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Permindex, CMC Documents

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Have uploaded Permindex and CMC documents that I copied from the Bloomfield collection at Library and Archives Canada, and from other sources. These documents includes letters written by Bloomfield to Seligman, Mantello and others regarding the operation of these 2 companies. The files were uploaded to internet archive.





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Paul an Michael:

I copied and pasted the link into the URL bar and it worked. Have posted a link on DPF. Posters at EF and DPF have been able to access the files using the link. You can try DPF and see if it works.

You can also access the files by going to internet archive and entering Louis M Bloomfield searching metadata. You will find some files uploaded by me. The top row 3rd file from the left has 339 JPEG files. This is the one to look at. The top row 2nd one from the left has 285 files JPEG files but they are the same as the one with 339JPEG files.




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