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All the coincidences...

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Finally, what are the chances that a commission that was set up explicitly to avoid WW3 by concluding there was a LN, actually arrived at the correct conclusion anyway, despite being controlled by the people (Dulles, Angleton) who have both means an motive to get rid of JFK.




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55 minutes ago, Joe Bauer said:

If only DPD Chief Jessie Curry had not felt so obsessed that the public needed to see that his department was not mistreating Oswald in their custody that he overruled the concerned suggestions by many that he move Oswald ( the most threatened criminal suspect in our history ) at night without public announcement and under much more physical protection versus announcing his broad daylight transfer to the press along with a time frame and allowing his rather small and tight parking basement to be filled by a crowd of jostling, blinding flash bulb press people resulting in security breach negligence that allowed the armed strip joint owning, DPD deli sandwich delivery boy Jack Ruby unchecked access into that press crowd to blow a hole into the wide open LHO.

Thereby creating the largest public event movement of government suspicion and mistrust in our history.


John and I worked on this and still so much had to be left out...  We were quite amazed at what we learned as I think will you..

15 mins to 45 mins prior to the shooting Sgt DEAN empties out the basement parking area sending the police there for traffic duty...
If you are looking for an obvious way he gets in, unnoticed and possibly helped by Croy...  please read...



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