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I know it’s a lot of names, but I thought I’d post it for possible discussion and for research purposes. Chuck found it online, but I’m not sure it was completely up to date. I’ve had several fruitful talks and emails with mr. Montenegro, who used to post on the Forum. In my opinion he is an incredible researcher. The names are listed by degree of separation, so any name is associated directly with any adjacent names. It’s not meant to be a final explanation for the mechanics of exactly what occurred on Nov 22, but all of the names are meant to be considered as part of a large nexus of people with shared non-Democratic interests - various military, Intelligence, non elected government officials and maybe a few elected ones too - a shared vision that did not include JFK that was global in scope. These are my words, my best understanding of his intent. Interestingly many names are unfamiliar ones. He has shared with me some astounding connections, and I’ll be posting some of those soon. 

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Thanks Paul.  When Chuck posted part of the lists in the Who Did the Deed thread I thought of Robert almost immediately because of the style.  Name, affiliation, brief description.  There was no name associated with the lists or the first paragraph introduction as is here.  Chuck found them at a JFKresearcher site which I could not find.

Many names are unfamiliar, but many are familiar.  Great to see Robert's still been digging.  Leslie Sharp mentioned in a post about a month ago that Robert had worked somewhat in some respect with Hank Albarelli on Coup In Dallas.  She also showed great respect for his work.  You, I and she expressed wishes he was still posting here.

Many many tidbits in there worth discussing, looking into further.  E.G., I've thought for some time a Delise carbine would have been a perfect weapon from the grassy knoll.  He's got Soutre using one.  I wonder how did Robert deduce that?  Boots was in the sewer?

I look forward to anything from your communication with him you might share.  Or anything more he might want to pass on.  Tell him I said Howdy, if he remembers me.

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