saw with our eyes.

Russia was the sponsor of Saddam Hussein in Iraq before US President George Bush removed Iraq from Russia's sphere of influence in 2003. 

Iraq was a major customer of Russia.   How could Russian leaders get their customer back again?

Answer?  With the ISIS gamble, Russian leaders might get back Iraq, and then might get Syria -- and might even get Iran in the bargain!

What did they have to lose?   NOTHING.   What did they stand to gain?    A LOT! 

Knowing that Russian leaders played the USA like a ukulele this past Election, it seems likely to me that even President Obama let this one slip past him.   The Russian leaders are trickier than we thought.

Gee -- I wonder if the Russian leaders are behind North Korea, too.   I'm not being sarcastic here -- I'm really wondering.

The Russian leaders wanted to "make Russia great again."   They can't stand the fact that their former USSR Empire is now a laughing stock of history.

That's my opinion.

It's also my opinion that the Russian people can be best friends with America.   It's the Old Guard that worries us.

--Paul Trejo

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