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JFK Assassination - David Atlee Philips AKA Maurice Bishop; Antonio Veciana: SEE THE SECOND PART!!

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9 minutes ago, Matt Allison said:

That's Bill O'Reilly doing the narration there. I believe it's from a segment he did back in the 90s when he worked for Inside Edition.


Can't say I'm a fan of Bill O'Reilly these past couple decades...


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John Newman suggests the Veciana-Bishop (Phillips) meeting never happened.

But Veciana had been hinting at the Oswald-Bishop-Phillips meeting for decades. Then, "On January 16, 2016, the Assassination Archives and Research Center published a video on YouTube of a conference in which Veciana unequivocally stated that Maurice Bishop was in fact David Atlee Phillips."--Wikipedia.

Newman is a serious researcher, but Newman relies on paper records that could be falsified or incomplete. Also, air travel was common even in 1963, meaning people could travel around quickly, within hours. 

My speculation is that Phillips set up a false-flag assassination attempt on JFK, with Oswald as the provocateur, and Oswald was supposed to miss. A false-flat fake assassination attempt. This would be enough to outrage the public and foment action to displace Castro.

Oswald did miss, but someone else (probably anti-Castro CIA assets) unilaterally piggybacked on the operation and fired in earnest. 

Oswald was supposed to escape and never be seen again. My guess is Oswald's CIA-provided ride away from TSBD backed out under the circumstances, or Oswald concluded he had been set up to be a patsy, and he was safer not riding in a car provided by the CIA (the agency that had just framed him, from his perspective).  

This put the CIA is a bind (to put it mildly). The story that CIA assets murdered the President had to be stomped, or that Oswald had been a CIA asset operating under instructions. 

So, the Dulles Commission, aka Warren Commission, did what it did. 

PS Newman takes pains to paint Phillips' situation in Cuba as dangerously compromised by August 1959. That is, Castro's people had in custody people who knew the real Phillips. His cover was blown, or could be.  Ergo, Phillips would not dare to meet Veciana in public places. etc. in 1959. Too risky. Everyone in CIA was worried that Phillips would be executed as a spy any minute. 

Then, Phillips departs Cuba abruptly a step ahead of Castro bad guys in...mid-February 1960. 

That is seven months later, after Phillips' cover had possibly been blown. 210 days later. With his family in tow, no less. Well, in Latin America, manana manana. 



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