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Laurent Guyenot's New Essay About JFK-Destiny Betrayed

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3 hours ago, Lance Payette said:

We're not going to go any further into the weeds here. I am exceedingly familiar with the place of the Talmud in Judaism and the self understanding of the Jews as God's chosen people. (Guyenot has famously said that the Jews he rails against "never quote the Talmud.")

I will close with a few quotes from Guyenot's own essays, which are tediously "scholarly" in the way much lunatic-fringe scholarship is. These absurd over-generalizations should give readers the flavor of his anti-Semitism. The essays are "The Crucifixion of the Goddess," https://www.unz.com/item/the-crucifixion-of-the-goddess/?showcomments, and "Israel, the Psychopathic Nation," https://gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/israel-the-psychopathic-nation-by-dr-laurent-guyenot/.

It is also emblematic of the role of Israel (I mean International Jewry) in the moral corruption of our once Christian civilization. Jews have always excelled at sex trafficking.

Pornography, a specialization of prostitution, is almost a Jewish monopoly.

In this article, I will try to show that, just like Jewish Bolsheviks, Jews who abduct, enslave, sell, torture, or even sacrifice ritually Gentile girls are behaving much in accordance with the Torah. I insist: with the Torah, not just with the Talmud.

The hypothesis presented in this paper can be summarized as follows: The Jewish nation, as a state, but also as an organized world community, acts collectively towards other nations and other human communities in the way a psychopath acts towards his fellow men.

In contrast to the empathy it shows for itself, the Jewish community as a whole, to the extent it submits to its representative elites, tends to behave towards the mass of Gentiles in a psychopathic rather than empathic manner.

The State of Israel is now in the international scene what the psychopath is in a human community.

I think I pegged who you are a long time ago in response to your initial post attributing 9/11 to the Jews. If Guyenot's attribution of the JFKA and 9/11 to Jewish elites makes sense to you, go for it.

Lance, i've got Niederhut on ignore, but what he said to you is inaccurate, the Torah or Mishnah Talmud is central to Orthodox Judaism which before it Orthodox Judaism was Levinical , the Babylonian Talmud is central to 'Reformed' Judaism.  Guyenot is referring to the Babylonian Talmud which contains supremest Zionist views and specifically denigrates Christianity and Jesus in it, as I'm sure you are aware of since you said you are interested in Apologetics. 



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6 hours ago, Lance Payette said:

Lance knows essentially nothing about 9/11 apart from a couple of books (one quite interesting, I thought, that examined the inner workings of the 9/11 Commission). Lance cares essentially nothing about 9/11. The 9/11 Truth movement has never even been a blip on Lance's radar screen. Even we Cognitive Infiltrators have our limits.

I was, however, astounded that David Ray Griffin donned a 9/11 Truther hat. He was a very serious theologian whose writings I had read and admired long before anyone had heard of 9/11. Instead of making me take the 9/11 Truth movement more seriously, his involvement has made me question his theological work.

How many people know that John Newman of JFKA fame also wrote a slightly bizarre book arguing that Jesus was a yoga master and that Newman had discovered the key to his esoteric teaching? No, really: https://www.amazon.com/Quest-Kingdom-Secret-Teachings-Mysticism/dp/1456317628. The very first one-star review, "Christian Conspiracy Theories" - not by me, I hasten to add - says it all.

All of which proves nothing, but I do find it fascinating how many conspiracy authors do seem to have a propensity toward eccentric thinking in other areas as well.

There's nothing "eccentric" about Professor David Ray Griffin's excellent, scholarly analyses of 9/11.  I would recommend Griffin's books on 9/11 to anyone interested in understanding the truth about 9/11, along with the scientific analyses of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.


All of the serious, accurate research and analysis of the 9/11 op has been aggressively censored and misrepresented in the U.S. mainstream media for the past 21 years. 

It's Orwellian.  War is peace.  Slavery is freedom.  Muslims did it, etc., etc.

BTW, where is the humanistic concern around here about the dishonest scapegoating of Muslims?

How many Muslims have the U.S. and NATO killed since 9/11?

The official Bush/Cheney/Zelikow Al Qaeda "conspiracy theory" about 9/11 is bunk, as is the NIST's computer "simulation" of the WTC demolitions. 

The truth is that the World Trade Center skyscrapers (WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7) were demolished by pre-planted explosives on 9/11.  The serial explosions that demolished the Twin Towers are clearly visible (and audible) on film, and there was zero resistance to abrupt, symmetrical, free fall collapse.

As for Laurent Guyenot, I have only read two of his books; JFK to 9/11--50 Years of Deep State, and his monograph about Yahweh and Judaic history.   Both were scholarly and well-written.  Nothing "kooky" about them.

Personally, I am skeptical of Guyenot's theories about Israeli involvement in the JFK assassination.

I have never endorsed Guyenot's Israeli/JFKA theory here or anywhere.  Angleton is the only reason I wonder about it.

In posting Guyenot's recent review of JFK--Destiny Betrayed, I was more interested in his comments about LBJ's putative role in the JFK assassination.


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Newsflash, Lance.

All theories about 9/11 are "conspiracy theories," as the Swiss "Gladio" historian, Daniel Ganser, has pointed out.

See if you can figure that one out.

So much for generalizations about "conspiracy theories."

The least plausible "conspiracy theory" about 9/11 is the official Bush/Cheney/Zelikow conspiracy theory.  It is refuted by overwhelming evidence of U.S. military, CIA, FBI, Saudi, and Mossad involvement in the 9/11 "New Pearl Harbor" op.

As for David Ray Griffin, people interested in the subject should read his scholarly analyses of the 9/11 evidence and judge for themselves, rather than being manipulated by the ubiquitous, false "spin" in the mainstream (and social) media.


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